Lump in my throat osteochondrosis

Lump in my throat osteochondrosis, many doctors refer to the problem of a psychological nature. It is believed that this is an illusory sense, which could not be explained regular medical treatment. If the cervical spine is affected, pain is inevitable. The consequence of the pathology of cervical spine can be a nervous breakdown. Experts believe that by eliminating such symptoms should engage a neurologist or psychotherapist.Ком в горле при остеохондрозе

A sedentary lifestyle, permanent stay in a sitting position at work or home, lack of regular exercises lead to osteochondrosis of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. The person experiences difficulty when turning or tilting the head, it aches the sublingual region, numb chin. Often these symptoms are mistaken for colds, and the patient begins to independently apply the standard treatment of ARI: rinse the throat, warming the compresses. But it does not give the desired result because the physiological and anatomical causes of pain have different origins.

Why there is the illusion of heaviness in the throat

Feeling a strange formation in the throat – not that other, as a consequence of neurovegetative pathologies. Osteochondrosis occurs dystrophy, degeneration of the intervertebral discs. In the neck there is a shift of the intervertebral discs, which could lead to the infringement of the nerve fibers.

Inflammation begins, there is pain, there are unpleasant sensations. The inflammation stiffens the pharyngeal muscles. Inflamed tissue to deform, increasing in volume. The man think his throat something stuck. There is heaviness in swallowing, sensation of a foreign object in the throat.

Concomitant manifestation may be an increase in the submandibular lymph nodes, fear of swallowing, redness of, pain in the occipital region. True effective treatment can be prescribed only by the attending physician after a careful examination and survey. Hot compresses or ointments used on their own, sometimes can not help but to hurt.

Do not confuse colds and infectious symptoms with the investigation of cervical degenerative disc disease and use methods of self-medication.

To make sure osteochondroses the origin of the sensation of a lump in my throat, the doctor first needs to exclude alternative causes. This symptom is characteristic of a number of other diseases: growth of the thyroid gland with the subsequent pressure on the neck, malignancy, gastroesophageal reflux, chronic pharyngitis, diaphragmatic hernia of the esophagus, dystonia.

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How to get rid of the discomfort

Ком в горле при остеохондрозеWith the sensation of pain, a lump in my throat, the fear swallowing difficult to live and work. Especially if the symptoms of neurosis is strong. Adequate treatment is directed not on elimination of the consequences, the source of the problem. Antiseptic gargle is not a panacea for this disorder.

To arrest the symptoms may be local impact:

  • exercise of a special program of physical therapy;
  • massage;
  • manual therapy techniques;
  • the acupuncture sessions;
  • external application of specific gels and creams;
  • the performance of various physiotherapeutic procedures.

To normalize muscle tone in the throat, relieving pain, improve local blood circulation we use modern medicines. A tangible positive effect demonstrated irritants type has experienced an unexpected side effect and finalgon, outer gels: dikloberl and bad.

Physiotherapy as an aid

If there are no serious contraindications, for pain symptoms you can apply physiotherapeutic methods of treatment. These include:

  • procedures paraffin;
  • sessions diadinamotherapy;
  • purpose of magnetic therapy;
  • massage manipulation in the neck area;
  • the conduct of amplipulsetherapy;
  • the procedure of phonophoresis.

All of these physiotherapeutic procedures appointed by the doctor after a careful review General health of the patient. Not all patients procedures such a positive impact on health. Category, which is not desirable to accept such treatment – pregnant women, people with acute stage of osteoarthritis, with malignant tumors, patients with hypertension. The sooner a patient starts treatment, the better the chances of recovery. To postpone a visit to the doctors is impossible, because the consequences can be life-threatening.

If confirmed the presence of degenerative disc disease as the source of a lump in my throat, you should visit the doctor-vertebrologist.

Ком в горле при остеохондрозе

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Additional methods of rehabilitation

All the methods of getting rid of degenerative disc disease of the neck, use as a resolve source of the pain. Effective applicator Kuznetsova. Gives good results with breathing exercises and electrosleep.



Any stress: how long and random, but strong. Required calm. When nervous excitement is useful to take a relaxing bath with sea salt. As sedation treatments for nervous system aromatherapy useful. If there are no contraindications asthma or other respiratory diseases, you can use scented candles or oil burner.
The abuse of alcohol and tobacco. Need diet without excessive consumption of salt, animal fats, hot spices.
The lack of exercise. At intervals of 1 hour need to perform therapeutic exercises for the muscles and skeletal system, to improve circulation. This is especially important to perform in the office in sedentary work.
Violations of sleep. The patient needs a convenient bed with an orthopedic mattress and pillow, well-ventilated residential and working space, especially the bedroom. Housing need regular wet cleaning.

Need a healthy daily routine, a very useful walk before bedtime.