Manual therapy of the spine: what is it and what are the contraindications

Chiropractic spine is a method of treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine by manual manipulation and the effect on the skin, muscles, and reflex-active zone. This treatment is one of the oldest methods of traditional medicine, as evidenced by various historical documents. The most effective combination of manual therapy with drug treatment, which provides a comprehensive approach to the treatment of diseases of the spine.

Мануальная терапия позвоночника: что это такое и каковы противопоказанияMost patients are drawn to chiropractors when back pain is a fairly common symptom. Recently, however, people who call themselves «chiropractors», has become extremely a lot. In order not to harm your own health and not trust it in the hands of a layman, you must know indications, contraindications and consequences of carrying out manual therapy of the spine. After all, according to the latest statistics after manual therapy has the highest number of complications. What are the indications for this therapy in spinal cord injury?

Indications for going to the chiropractor

For carrying out manual therapy the indications is the presence of degenerative disc disease of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar. Its implementation is necessary when the hernia of the spine and scoliosis, which can lead to the defeat of any part of the spine. However, manual therapy in spinal osteochondrosis and other diseases of the is contraindicated in their aggravation.

Before carrying out this kind of therapy is necessary to conduct full range of laboratory and instrumental studies. This will allow you to diagnose and clearly define the nature of the damage problem of the spine. Only after that you need to get directions for the conduct of manual therapy.

One of the criteria in evaluating the competence of a chiropractor is his desire to examine all medical records that you have available. He should not begin treatment without a personal acquaintance with x-ray, results of computer tomography or magnetic resonance corrupt Department. Only with these data, the specialist can determine the level of the lesion and further treatment.

It is undesirable to hold only one type of therapy, since the effect of this in most cases is negligible. Only after the adequate medication, physical therapy and manual therapy, the patient will feel the greatest effect. Comprehensive treatment will provide a much longer period of the best well-being and absence of pain.

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When this method of treatment

Contraindications to manual therapy:

  • cancer;
  • the acute form of infectious process;
  • the disease is of inflammatory origin;
  • early postoperative period;Мануальная терапия позвоночника: что это такое и каковы противопоказания
  • persistent increase in blood pressure;
  • pregnancy;
  • disease with multiple lesions of the joints;
  • hematologic diseases (blood diseases);
  • fresh injuries of the spine.

As one of the effects after carrying out chiropractic treatment is to increase blood flow to a certain area, it aggravates the course of cancer. Due to the increased blood flow accelerates the exchange of nutrients in body tissues that stimulates the growth and progression of the tumor. Also oncologic processes in the bone marrow is very often hidden under the guise of hematological diseases, which allows us to explain and contraindications.

The mechanism of development of inflammatory or infectious diseases, illnesses with multiple lesions of the joints the common link is the presence of the inflammatory process at different stages of these diseases. The inflammatory process is accompanied by strengthening of synthesis of inflammatory factors, which aimed at the destruction of cells in lesions and their concentration is achieved by increasing blood flow. After this kind of therapy observed a significant increase of local blood circulation, which can lead to greater damage as infected, and the unmodified cells.

After treatment of fresh injuries of the spine in the postoperative period is to limit the mobility of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine, like any mechanical activity slows the fusion of soft and bone tissue. Contraindications to this type of treatment during pregnancy because of the potential to cause complications such as premature labor, which is especially dangerous in the early stages of gestation (pregnancy). After all, by this time, had not yet fully formed organs of the fetus, which leads to a high risk of death for a child.

All of these contraindications are absolute, and if in spite of them there will be manual treatment, it can lead to irreparable consequences and severe complications.

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The effectiveness of manual therapy

The main method of manual therapy is massage. Since the occurrence of osteochondrosis of the cervical and lumbar spine is associated with impaired blood supply of the intervertebral discs and vertebrae, the massage can produce a significant positive effect. Manual therapy in cervical osteochondrosis ensures increased blood flow to the area of the cervical, which will accelerate the regeneration of the intervertebral disc and allow it as long as possible to perform its cushioning function. It will also slow down the appearance of bone spurs on the vertebrae and allow to keep longer mobility of the spine.

Мануальная терапия позвоночника: что это такое и каковы противопоказанияAfter the massage, the region of the cervical spine noted an increase in muscle tone, which allows them the burden to take. Also, the patient noted significant relief if it was complaining that his back hurts. Because manual therapy in cervical osteochondrosis influences on the reflex area that leads to a decrease of the pain syndrome and improve the conductivity of nerve fibers.

Manual therapy for scoliosis is aimed at eliminating pathological installation of the muscles that support the spine curvature. This technique is particularly effective in the initial stages, since the development of scoliosis begins with the installation of pathological muscles and only after that develops over time the curvature of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine. Using this method of treatment first achieve relaxation of muscles, and only then moving to increase their tone through their active kneading. This allows to ensure the formation of a muscular corset that will adjust the curvature of the spine.

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The strengthening of ligaments and muscles provides chiropractic herniation of the spine. The occurrence of hernia is associated with prolonged load on the intervertebral disc, purposee — which went beyond it. By strengthening the back muscles is achieved by reducing the axial load on the spine, and after exposure to the reflex zones of normalize metabolic processes in this area.

Chiropractic herniation of the spine affects the cause of the disease that can slow disease progression and long-lasting elimination of pain.