Lumbar sacral sciatica: symptoms, causes, treatment

Пояснично крестцовый радикулит: симптомы, причины, лечениеSciatica — the defeat of the human organism, which is triggered by the compression or inflammation of the spine to the brain. Usually this diagnosis is the presence of pronounced symptoms in the neck or back. The patient has muscle weakness, tingling and numbness of the affected area. Types of sciatica several. One of the most common is considered the lumbo-sacral radiculitis.

Most often the root cause of the disease can be disc herniation. Due to the fact that the vertebrae are expanded and disrupted cartilage layer, can peredelyvalis not only nerve in the spine, but the spine of the brain. The disease is accompanied by severe pain and inflammation in the area of pinched nerve. To treat such deviation is necessary without delay. Treatment may appoint a doctor and it will depend on what was originally the causative agent of the disease. The defeat of the lumbosacral problem to solve, which should be approached seriously.


The term «sciatica» does not characterize any disease. This is the common name of a group of symptoms that manifest during displacement of the spinal cord. The nerve fibers can not withstand this voltage and send painful signals. It is not a manifestation of a separate disease, but only an indicator of the presence of problems with the nerves in the spine.

Пояснично крестцовый радикулит: симптомы, причины, лечениеSymptoms of this disease may be various changes in the body: continuous cutting weakness, disturbance of sensation, numbness of the spine. Acute lumbar sacral sciatica is most common in patients. In many cases, the distance between the roots of the spinal cord in this area decreases due to the swelling of the discs and progression of a herniated disc. At the same time on the affected area may appear a tumor, begin the infectious process, acute inflammation.

Most often patients with lumbar back pain experience different pain in the affected difference. It may be dull aching pain, which becomes quite exhausting. This pain means that the nerve endings have been damaged and can not cope with the load. Description of sciatica indicates that in many cases, patients lose sensitivity. The human spine is a complex mechanism. Constantly the human body performs a variety of simple or complex movements.

To ensure that all processes occurred smoothly, correctly and without harm to the body, muscles and brain needs to properly communicate. For violation of such Association or deterioration of the receptors the impulses may not reach the muscles. When clamping the nerve endings of the spinal cord is a violation of the exchange of information between the brain and muscles. As a result, the pulses are not delivered or are delivered poorly. Accordingly, decreases sensitivity.

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Weakness in the muscles during the lumbar sacral sciatica is a common symptom. This is due to the lack of two-way communication between muscles and brain. If the spine is clamped in the result of a hernia or any other disease, the pulse frequency is reduced, the connection with the brain is cut off, the muscles are unable to function normally.

If you can’t deal with such a symptom to the doctor, it is possible to obtain partial or complete atrophy of the muscles.

The cause of sciatica and effects

The defeat of the lumbar spine with sciatica is not a separate disease. If the patient has sacral sciatica, it means the presence of pronounced symptoms of the nerve endings. Most often in the majority of patients with sciatica is low back pain. It is on its soil may develop the disease. The spine begins to break down. 1 affects the vertebral discs. They change their shape, structure and can trigger a hernia. These tumors affect the body. 1 turn affects the nerves that pass near the inflamed discs. In the result begins injury or compression of the nerve roots that provokes the appearance of sciatica.

In turn, low back pain provoked by destructive and deformation processes in the human body. Usually such effects on the body can have age-related changes. In addition to the herniation, the spine can affect the osteophytes. This growths that appear on the bone discs. The soft tissue of the back and nerve roots of the brain are impacted by these growths and can be completely traumatized. The symptoms of the disease remain unchanged.

Пояснично крестцовый радикулит: симптомы, причины, лечение

Lumbago is an acute attack which causes a sharp pain in a patient and restricts his movement

Lumbar sciatica in a patient, which was caused by osteochondrosis can lead to the development of lesions of the spinal canal. Such changes in the spine can lead to unpleasant consequences and to initiate the development of many other diseases on the basis of degenerative disc disease and lumbar back pain, treatment in this case should begin as soon as possible. In turn 1 will suffer sciatic nerve, and this will provoke the inflammation of the sacrum. In addition to osteoarthritis, there are a number of processes that may cause sciatica:

  • Arthritis.
  • Violation of the immunity of the patient.
  • Physical inactivity.
  • A constant repetitive load on the spine.
  • Specific diseases of internal organs.
  • Inflammation in the peripheral nervous system.
  • The lesions near the spine.
  • Spondylolisthesis.
  • Predisposition to the disease, which was transmitted to hereditary.
  • The symptoms and treatment of inflammation of the lumbar require immediate medical intervention. Sciatica by itself will not work and will only progress more and more.

