Low back pain: army if the problems are minor

Остеохондроз: армия ждет, если проблемы незначительные

Osteochondrosis — a disease characterized by lesions of the spine. This occurs mainly in the intervertebral discs that are adjacent to the articular surfaces and vertebral body. Often changes pertaining to the number of pathologies affecting bones and ligaments. To determine the presence of the disease in the early stages is quite difficult. It usually manifests when you start to experience complications. These include severe pain, disturbance of sensation, muscle atrophy and even failures in the internal organs. If the disease of this type is shown in fit for the military service guy to serve it is unlikely to be sent. The fact that low back pain and the army are incompatible.

How to notice the presence of the disease

The main symptom of osteochondrosis is a disturbance of the static function of the affected part of the spine. There are two forms of this phenomenon is straightening of the cervical lordosis or kyphosis of education. Any of the manifestations do not give a person the opportunity to perform military service. It used to be that guys never take the army with degenerative disc disease.

Radiographic signs of osteochondrosis.

  • A clear violation of all forms of the spine. This is mainly due to the deterioration of static functions. Is significantly reduced and the height of the intervertebral disc.
  • In the front portion of the fibrous ring is possible the deposition of salts.
  • Spondylolisthesis. This phenomenon is characterized by the displacement of the vertebral bodies.
  • Significant disruption of the dynamic functions.
  • The absence of destructive changes of the vertebral bodies.
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    If osteochondrosis and intervertebral else, we should talk of marginal bone growths. They are formed generally in the plane of the disk. Possible subchondral osteosclerosis that are easy to identify on radiographs with a clear image of the structure.

    Остеохондроз: армия ждет, если проблемы незначительные

    To call in the army with osteochondrosis, you need to constantly confirm its presence. Pain syndrome need to fix when to seek medical care. All this must be reflected in a special document. The only way not to worry about taking the army.

    If the sum of the above mentioned clinical and radiological signs will be confirmed repeatedly, the reservist guy not taking to serve.

    When osteochondrosis can reserve

    Many young people do not want to serve in the army. Especially often we try to avoid during hostilities. To understand guys is quite possible, because the service can cost them their lives. In peacetime, military service is also not happy. Bad food, the presence of bullying, low level of medical care alienate young people. When the summons comes, the guys are starting to find workarounds. Many people wonder whether to hire them into the army with osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine?

    Остеохондроз: армия ждет, если проблемы незначительные

    Military service requires physical exertion. If a person has a degenerative disc disease, is contraindicated, because the spine is not in the best condition. Even not too intensive work is capable of provoking severe pain and as a consequence, a complete loss of function.

    In article 66 of the corresponding law stipulates the main diseases that avoid military service. So do the army with the presence of osteoarthritis or not? In paragraph «C» of article listed, under what forms of the disease recruits must reserve.

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  • Limited spondylosis, characterized by the deformation. In this case means lose to 3 of the vertebral body.
  • Intervertebral osteochondrosis. Considered lose at least 3 of the intervertebral discs.
  • The presence of a strain with strong pain symptoms with moderate exertion.
  • In all these cases, the service cannot be started. To determine the degree of disruption of the main functions of the spine, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

    • osteochondrosis manifests itself after 5-6 hours of being in vertical position;
    • possible violation of the amplitude of motion in the cervical and thoracic, in some cases, the stiffness occurs everywhere;
    • there are motor and sensory disorders, low back pain manifests itself in the loss or reduction of tendon reflex.

    All of this brings a lot of inconvenience to the person, he is not physically able to perform military service. Therefore, if you have such symptoms of osteochondrosis army «contraindicated». If the guy observed the initial stage of the disease, the service can not be avoided.

    To low back pain saved from service, will have to confirm its presence of the relevant documents. In this case, the recruit will be declared partially fit, he will be given a military ID and send to the reserve. However, in the event of hostilities it can call in the army.