Lordosis of the cervical spine: causes, treatment, prevention

Лордоз шейного отдела: причины, лечение, профилактика

Curvature of the spine leading to dysfunction of internal organs and body deformation

Many people, upon learning of the diagnosis of cervical lordosis, believe the disease poses a serious risk to the spine and overall health. But this statement is not entirely true. Straightening of the lordosis of the cervical spine is no less dangerous than his excessive bending. For the normal functioning of the vertebrae it is essential that the load is evenly distributed across the back. On the condition of the spine directly affect the daily load of a person, lifting weights and walking. Why is cervical lordosis? In the first place due to poor posture and back strain.

Who belongs to risk groups

As experts say, problems with the spine are most often found in children. The biggest risk, which is quite natural, that students. Long stay in a static position does not benefit the ridge. This problem is particularly acute when the spine is in its formative stages.

Adult cervical lordosis is most common in those who sits in the wrong pose. The disease is usually diagnosed in staff offices, Bank workers and all whose work is sedentary in nature. One of the main measures of prevention of cervical lordosis is the correct posture. To effectively solve this problem help various orthopaedic products supporting certain parts back in the correct position.

If you had a pain in the neck, which are aggravated by movement, this may be the first alarm bell, indicating the occurrence of the disease. The lordosis of the cervical spine will show fatigue. She is often seen in students and the many workers who spend a lot of time in a sitting position.

Лордоз шейного отдела: причины, лечение, профилактикаThe emergence of the disease accompanied by a disturbed metabolism. That is why its prevention necessarily involves selection of the correct, saturated with minerals and trace elements of the diet. Another vital element of the prevention exercise.

Lack of appetite and headaches are also signs of this disease. In children and adults there is a weakening of the immune system. Reasons that begin headaches lurk in the mechanism of lordosis. Deformity of the cervical vertebrae leads to poor circulation. This disease of the spine leads to the brain not receiving sufficient oxygen, which appear not only headaches, but fatigue develops into chronic fatigue syndrome.

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People suffering from this disease, it varies considerably in gait. They are usually wider you put your feet when walking, as during her experience a sense of instability. This is due to the fact that the lordosis of the cervical spine provokes a disturbance in the vestibular apparatus.

Deformity of the cervical vertebrae was not noticed immediately. In the first stage of the disease its symptoms are usually not visible. In most cases, only experts are able to identify the absence or presence of deformation.

How to understand the types of diseases

The treatment of the disease begins with the establishment of the reasons because of which it arose. Inflammation and malformations of the vertebrae are fertile ground, as the tumor in the cervical region. Disease provoke different muscle torsion and a spinal injury, overweight. The sharp rise in childhood has a negative impact on the condition of the spine, which should at this time be in the zone of heightened attention.

Лордоз шейного отдела: причины, лечение, профилактика

Intervertebral hernia as the most common disease of the back

Various diseases of the musculoskeletal system can become the root cause of the disease, whose treatment is most effectively carried out in childhood and adolescence. The older the person becomes, the harder it is to resist the disease. It often appears in women during pregnancy, but in this case, the condition is temporary and after birth usually goes.

The disease is of several types:

  • the primary pathological lordosis;
  • hyperlordosis;
  • secondary pathological lordosis.

Type of disease based on the degree of curvature. Another important factor is the cause of the disease. In a separate category usually distinguished lordosis physiological nature. He appears in the first year of life in children. This process is considered natural. The pathological character of the disease becomes, if the human body the displaced center of gravity.

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When the cervical curve is smoothed, what this means? Some bend in the neck is the correct position of the spine, or the cervical lordosis. And convexity, and concavity it is equally dangerous for the body if they are excessive. Hyperlordosis of the cervical portion indicates that there is excess curvature. Spine as the disease increasingly is curved forward, which leads to disruption of the functioning of internal organs, including the cardiovascular system.

Diagnosis geologos cervical means: physiologically correct curvature of the spine is in a flattened condition. If a person has low back pain, there is a high probability that the lordosis (curve) in the neck it will be rectified.

Symptoms straightening of the cervical lordosis

The stage of the disease and the degree of bending of the vertebrae in the neck are closely interrelated. When this area of the body smooth, it threatens the condition of mobility of the vertebrae? Yes, and the stronger will become the smoothness, the harder it will be to be given each movement. As the progression of the disease, the smoothness begins to grow. The first will be discomfort and then pain in the neck.

Even a slight straightening of the cervical lordosis brings serious health problems, so while it dramatically increases the load on the heart, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract. With the development of the disease may cause pinched nerves, causing attacks of pain when the cervical area of the body is smoothed. Consequences of the process, if not stopped, will lead to significant deterioration in the quality of life and the emergence of human paralysis.

If cervical lordosis is straightened, there are the following symptoms:

  • posture bending when the natural curves of the spine disproportionate;
  • flattening of the back;
  • increase fatigue;
  • tension and stiffness of cervical muscles;
  • pathological gait, where the knees dissolved in the parties;
  • headaches;
  • numbness of the neck and nape.
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Methods of treatment of this disease

To cope with the disease can only active lifestyle. The most effective methods of treatment of the disease are the following:Лордоз шейного отдела: причины, лечение, профилактика

  • courses health massage;
  • the implementation of complexes of therapeutic physical training;
  • measures stretching of the spine;
  • swimming lessons;
  • the use of methods of manual therapy;
  • wearing a brace.

If the cervical spine is not very straight, it lends itself well to treatment with physical therapy. Medical professionals in such cases prescribe massage, if there are no contraindications. It is recommended to wear a special brace. Will help stop the straightening of the cervical portion and an orthopedic corset. You may need treatments for stretching of the spine, which may appoint a doctor.

Medical treatment of the disease is assigned infrequently. It is not the main method of struggle with the disease and is aimed primarily to relieve pain symptoms and strengthen the tissues of the spine. If the cervical lordosis is smoothed and its position is not able to correct conservative methods, and the patient’s condition worsens is surgery.

To prevent disease progression effectively help the swimming and exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck and back, which are selected individually.