Lumbar radiculitis: the symptoms and treatment folk remedies, causes

Радикулит поясничный: симптомы и лечение народными средствами, причиныMost people mistakenly believe that sciatica is a distinct disease. Actually sciatica is a radicular pain syndrome. Most often it suffers from the lumbar. Treatment of lumbar sciatica are very similar to the standard scheme of treatment of diseases of the spine. It differs only in some nuances. This is due to the peculiarities of the lumbar spine.

As you know, in the lumbar region accounts for the largest part of the loads, which explains located near the center of gravity of the body. The low back must have sufficient mobility, because it affects the freedom of human movement. The spine tend to cope with the many tasks set before him. Various diseases often lead to a very rapid disruption of the spine.

What is the reason for the occurrence of lumbar radiculitis

The real reason that triggered the lumbar sciatica, recognize it is possible far not in all cases. The cause of sciatica lumbar can be quite controversial. Many experts believe that pain arises from unreasonable, inflamed nerve root, others suggest that the culprit is a herniated disc. It is believed that the occurrence of lumbar sciatica due to a damaged spine, caused by any disease.

Today, among the most common reasons that can cause sciatica, noted the presence of the following diseases:

  • intervertebral hernia;
  • degenerative disc disease;
  • deforming spondylosis;
  • various degenerative-dystrophic processes.

In some cases sciatica is a result of the flu, rheumatism, cerebrospinal meningitis, brucellosis, and tuberculosis. When choosing a method of treatment of sciatica be sure to take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. Often, the disease is treated by applying traditional methods.

Causes of sciatica can be many. However, in practice, to define them is not always possible, which often affects the effective treatment of disease and elimination of pain symptoms.

The symptoms of the disease

Usually, treatment for sciatica depends on the accompanying symptoms. The main symptom of pathology is the presence of severe pain in the lower back. Severe pain often affect the mobility of the lumbar spine. In most cases the symptoms of sciatica depend on the complexity of the disease.

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Signs of the disease can be divided into several major groups.

  • Pain. The character of the pain is a pulling, aching, cutting, stabbing. The duration may be different. Pain are an indication that the cause of the compressed nerve fibers.
  • Радикулит поясничный: симптомы и лечение народными средствами, причины

    Acute pain occurs due to compression of the nerve endings

    Broken sensitivity. Different symptoms neurological be due to compression of the nerve endings. This is explained by the impaired passage of nerve impulses. In most cases this leads to a mild tingling sensation, tingling, burning and numbness in the legs. The reason is compression of the nerve impulses: nerve impulses are interrupted, affecting the efficiency of muscles.

  • Often accompanied by sciatica with lumbago (lumbago). This is characterized by symptoms like sharp pain that can cause any physical activity. Sometimes Prestel in the lower back caused by hypothermia. Continue lumbago can a few minutes and the whole day. This can be caused by herniated disc, displacement of the vertebrae, normal muscle spasm.
  • With sciatica sciatica is often observed. The difference in this pain syndrome localized in the lower lumbar region (e.g. the buttocks). Pain in this case tend to move to the whole foot. The patient may complain of muscle weakness. The character of the pain shooting.
  • The disease can manifest sciatica. Usually, she combines the two above symptoms. Pain can be localized in the lumbar region, submitting to the top of the leg. The pain is aching or burning in nature.
  • The disease can be neck-shoulder. Characterized by symptoms such as pain in the occipital region of the head, neck, shoulder and scapula.
  • To cope with sciatica using folk methods of treatment, in that case, if the symptoms are not too pronounced.

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    The use of folk remedies

    Радикулит поясничный: симптомы и лечение народными средствами, причиныTreatments for sciatica are different. In addition to medication, at the initial stage of the disease, you can use folk remedies. Treatment of sciatica at home can give quite good results. Some methods are able to not only eliminate pain but also to provide a therapeutic effect for a long time. If you have decided to treat sciatica at home do not forget about exercises, which can significantly expedite the healing process.

    Before how to treat sciatica at home there is still meaning to visit a specialist. A qualified doctor is able to determine the cause of pain, which is very important for the effective treatment of sciatica. Proper treatment of sciatica is not only to relieve pain but also to remove the cause which provoked it. Mild forms of the disease can be cured on their own. But the treatment of sciatica in the acute form, calls for serious measures, which should be determined by the specialist.

    Treatment of sciatica folk remedies are quite capable to cope even with severe pain.

    Lumbar radiculitis: treatment

    Many people ask how to treat sciatica at home. And this is the answer. In order to treat sciatica folk remedies, special conditions are required.

  • Very effective treatment of the disease with the use of black radish. This root is able to exert anti-inflammatory effects and improve blood circulation. Chop the product, spread on gauze and apply to the area that is bothering you. On top of the wrap tie a warm wool scarf, but first cover it with plastic wrap (you can use parchment paper).
  • If you decide to cure sciatica folk remedies, can apply the method with the root of comfrey. This method is very effective even in the case of enough running causes pain. Chopped comfrey used as a compress.
  • Treatment of folk remedies can improve the nutrition of nerve fibers. Will reduce inflammation and will have a positive impact on the nervous fiber of rye bread. In order to cook them, you’ll need crushed horse chestnut (3 pieces), rye flour (1 tbsp.) and camphor oil (0,5 article). The pellet is applied to the inflamed areas on the back and left for 2 hours.
  • If you are interested in how to treat sciatica through massage, can apply the method with natural honey. It is important to remember that this procedure is not suitable when pronounced pain syndrome. RUB honey (2 tsp.) should run smoothly without using much effort.
  • To achieve excellent effects can help bath with pine broth. Liter jar of pine needles steep in 3 liters of water. The strained broth is added to a prepared bath. After the procedure is recommended to RUB into the loin fir oil and wrap in a warm blanket.
  • Before you can treat sciatica folk remedies, consult a doctor. Making sure that the cause of the disease is not of a serious nature (hypothermia, unexplained inflammation of the nerve root, etc.) can be safely used traditional treatments of sciatica.