Low back pain and alcohol

In our days there are a lot of myths about the beneficial effects of alcohol, while other researchers believe that alcohol and low back pain are incompatible. Also recently actively studied the relationship of alcoholic beverages to the States, when the affected joints, such as gout and rheumatoid arthritis. The mechanism of development of these diseases are quite different, therefore, alcohol acts on different links of the mechanism of their development.

The effect of ethanol is so versatile that there is no one system of organs to which it is harmful is not affected. However, even in the presence of all these widely known facts, many believe that moderate drinking is not only harmful, but also produces a therapeutic effect. People believe that certain types of alcoholic beverages you can drink due to their positive effects on the body, for example, wine. Well, let’s consider the effect of alcohol on the body suffering from various diseases, from a scientific point of view, guided solely by the facts.Остеохондроз и алкоголь

Alcoholic drinks on the background of diseases of the spine

Osteochondrosis is a common disease of the spine available to virtually everyone. Most often it is observed in middle-aged and elderly. Cervical degenerative disc disease occurs when exposed to factors such as increased load on the spine, unbalanced nutrition, physical inactivity and genetic predisposition.

Research over the past 5 years indicate that the main factor which leads to the development of this disease, is a disease of the vascular system. Violation of blood flow in the vessels that supply the perfusion of the intervertebral discs, leads to a change in their structure.

A healthy intervertebral disc consists of cartilaginous tissue that has elasticity, firmness and strength. It is a perfect absorber. With age when exposed to traumatic factors the number of vessels decreases. Cartilage begins to suffer from a lack of oxygen and nutrients, and this leads to its destruction. The patient begins to experience symptoms indicative of cervical osteochondrosis.

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First alcohol dilates blood vessels, providing better blood flow, but then abruptly, it causes contraction. Such jumps hemodynamics adversely affect cartilage and lead to the increase of its defeat. Cervical degenerative disc disease progresses and symptoms become more pronounced.

Ethanol is lye, which can have a detrimental effect on cells when released into the blood stream and accelerate the degenerative disc disease, and progressive. Particularly affected are the red blood cells and inner sheath of the vessels – the endothelium. Red blood cells on their surface have a lipid shell, consisting of fats. It does not allow the blood cells to clump together and form blood clots.

When alcohol lipid sheath is damaged, the formation of multiple blood clots that can break the blood flow in the vessels. It is also a factor which aggravates the cervical osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis is a disease where alcohol is not recommended, but not completely banned.

Alcohol, among other things, strengthens the vertebral artery syndrome, which is accompanied by cervical osteochondrosis. There are complaints of dizziness, headache and fainting.

Disorders of uric acid metabolism and ethanol

Остеохондроз и алкогольGout is a disease that occurs when there is violation of purine metabolism. Characterized by high levels of uric acid in the blood, and is manifested by deposition of salt crystals on the articular surfaces. These deposits begin to inflame, and gout developing arthritis.

The main reason for its occurrence is:

  • the excess production of purines;
  • insufficient elimination through the kidneys.

A significant role in the development of the disease is removed a congenital defect of enzymes in the kidney responsible for the excretion of uric acid. The critical increase in uric acid leads to the fact that it starts to Deposit in the joint tissues. After calcification affects joints, developing them acute inflammation (arthritis). Gouty arthritis is characterized by a primary lesion of the Tarsus I of the toe. Also these crystals can be deposited in the extracellular space of the kidney. Developing nephropathy is the second main symptom of gout.

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It is noted that arthritis develops gout in people that like to drink large quantities of alcohol. It is especially possible to allocate beer, champagne and wine. This is because they contain a large amount of molybdenum. It has a significant impact on the enzymatic system of the kidneys and increases the accumulation of uric acid in the joint tissues. Often drinking alcoholic beverages provokes exacerbation of gout.

The great value has not only the alcohol, but also compliance with the rules of transportation. A long time ago in England began to notice that people who drank the wine from Portugal, the most frequently fell ill with gout. Sometimes this took the form of epidemics. Some time later found that the wine vessels were covered with a special compound that contained lead. In addition to the increase of uric acid in gout due to excess supply of molybdenum with wine, violated its removal due to the accumulation in the body lead.

What kind of alcohol you can drink? The slight eat for gout all types of alcohol besides wine and beer. But still, doctors recommend to refuse from alcohol.

Only with the help of a balanced diet can stop the progression of the disease. Patients are assigned a special diet with restriction of consumption of processed meats and abstinence from alcohol beverages.

Autoimmune joint damage

One of the most aggressive diseases that affects the joints is rheumatoid arthritis. More than 50% of patients become disabled within 5 years from the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease. The cause of the disease still remains unclear, but details can be traced as developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis begins with the appearance in the blood of rheumatoid factor are antibodies that attack the cells own immune system. Basically their action is directed against immunoglobulin G. in their interaction immune complexes are formed, which are directed with the blood flow in the small joints. Gradually, they accumulate there, which leads to the development of inflammation with subsequent joint deformity and overgrowth of scar tissue. Due to the reduction in the secretion of cortisol (anti-inflammatory hormone), joints in the morning, become inactive, and patients experience a feeling of tightness.

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Остеохондроз и алкогольA recent study that was conducted by American experts say that if you drink alcoholic beverages in small quantities, the disease takes a milder form. However, the most well-known scientists refer to such results rather skeptical. It is connected primarily with the fact that regular and moderate consumption of alcohol in the United States can afford only people with high economic and social status.

Consequently, the provision of health services and monitoring their health is at a higher level that does not reflect the overall picture. Although some positive effects of the studied noted blunting of pain sensitivity and improve overall health. Data regarding can you drink alcohol with rheumatoid arthritis or no, at the moment is very contradictory.

Rheumatoid arthritis is accompanied by a progressive course. Since its cause is unknown, treatment is aimed at elimination of the inflammatory process, proliferation of scar tissue. For this purpose non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac sodium), cytostatics (methotrexate), corticosteroids, sulfasalazine.

Drugs NSAIDs are taken long-term, and upon appointment the use of alcohol is contraindicated.