Lyrical and ironic: a quick effect and lasting effect

Lyrical and ironic is a fairly common anabolic androgenic injectable steroid. Helps to build muscle mass and development of secondary sexual characteristics of the male body. The drug is available in the Republic of Moldova by the company «Vermodje». This is a very powerful steroid, so it is usually used by experienced athletes and athletes.

Суставер: быстрый эффект и длительное действие

The steroid helps to build lean muscle tissue and mass

The drug

This tool is usually available in vials of 10 ml Contains 250 mg of active ingredient per 1 ml. Is a blend of 4 different types of testosterone ester. Androgens, which are part of the drug «lyrical and ironic»:

  • decanoate (100 mg) is slowly absorbed ether of testosterone;
  • phenylpropionate (60 mg) — fast ether;
  • isocaproate (60 mg) — ether having an average period of suction;
  • propionate (30 mg) — ether short-acting.

Lyrical and ironic unique in that the androgens that are part of it, have both short and long period actions. These steroids enter the bloodstream at different speeds, the time of manifestation of their highest activity are also different. The use of steroid «lyrical and ironic» the level of testosterone in the blood of an athlete is higher than in the use of these androgens separately. It is the mixture of these chemical elements in such proportions gives such a powerful, rapid and lasting effect.

The changes will be visible the next day after taking the drug. The duration of costasera — about a month.

Instructions for use of the steroid

Суставер: быстрый эффект и длительное действиеLyrical and ironic — is oil solution. Before the introduction it is necessary to warm up. It is desirable that the injection was done by a specialist.

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The duration of taking steroid «lyrical and ironic» and its dosage are determined for each person individually. It depends on the weight and experience of an athlete taking steroids and goals. Beginners lyrical and ironic take 250 mg once a week for 3 weeks. As for professionals, they can take up to 1000 mg per week, duration of the course can be up to 12 weeks.

Instructions for use do not recommend this drug to women. Lyrical and ironic was created for a quick increase mass and strength. With proper nutrition and correctly chosen dosage can be increased from 8 to 10 kg per course. Note that the intake of steroid is sometimes cause side effects such as the deposition of subcutaneous fat in women, growth of breast in men, acne. To avoid this, it is necessary to take oral steroids, for example, deckover and naposim.

One of the most popular regimens-making drug is: a lyrical and ironic+boldier+standover. Such courses weight, and each athlete chooses the most suitable one for his body and reach specific goals.

Reviews about using

This steroid is also popular among beginners, and among professional athletes. Instructions for use warns about the presence of side effects and permissible doses, but not all adhere to it. Therefore, feedback about the drugs «lyrical and ironic» are different.

Those athletes, who have studied the instructions for use of the drug and picked up the correct dosage, achieved the desired result and was satisfied. But there are those who have ignored the main recommendations for the use of the steroid. They have the desired effect is not reached, so their feedback about the drug negative.

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This is a very strong steroid, so 250 mg a week for most people is more than enough. The drugs should be approached with the utmost seriousness: to choose the right course, to a regime of sleep and follow a proper diet. Only then can the androgen will give a powerful result.

To purchase lyrical and ironic as possible via the Internet and in specialized shops. In the first case, it is desirable to find shops who work directly with the manufacturer. Prices for the drug range from 1100 to 1500 rubles a bottle.

Before using any steroids you need to consult a specialist.