Lumbar lordosis

The special structure of the spine is important for bipedalism. The spine is not absolutely straight, but has curves, particularly lumbar lordosis. These curves are referred to as physiological and are the norm. The inside curvature of the spine in the cervical and lumbar spine is called lordosis and the thoracic and sacral region – kyphosis. But if in certain parts of the spine is severely twisted or is too smooth, we are talking about the pathology that needs medical intervention.

Поясничный лордоз

Physiological and pathological lordosis

The physiological lordosis of the lumbar are formed approximately in 5-6 months when the baby learns to sit. So, the body adapts to the increasing load on the spine. Due to the fact that the spine has a convexity and in one and the other direction (lordosis and kyphosis), is unloading of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Irregularities in the formation of the spine can occur in children as the bone the baby is still very plastic and can deform under load. Often this disease are children whose body mass exceeds the norm.

There are several types of this disease.

  • Primary lordosis is a disease of non-traumatic nature. Can develop due to the presence of tumors, inflammation, various diseases of the spine and muscles.
  • Secondary lordosis – due to injuries and dislocations.
  • The causes can be many. The main factors influencing the development of pathological lumbar lordosis, are obesity, disorders of the musculoskeletal and ligamentous apparatus. In children, lordosis may occur as a result of birth trauma, hip dysplasia, rickets, etc.

    The main reasons for the development of the state with the strengthened lordosis in adults are:

    • osteochondrosis;
    • diseases with infectious nature (tuberculosis, brucellosis);
    • systemic diseases (rheumatism, diabetes, lupus);
    • vertebral fractures;
    • diseases of the muscles, which they can’t keep the spine in a normal position.

    Hyperlordosis is a common occurrence in women during pregnancy.

    Поясничный лордоз

    During pregnancy the mother’s spine in the lumbar region is curved strongly forward, and developed hyperlordosis. In some cases, hyperlordosis of the spine persists after pregnancy. This is because even before the pregnancy the woman had back problems (e.g., developmental abnormalities or degenerative diseases). Visually hyperlordosis manifested by severe protrusion of the belly forwards.

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    Symptoms of lordosis

    Hyperlordosis (lordosis when reinforced) has the following appearance: the pelvis much laid back and stomach forward. First and foremost, lordosis lumbar spine is manifested by pain in the back. People can’t lie on my stomach, because in this position the spine becomes smooth, which leads to painful sensations. The slopes are only possible with the help of the hip joints.

    Hyperlordosis may lead to big problems. When lordosis of the spine can push too hard on the internal organs, which could cause difficulties with urination, regular chair, it is also possible gynecological problems. In humans, the metabolism is broken, he is experiencing constant fatigue and pain in the legs. Incorrect posture lead to inadequate sleep. But if the lumbar lordosis is smoothed, it can present symptoms such as pain and numbness in the lower back, changes of gait, fatigue when standing or sitting.

    The disease requires mandatory treatment, since in the future it can cause serious health problems. So, hyperlordosis may lead to the formation of intervertebral hernia, the development of deforming arthrosis or instability of the discs. Geologos leads to pinching of the spinal cord, spondylosis (degeneration of the intervertebral joint), to the dysfunction of internal organs, and to chronic fatigue.

    Test yourself or child for the presence of pathological lordosis in the home.

    For this you need to stand up against the wall so that it touched the heels, buttocks, shoulders and head. Now define the «deepest» point in the lower back, and measure with a ruler the distance from the wall to this point. The distance of physiological lordosis should be equal to 4 cm If the distance is greater than 5 cm, it is likely that you have hyperlordosis. For accurate diagnosis requires examination by a physician, trauma surgeon or the surgeon. In addition to the medical examination, you may need hardware diagnostics.

    Treatment of pathology

    Lumbar lordosis needs to be mandatory treatment. Conservative treatment involves a range of activities. It involves medication, physiotherapy, diet and Spa treatment. To relieve inflammation used NSAIDs (diclofenac, diclobene). Pain in the lumbar region can relieve using pain-relieving ointments and gels (Fastum gel, diklak gel, deep relief).

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    Incorrect position of the spine keeps the muscles in constant tension. Can occur with muscle contractures. So you may need medications that relax the muscles (typereal).

    Physiotherapy treatment is necessary for accelerating the recovery processes, improve blood circulation in the tissues, as well as to relieve pain. Massage is not just a cosmetic procedure, but a full treatment. Treatment of lordosis includes a course of physiotherapy. Exercise necessary for the health of cartilage of the spine and to strengthen the muscle apparatus.

    Other procedures include electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, ultrasound treatment. There is even a method such as stretching the spine in the water. If you feel better, patients are recommended SANATORNO-resort treatment that involves the use of mineral baths, treatment of medical mud and water.

    Поясничный лордоз

    And last but not least important, is diet. If a person is overweight, then he must have to get rid of. Incorrect position of the spine affects the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to issues such as constipation. To improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the prevention of stool problems is necessary to adhere to these simple recommendations.

  • Drink 1.5–2 liters of water a day.
  • Every day to eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Cook light vegetable soups (not broth).
  • Eliminate fizzy drinks, alcohol, coffee.
  • To minimize consumption of bakery products and sweets.
  • In cases of excessive congenital lordosis, surgical treatment, in which the spine is fixed by using metal structures (plates, screws) in the correct position.

    Exercises for the prevention and treatment of disease

    Daily exercise required for good health. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself with long workouts. A complex of simple exercises, with their regular run, will have a beneficial effect on the spine, will help to strengthen muscles and improve overall health.

    Exercises for a home run.

    Complex Original position Execution
    Exercise # 1. Lie on the floor, bend your knees and put them on the sofa. Move your pelvis upwards so that the distance between the waist and the floor decreased.
    Exercise # 2. Lie flat on the floor, palms resting on the floor. Without bending the legs at the knees, raise them and try to touch the fingertips on the floor near the top. If the floor hard to get, do this exercise near the sofa or chair, touching the toes of the support.
    Exercise # 3. Stand up, place your feet shoulder width apart. On the exhale, bend and try to touch floor with palms.
    Exercise # 4. Stand straight, feet slightly apart. On the inhale take a deep squat as you exhale come into a starting position.
    Exercise # 5. You will need a small cushion under the lower back. In zamochok hands behind head, elbows and kept «looking» forward. On the inhale, lift the torso, at the same time dilute elbows to the side. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds and slowly lower yourself to the floor.
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    Extremely beneficial for the spine is a fitness ball (fitball). In the evening you can lie back on the ball for 5-10 minutes. It straightens the vertebrae and relaxes the muscles of the back. Doctors recommend to use a fitball instead of a stool. When sitting on a hard surface on the spine is under great pressure, and the ball due to its «jumping» does not have such a big load on the back. In addition, it is necessary to constantly maintain balance – this is microtronica all muscles of the body.

    All exercises are performed slowly, without jerks, for 8-10 times (or whenever possible).