Lumbar radiculitis: the symptoms and treatment of the disease

Поясничный радикулит: симптомы и лечение заболеванияThe secret of health and longevity lies in a healthy spine. The spine is the main part of the axial skeleton, the Central core of our body. It determines whether the person is old or young. The spine consists of individual vertebrae. Their arcs form a channel within which is located the spinal cord, which is a conductor of impulses of the signals, providing connection to all parts of the body.

The cause of many diseases in our body are abnormalities of the spine. One of them is the lumbar sciatica. More specifically, sciatica is not a distinct disease, but a set of symptoms caused by compression or inflammation of the spine the spinal cord (sharp pain in the back or neck, numbness of the limbs, etc.).

Most often, sciatica affects people over 40. In addition, this pathology is common among athletes, especially those who are professionally engaged in power sports. Recently, however, the sciatica is pretty much «younger» and is increasingly affecting very young people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and spend a lot of time at the computer, excessively loading your spine and doing stretching exercises.

Causes of sciatica

According to the world health organization, the cause of sciatica in 19 of 20 cases is low back pain. In the remaining one case have a possible injury, infection, hypothermia. These statistics are not accidental, because in osteochondrosis tissues of the spine undergo degenerative changes.

Between the vertebrae are discs consisting of two parts. More dense outer layer – the fibrous ring; softer gel-like inner – purposee -. Thanks disks the spine to bend and to withstand the loads (disks thus serve as shock absorbers). With age, they wear out and lose their elasticity. If the discs are displaced, they begin to put pressure on the nerve roots of the spinal cord. In addition, nerves can be squeezed and irritated by osteophytes, or spinal stenosis. Such effects cause severe pain in the lower back (or neck with cervical radiculitis), and also in the course of the affected nerve. Compression of the nerve root can also disrupt conduction of nerve fibers. As a consequence, reduces the sensitivity of the area of the body (numbness, burning) and weakness of the muscles of the arms or legs.

Поясничный радикулит: симптомы и лечение заболевания

Causes of sciatica are the extra weight lifting weights, cold and sedentary lifestyle

Attack of sciatica always comes suddenly, the pain is so strong and acute that people often can’t even move. To provoke a painful condition can improper lifting of heavy objects, sudden movements of the head or torso. In addition, an attack may occur due to spasm of the muscles of the injured back, while the overcooling of the body. The disturbed metabolism, a person under stress, the presence of infections contribute to the onset of sciatica. Its main symptom is pain in the direction of nerve fibers and impaired sensitivity. In addition to these manifestations, there are movement disorders.

Depending on the location of the nerve fibers doctors there are forms of disease, such as lumbar radiculitis, cervical or cervical-brachial and thoracic.

The last 2 forms are much rarer lumbar, which in osteochondrosis of the spine happens most often. This patient is experiencing acute pain in the lumbar region. The pain give not only the gluteus, but also further along the nerve (thigh, Shin and feet). Diagnosticians to determine a disease for painful sensitivity paravertebral points, which is typical with sciatica.

The symptoms and treatment of the disease

Treatment of lumbar sciatica should begin as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms. The sooner you begin the treatment process, the more effectively prevented the progression of pain in severe. Thus it is possible to prevent the spasm of the spinal muscles, to prevent its occurrence in the zone of the lower extremities, and to avoid destructive changes of the functions of the organs of the pelvis. The first symptoms and treatment should follow each other.

Поясничный радикулит: симптомы и лечение заболеванияThe time to begin treatment is necessary for the reason that spine is intertwined with the functionality of all systems and organs of the human body. His segments these systems and organs in pairs are drawn the roots of the spinal nerves, whose function is to ensure the innervation of the whole organism. This is especially true of those located in the abdominal cavity. In the case when the symptoms of the disease is without clarifying the reasons for their occurrence, likelihood of recurrence of radicular syndrome in the patient is greatly increased.

It is important to consider one thing. If the doctor as a result of the survey and examination of the patient reveals he has symptoms of sciatica in addition to the prescription medication and the procedures determined by the survey, which will be implemented simultaneously with the treatment.