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    The fight against disease

    Пояснично крестцовый радикулит: симптомы, причины, лечениеHow to treat sciatica? In order to overcome this form of inflammation, can be used in various ways. Doctors usually adhere to the classical medical approach. Treatment involves removing the painful symptoms and stabilize the patient’s condition. For that, you should fulfill certain medical requirements. The patient must comply with bed rest. At a time when the disease becomes aggravated, the patient it is advisable not to do any further manipulation. On the spine it is advisable to wear a tight corset that will fix the back.

    Treatment should remove the inflammation. Therefore, in phase 1 the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs of non-steroidal medicines. Such medication can be in ointment, tablets, to be administered by injection. In order to save the patient from tight muscles, you need to remove the spasm. Therefore, treatment involves taking muscle relaxants. The patient can prescribe manual therapy. It implies a stretching of the spine. It, in turn, will provide the structure alignment of the spine. Treatment of lumbar sacral sciatica can not do without physical therapy. A special set of exercises issued by the doctor for each patient, so that he could complete a course of gymnastics as a coach.

    In some cases, if sciatica were quite severely neglected, conservative treatments may not help the patient. In this situation, the doctor may prescribe the patient the surgery. Surgery for sciatica is quite rare. The infection usually responds well to medical treatment, and exercises reinforces the effect. But in the case of surgical intervention the main task of the doctor is to remove the root causes of rheumatism. This means that the surgeon will have to remove intervertebral hernia patient.

    In the case of education at the spine of the osteophytes, the doctor removes them. In some situations, surgery would involve pulling the vertebrae and restore height.

    Treatment of folk remedies

    Пояснично крестцовый радикулит: симптомы, причины, лечениеTraditional treatments of sciatica are very diverse. Most often it is the compresses, baths, ointments and tinctures, which are taken orally or rubbing the body. In order to prepare a 1 compress that will relieve the pain sensation, you will need 1 black radish. The product grate on a grater. After that, put the resulting slurry on the fabric. Wrap it and apply to the affected area of the back. A well-insulated bandage.

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    Sciatica lumbar sacral treated with a special friction. In order to prepare the infusion, mix 30 g of finely chopped red pepper and 250 grams of vodka. You can substitute alcohol. Place the infusion in a dry, warm place and do not disturb for 14 days. After that, strain the infusion through cheesecloth and RUB every night in the affected area of the back.

    If you have acute sciatica, you can warm up. To make the hot compress, apply a thin layer of honey on the affected area of the spine and cover it with a paper towel. On top of the towel put the shot on target and well wrap wrap film or plastic. Wrap the top with the back of a warm scarf and leave the compress on for 1-2 hours.

    To treat lumbar sacral sciatica effectively, you will need to do the right compresses. Very useful for back and spine mug. Take a few leaves of the plant and rinse them under cold water. Put it face sheets on the lower back and fasten the bandage with cling film. After that wrap the waist with a scarf. Such a compress will quickly relieve pain.

    When the disease of the spine is very useful to take baths with herbs, pine needles and various infusions. The course of such procedures is typically 10-12 baths. Is this treatment before bedtime and takes 15-20 minutes. In order to consolidate the effect obtained as a result of taking a bath, after the procedure, RUB into the sore areas of the spine fir oil.

    In severe pain and inflammation helps the bathroom with pine shoots. Take 1 kg of product 3-4 liters of water. Put the saucepan with the future of the broth to the stove and simmer for about 15 minutes. after that, close the container lid and allow broth to infuse for 5 hours. Check that the water temperature in the bathroom was 35-38 °C.

    Shoots of pine can be replaced by calamus root, chamomile, sea salt or fir cones.