Magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis: treatment of joints

Магнитотерапия при остеохондрозе: лечение суставов

The cause of osteochondrosis is a shortage of nutrients and oxygen, leading to the defeat of the articular cartilage. With the development of the disease in the pathological process involved the deeper layers of the bones, ligaments and muscles. The result is a restriction of joint mobility and pain.

The cartilage receives nutrition from the surrounding tissues. If it becomes insufficient, the cartilage becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. Osteochondrosis bone is left without protection from loads and friction, its articular areas are deformed. When driving the perfect pair of surfaces of the joint is not ensured. Magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis is a procedure that complements the main course of treatment.

The therapeutic effect of magnetic therapy

The primary goal of treatment of osteoarthritis is to relieve the inflammation and reduction of metabolism in joint tissues to normal. In addition to the main course of therapy, hosts a variety of thisprocedure, in particular the magnetic. In the human body are constantly weak electromagnetic processes, the activity and nature of which in various diseases is modified. The human body itself is a generator of electromagnetic radiation. Treatment therapy of osteoarthritis or other disease of the magnetic field of the body or its specific area is the norm.

Магнитотерапия при остеохондрозе: лечение суставов

Magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis is the most soft and gentle procedure. Especially important is the use of a technique for treating weak, elderly, Allergy sufferers, which other, more complex therapies are contraindicated. The magnetic field is able to penetrate any environment. Treatment is possible when the plaster on the affected area.

Consult a doctor about the use of magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis required, as the use of the method has some contraindications:

  • exacerbation of osteoarthritis;
  • fever;
  • severe disease of blood vessels of the heart using the pacemaker;
  • tuberculosis and cancer;
  • pregnancy;
  • severe depletion.

Magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis is often used as a maintenance treatment in the remission period. Its main goal is relief of pain.

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Therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints

Магнитотерапия при остеохондрозе: лечение суставов

Osteochondrosis can develop in almost any joint. The most common osteochondrosis of the intervertebral discs, knee (gonarthrosis) and hip (coxarthrosis). Treatment with the use of magnetic therapy has some peculiarities. The use of electromagnetic radiation increases the temperature of the knee joint and periarticular tissues at 2-3°. The depth of influence is about 10 cm.

Magnet treatment is possible only in the absence of inflammatory processes in the synovial membrane, significant changes in periarticular tissues and other contraindications. Magnetic therapy effective in the initial stages of development of osteoarthritis (1 or 2). When severe destruction of the knee joint due to degenerative processes of the magnet becomes useless.

The magnetic field has the following effects on the joints:

  • decrease or disappear pain;
  • improves blood microcirculation, reduces its viscosity;
  • increases metabolism in the area of the affected joint;
  • increase the immune abilities of the body;
  • inhibits the development of pathogenic microflora;
  • reduces the swelling;
  • improves mobility of a joint;
  • increases the efficiency of the primary therapeutic treatment.

Periarticular tissues not subject to magnetization, but their constituent elements (water, blood cells) change their properties under the action of magnetic fields. Food joint stabiliziruemost due to the supply of calcium ions.

In the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints we use the General and local magnetic therapy. During the procedures of a General nature, the patient is placed in a special apparatus, similar to tomography. Magnet device creates a constantly rotating magnetic field acting on the entire body. Sessions of magnetic therapy to reduce pain of the affected joint and give the total healing effect.

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For the purpose of local therapy applied electronic machines and applicators with magnetic elements. Therapy can be performed at home. The magnet is also used in the medical bracelets, chains, plates.

Magnetic knee pads and applicators

If the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint, doctors recommend wearing knee braces or knee braces. The main purpose of these orthopaedic appliances is to attach the ligaments and joints to reduce the load on the affected area.

Магнитотерапия при остеохондрозе: лечение суставов

A particular group of such devices include elastic magnetic knee pads-applicators. They can be made of different materials. In applicators built-in magnets, which create a local magnetic field. Knee pads stimulates local metabolism, additionally warm the joint.

Using knee pads to counteract the deformation process of the affected knee. The more time has passed since the beginning of the development of the disease, the stronger should be fixed joint. To use such applicators for gonarthrosis should, after consulting a doctor-rheumatologist. It will determine what size and rigidity should be knee pads. The best option experts believe the knee polyester or elastane. They are durable and comfortable, but are not cheap.

After surgery on the joint bandage is used to be worn on the second foot as a preventive measure. Knee pads are not a cure of the disease, but only can improve the General condition of the joint, acting soothingly on the injured area.

The patient needs to make sure that the bandage is not hanging, but didn’t shrink much in the knee. There should not be swelling from being crushed. The knee cannot be worn continuously, but only when the load on the joint. To use their best no more than 3-4 hours a day.

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The applicators are made of soft material, which is elastic sewn in magnets.When putting on the brace they will be located in biologically active zones of the knee. The fixture fits over the magnetic side of the knee to the action of the magnetic fields covered the joint, and secured by straps and Velcro.

While wearing the applicator osteochondrosis is reduced when the condition of the joint is markedly improved. Knee pads should not compress blood vessels, disrupting blood flow to the foot. In the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip can be applied in a comprehensive and universal applicators. When using products for magnetic therapy, it is recommended to drink 3-4 glasses of pure water a day.

Experts in the field of magnetometry confirm the effectiveness of the method to normalize the energy balance and the local positive effects of the therapy on the affected areas. Use this method only under medical supervision.