What is the right treatment

Поясничный радикулит: симптомы и лечение заболевания

The pain occurs because of compression of nerve endings»

Naturally, patients suffering from sciatica lumbar, concerned about the problem of the proper treatment. But often their error is that they choose or drug treatment sciatica, or complex physical exercises. Someone thinks that it is enough to have a massage, take massage therapy or limited physical therapy. More educated patients use several ways. But the most effective treatment would be to use all of the above methods. As soon as there is aggravation of lumbar sciatica, the patient should be assigned to systemic and local treatment. A careful study of this disease, long-term monitoring of patients and course of recovery showed that the maximum effect is achieved only by the integrated treatment of sciatica lumbar, using all the above methods of treatment. In this case there are pills, injections of anti-inflammatory and pain medications, stretching exercises, yoga, acupressure and more.

In the process of restoring the patient’s health need to continue to carry out the survey in order to clarify the reasons for the emergence and progression of radicular syndrome.

An exacerbation occurring in severe form, contributes to the emergence of significant destructive changes in the structure of the spine. The more serious the aggravation is, the greater the number of medications a patient needs. He will need to apply large doses of drugs that are not the best way affect the health of the internal organs. For this reason, it is important to start treatment then, when it was discovered the first symptoms of sciatica. This can be pain occurs in the lumbar or the appearance uncharacteristic of the torso, which is forced to accept the patient . Can be especially difficult movement to emerge and develop paresthesia and muscle weakness.

Under drug therapy means the use of drugs, which is characterized by both local treatment and systemic therapy. The use of such drugs can reduce the cumulative dose of drugs, thus preventing the emergence of possible side effects.

Поясничный радикулит: симптомы и лечение заболеванияThose drugs used for systemic therapy, patients are used inside or are introduced parenterally as adhesiolysis or intramuscular injections.

Local treatment of sciatica is that the area of innervation of the inflamed nerve root is applied a healing ointment, which have in their composition substances that have anti-inflammatory or irritant effect.

That includes a systematic approach

With systematic approach and prescribe drugs that reduce and remove pain in the shortest possible time, reducing muscle spasm. But this step is preparatory for the integrated treatment and allows only to eliminate the symptoms. Encountered problems still remain unresolved. As soon as the patient began to feel better, you must go to the main stage, which includes active treatment of the underlying disease that triggered the occurrence of radicular syndrome. This approach in the treatment of sciatica allows the patient to forget about the problems with the spine for many years.

A systematic approach includes the use of drugs, the list of which includes muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory asteroidy, antidepressants and narcotic analgesics. The latter are rarely used. Doctors are reluctant to and rarely prescribe such drugs, trying to exclude them. This is due to the fact that a person in a very short period of time occurs steady getting used to it.

Treatment of lumbar sciatica is not complete without the use of injections, which are prescribed for quick relief of acute illness. With the help of injections the patient entered nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin complexes to restore the metabolism in the fevered nerve fibre and biologically active substances that are needed for the normalization in the inflamed region of tissue metabolism and blood circulation. In addition to medication, the patient affected by other methods, which include various physical exercises and acupressure.

Поясничный радикулит: симптомы и лечение заболевания

Non-drug treatment

To cure sciatica lumbar, is used not only medication, but also non-pharmacological treatment. It combines bed rest in combination with such a method, as acupressure and stretching exercises. These treatments do not require significant medical knowledge and (unlike acupuncture) a special tool. Acupressure involves only the fingers, which put pressure on acupressure points of the body. Compared to acupuncture acupressure easier to learn, less painful and is not dangerous for the patient.

Acupressure and exercises do not exclude the availability of the necessary medical knowledge. In combination with the methods of modern medicine they allow to achieve good effect in treatment.

This method allows to relieve the patients from the disease in the cases when pills and injections do not give the expected effect. Practices observed that acupressure very good treats and eliminates the symptoms of sciatica without additional drugs and procedures, preventing the development of this disease.

But not only acupressure to eliminate the symptoms of sciatica. With this task effectively cope exercises physical therapy aimed at stretching the spine. Prevention includes exercises on the horizontal bar, Swedish wall. Exercises from stretching great help to prevent lower back pain.

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