Lump on elbow joint: how to avoid complications

Шишка на локтевом суставе: как избежать осложненийLump on elbow joint. Dangerous or not? It is considered that no. Many non-medical people say that the bursitis is non-hazardous. You need to know: the bumps on the finger joints dangerous for the body.

If time does not begin treatment bumps on the spine, the foot or the elbow, may develop complications. A bump can cause the appearance of cellulitis, lymphangitis, lymphadenitis, suppurative arthritis. What you need to do to avoid such consequences?

Such inflammation, like bursitis

Bursitis is often called the «hand of the Baker» or a «disease of athletes.» Indeed, the tubercles on the joints of the toes, the elbow joint, near the spine, knees and feet are often «choose» people on a professional basis. This is due to the fact that the tubercles on the joints there is on the site where there is a great exercise. This inflammatory disease. The inflammatory process occurs and develops in the synovial bags finger joints of the feet, hands, spine. This disease is insidious, it begins quietly. People who have a bump on the back, feet, hand know how dangerous he is, only when disturbed mobility of joints, which in some cases is persistent. The types of diseases are often klassificeret, based on the locations of the cones.

The disease can wear:

  • chronic;
  • sharp;
  • recurrent form.

Depending on her build-up in joints cause various health. A bump on the joint may «behave» differently. In very rare cases it is not accompanied by pain syndrome. The intensity and nature of pain may be different. Such growths are able to change the shape of the hands, feet, fingers and knees.

The disease may not cause deterioration of health or, conversely, to manifest as an inflammatory process in the joints: high body temperature, tissue edema, General weakness.

Chronic, acute, recurrent forms of the disease

Chronic bursitis is usually not accompanied by a violation of the functioning of the limbs, where the formed bump. In the affected joint observed mild pain. The disease may be localized in the area:

  • of the spine;
  • elbow;
  • knee;
  • of the foot.
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Common features of chronic forms occur primarily in painful symptoms: patients present for a long time mild pain in the joints. Lump in case of chronic bursitis may not develop to the level of large visible tumors, however, felt the elbow, finger, foot or part of the back, it can feel as dense formation.

Шишка на локтевом суставе: как избежать осложнений

While bursitis in the joint cavity synovial fluid accumulates

Acute bursitis is manifested differently. Rapid increase in the bumps on the joint. The pain is cutting in nature, it is especially enhanced in the joint when the latter is in motion.

The swelling in the joints causes the General intoxication of the organism. In humans, increases body temperature. This process is accompanied by deterioration of body parts.

Reserving bursitis can appear on the elbow, knee, spine, striking the foot and toes of the limbs, when there are favorable conditions for its development. In this case, the joints affected repeatedly violated their functioning and there are inflammatory processes. Reserving bursitis usually occurs in the acute form.

What happens to synovial fluid

The disease is specific and non-specific. The first type occurs in the joints during a great exercise. Bumps on the back near the spine often occur in people whose professional activity is connected with the lifting and carrying of heavy objects. Specific bursitis can occur on joints where there is a small injury. It is a consequence of infectious diseases. The bumps are often formed on the spine of people suffering from tuberculosis. Gonococcus and Treponema also contribute to the appearance of the disease.

The synovial mass, which consists of a bump, too, to classify, because of heterogeneity of the substances included in it. If the bumps on the spine, back, foot, elbow serous part, experts consider it the safest option. This bursitis is most easily treatable and almost never cause significant complications.

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The fluid in the lump may eventually become similar to the serum. It’s more dangerous. This form of the disease is fraught with complications that would adversely affect the functioning of the spine, feet and hands (not only those areas where there is a bump, but the whole organism).

Hemorrhagic bursitis is considered more dangerous. The composition of the bumps continues to change: there appears blood. Further, the degree of increasing the severity of the consequences should purulent bursitis.

When you need to sound the alarm

Шишка на локтевом суставе: как избежать осложнений

In case of a serious elbow injury, possible broken bone and requires immediate medical attention

The appearance of bursitis in the spine or any other part of the body is associated with various disorders of the tissues. In turn, often cause the formation of bumps. If there is a spinal injury, then it is a favorable field for the development of the disease. If a person has been injured elbow is the same. Much still depends on the nature of the trauma of an elbow or spine. If the injury is broken skin and a wound developing an infection, then develops non-specific bursitis.

The infectious nature of the disease is often due to a trivial violation of sanitary-hygienic norms, including in everyday life.

In some cases infection at the wound falls during the unqualified medical assistance and the elbow joint, the spine begins to develop the disease. The root cause of the formation of lumps on the spine is often arthritis. The specificity of the disease largely depends on the nature of the disease. Psoriatic, rheumatoid, lupus arthritis back provoke the beginning of a bunion on the spine.

Gout is often characterized by the presence in the area of the affected joints of cones. Bursitis in the elbow area and on the spine is considered to be equally dangerous because of the complications that it causes. The infection is able to get to the elbow from another part of the body. In this case there is a bursitis of the olecranon. The reason for this disease can become a tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, brucellosis. It is they, not a bump, causing further associated complications.Шишка на локтевом суставе: как избежать осложнений

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Visually, bumps on the elbow, spine, other parts of the body in the initial stages of the disease almost invisible. The diagnosis is often made by the presence of a pretty strong seal. For accurate detection of this disease patients are prescribed bacteriological tests and analyses for reactions.

If the disease is neglected, the physician gives direction to the puncture of the inflamed fluid. To establish the presence of bursitis on the elbow, spine, leg joints will help x-ray diagnostics and magnetic resonance imaging. When the treatment of the disease is not initiated in a timely manner, one must be prepared that will need surgery.

To avoid being struck by this disease need to take preventive measures. If there is a risk of injury to joints, it is necessary to use protective equipment. Do not forget to carry out some stretching and a good warm up muscles before exercise, and after exercise take a complex final exercise.

The correct dosage of physical activity, regulation of sleep and work – the most effective prevention of the disease. And remember to keep your body in good shape you need at any age.