Lump under the knee: causes, symptoms, treatment

Lump behind the knee can cause discomfort. To cause the formation of such tumors can injury or exacerbation of the inflammatory process with chronic, common hypothermia. In any case, to delay the solution to the problem is not worth it. We can talk about a serious disease that requires immediate treatment.

Causes of neoplasms

Шишка под коленом: причины, симптомы, лечение

Knot under the knee

Just a bump in the knee do not appear. Causes of tumors are the serious problems of the body, often with chronic. The main reasons for the appearance of a tumour are as follows.

  • Cyst Becker. To determine the presence of this disease just, it is characterized by a small swelling in the popliteal cavity. The human joints are covered with a special liquid, which as a result of inflammation produced with greater intensity. Excess substances leads to the fact that there are bumps on the knee.
  • Suppurative inflammation. Often occurs against a background of neglected infected wound to the ankle. If time does not start treatment, there may be an abscess. The infection is able to penetrate the lymph nodes and thus cause the formation of bumps under the kneecap.
  • Problems with blood vessels. Inflammation of the tibial nerve causes is a lump and slight swelling. All this is accompanied by unpleasant pain, especially when bending the legs.
  • Aneurysm. In this case, the swelling appears on the back of the knee. It is caused by gradual delamination and bulging of the artery. If one time does not take appropriate action, does not exclude the occurrence of extensive bleeding.
  • Thrombosis. Not as common, is a result of problems with the popliteal veins.
  • To determine the reasons for the appearance of bumps on the kneecap can only be the attending physician. Factors that could lead to the development of tumors, varied, and accurate diagnosis is not easy.

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    The symptoms indicating the problem

    Шишка под коленом: причины, симптомы, лечение

    One of the reasons for the appearance of bumps — Baker’s cyst

    Of course, the main signs are swelling and the appearance of bumps on the shins. Sometimes there is discomfort when moving. Most of the diseases associated with the appearance of cones, pass without trouble and begin to disturb the person in the last stages.

    Cyst Becker, appeared from the side of pain not cause. The formation of the tumor in this case does not pose a risk. Everything goes by itself, without the intervention of a specialist. If the cyst continues to grow, some danger appears. First and foremost is the unpleasant pain, and then the disruption of blood flow. It is not excluded the formation of blood clots. The result is varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.

    Suppurative inflammation is characterized by swelling and pain when pressure is applied on the affected area. It occurs on the knee joint and may spread throughout the foot. Problems with blood vessels cause pain while walking. They can be increased during flexion of the limbs. In advanced cases, the pain covers the entire leg and couldn’t move.

    Aneurysm is characterized by throbbing pain on the knee Cup. All this is due to the lesion of the artery and its gradual delamination. Thrombosis manifests itself as pain under the knee. It is found very rarely, so doctors are not so easy to recognize the presence of this disease. Distinctive symptoms of the disease has not.

    If a lump behind the knee, you should immediately seek help. In advanced cases, resolve be able with the help of surgery. In the initial stages is sufficient for medication.

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    Diagnosis and treatment of knee diseases

    Шишка под коленом: причины, симптомы, лечение

    X-ray of the knees

    If the lump below the knee was caused by trauma, the process of diagnosis is quite simple. In all other cases need full investigation of the phenomenon. The man is usually sent for x-rays. This procedure will allow you to check the soft tissue for signs of damage in them. It is advisable to enlist the help of arthroscopy, electroretinography and imaging. In some cases it seems to a blood test.

    To obtain a complete picture of the disease on the basis of three common symptoms impossible. The doctor first examines the patient, listens to his complaints, find out how long there was a bump, and then assigns the appropriate research. Visual inspection in this case is not enough. All of the above diseases are characterized by the appearance of bumps and swelling. In some cases strong pain.

    Treatment depends on the disease, which caused the development of swelling and bumps. Cyst Becker is characterized by an increase of the amount of liquid that needs to be removed with a puncture. Your own stuff will not go away, in this case it is necessary the intervention of a doctor. After the procedure, the cavity is entered steroidal agents having anti-inflammatory action. If the lump formed in humans for a long time, it is necessary to resort to surgery.

    Problems with blood vessels, which caused the development of swelling in the leg below the knee, drugs are impossible to eliminate. In this case, it is recommended to enlist the help of a surgeon. Bump need to cut, remove the other way it will not work. Aneurysm, care must be taken to eliminate the disease. This can be done through medications. Accurate diagnosis and method of treatment prescribed by your doctor.

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    To eliminate thrombosis in the front, as well as its effects in two ways. At an early stage it is recommended to use conservative treatment. Will suit even the methods of traditional medicine. If the disease condition is running, to do without a surgical intervention impossible.

    Any problem can be solved if we resort to treating it on time. If timely treat diseases and to prevent their transition into a chronic stage, to worry about the complications do not have.