Lower back pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special period in every woman’s life. What are the causes of lower back pain during pregnancy? Despite the fact that fertility inherent nature, it’s still a big stress for the body. The highest load is subjected to musculoskeletal women. Most often overload and pain during pregnancy suffering with lower back and knee joints. About 70 % of women complain of pregnancy pain in lower back and abdomen as in the early stages, and in the last trimester.

Боли в пояснице при беременности

Why is there pain in early pregnancy

To explain why lower back hurts during pregnancy, it is possible from a physiological point of view. The natural tension of the ligaments and soft bone tissue – all the normal processes, which could be the reason why pain in the lower back or the abdomen. Not all pregnancy pains are considered normal. Sometimes it can be a symptom of pathologies.

Lower back pain and lower abdomen in the absence of menstruation is one of the first signs that indicate pregnancy. Pain in early pregnancy can be characterized as a pulling or aching. Such a pain in the early stages (first trimester) is normal and can be a sign that the uterus begins to change and grow, so that the developing fetus was comfortable. Then the ligaments that support the uterus also starts to stretch, it may cause nagging pain in the lower back and abdomen.

After pregnancy, the body begins to produce special hormone that makes the ligaments more elastic. In women, for whom this is the first pregnancy, discomfort and pain can be stronger. This is due to the fact that in women giving birth the muscles and ligaments of the uterus are a little stretched.

You can summarize and highlight the most common causes of pain in the first trimester.

  • Problems with musculoskeletal disorders may be aggravated by pregnancy. Therefore, pain can be a sign that the woman had the disease back.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system are a sign of weakened immunity. Women are especially prone to such diseases in the first trimester, because of low immunity. In the beginning of pregnancy, the fetus is a foreign body to the woman’s body, causing the immune system decreases and the probability of catching an infection increases. Often women in the early stages suffer from pyelonephritis.
  • The weakening of the ligaments due to the release of the hormone changes the gait. Gait changes can be another sign of pregnancy. The figure, as it spreads and begins to resemble a duck.
  • Kidney stones, which is accompanied by pain in the abdomen and lower back.
  • Lower back pain and lower abdomen can bother a woman during the first trimester, which, along with morning sickness, brings the woman discomfort.

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    When there are back pain in the later stages

    After the first trimester discomfort usually pass. In the second trimester most women feel good. Morning sickness and pain in the abdomen and lower back not to bother the mother. But at a later time, in the third trimester, the pain may be quite strong. The fruit, which in the third trimester has already a considerable size and weight on the lower back has a higher load. In addition to discomfort in the muscles, pain may also be localized in the bones (especially the legs). This is due to the increase of body weight of the expectant mother.

    The woman can develop the symphysis. Symphysis is a softening of the bone joints in the pelvis. The causes of this phenomenon lie in the increased formation of the hormone relaxin, as well as a lack of calcium. The main feature of the symphysis is sharp pain in the lower back. This happens when you change the position of the body or straightening the limb.

    Analyze the reasons of lower back pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen in the third trimester.

    Боли в пояснице при беременности

    Reasons Symptoms
    The load the back is due to the increasing weight of the fetus. Back can hurt stronger after a long stay in one position. The pain can be felt not only in the muscles and in the bones.
    In the third trimester may worsen kidney disease. The pain was characterized as intense, cramping and has the naming of renal colic.
    In the last weeks of the third trimester begins to ache, give pain in the rump. This is a sign that the head of the fetus descends and presses on the nerve endings. After birth, the unpleasant sensations are.
    During pregnancy a woman’s body susceptible to various diseases. Even after a short exposure can begin myositis.
    Braxton Hicks contractions, which are also called training contractions. Bouts of severe cramping and simultaneous pain in the lumbar region and lower abdomen.
    A pinched nerve roots after the excessive and constant nervous tension. It can also be the cause of pain, numbness, or tingling.

    Various pain can be a symptom of stress. The fears and concerns women have about the upcoming birth and child care may have different consequences: pain, numbness, and even itching.

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    Treatment and prevention of discomfort

    To get rid of lower back pain, you should consult a doctor. Perhaps unpleasant sensations indicate the presence and development of diseases that require mandatory treatment. After establishing the cause, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. If any disease is not identified, give such recommendations.

  • For pain in the spine it is recommended to alternate the mode of activity and rest. Walks should be short. After the walk it is advisable to lie down. For unloading of the spine can lie on the floor and knees bent legs put on the sofa and stay like this for 15-20 minutes.
  • To get rid of muscle spasms and pinched nerves help warming ointments and compresses dry.
  • To relieve muscle spasms with the help of a light massage.
  • For relief of lower back needs to wear a special bandage. It will help to get rid of the overload and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Ask your doctor to find you a suitable bandage.
  • Calcium at this time is especially necessary for the woman’s body. Therefore, eat foods rich in calcium, and take vitamin complexes, which assigns your a doctor.
  • To absorb calcium, we need vitamin D, which is produced by the action of sunlight, so daily walks are shown. If the pregnancy falls on the autumn-winter period, the required intake of this vitamin in pills. Pregnant woman also need to consume foods that contain magnesium (dried fruits, bananas, citrus, parsley, sea Kale).
  • Pay special attention to strengthening the back muscles. During pregnancy also, do not forget about physical activity. In the early stages of physical activity may be the same as before pregnancy. Later, you can do yoga, aerobics, swimming. Swimming strengthens muscles without straining your joints and lower back, as well as helping to get rid of pain in the muscles.

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    During pregnancy also shows proper food. This does not mean that you need to eat everything indiscriminately. Food must be exceptionally healthy. But don’t forget to listen to their own body. Sometimes he «tells» what he needs.

    The prevention of pain need to be addressed before the pregnancy, during her planning.