Massage cervical area: massage technique

Массаж шейно-воротниковой зоны: техника массажаThe modern way of life in which a person has intense physical exertion, most often at work and at home is in a sitting position, lack of exercise often leads to problems with the spine. The collar area is quite vulnerable place of human body. Sedentary life imprisons the muscles of the neck and back.

To warn, and in some cases appeared to cure in connection with this headache, swelling, deposition of salts can help to massage cervical area at home. In order to safely perform this procedure, it is desirable to have a medical diagnosis of a person with some training, who received lessons from a professional.

The structure and physiological characteristics of the cervical

For an accurate understanding of the causes of back problems and deteriorating health, it is important to know where is the collar area, its physiological characteristics. This place is considered to be the back of the neck and thorax to the fourth vertebra. Also this area covers part of the chest to the second rib. Neck and cervical area is composed of 7 vertebrae, they are fragile, mobile, and unstable.

Of injury cervical area just: one awkward movement, long fixed position can bring trouble. Neck connects with the head by means of a complex joint. It is located between the first cervical vertebrae and the occipital bone. Most of the movement occurs in this part of the cervical area.

Making yourself or taking a massage from another person, it is important to remember that the surface of the body is a large blood and lymph vessels. In this regard, the neck massage should be performed with a small force of impact.

Indications and contraindications to massage

Массаж шейно-воротниковой зоны: техника массажаFatigue, headache and muscle tension is the most common indication for getting a neck massage. The benefits of this treatment is relaxation and prevention. A massage can be done at the end of the work shift, restoring muscle tone.

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If the patient has osteochondrosis, deposition of salts — the benefits of massage with this diagnosis is likely only alleviate the condition. Massage is not a primary treatment, but part of a complex treatment procedures. The procedure helps alleviate pain due to blood flow, muscle relaxation. Massage of this kind are used in SARS, menopausal disorders, injuries, musculoskeletal etc.

Recommended this kind of treatment for poor sleep, abnormal fatigue, nervous exhaustion. Therapeutic massage can be a life-saver for inactivity — low mobility. Many diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system correct different techniques of massage the neck area of the body. As a cosmetic procedure, which most women take, massage cervical area have long been known. His use of large, it is evident on the delicate skin of the décolleté and neck.

In addition to the positive effects, massage the neck area can cause injury. First of all, it is not recommended to people who have high blood pressure. Infectious diseases in acute form, high fever, bleeding and tumors also medical contraindications to massage.

Preparation for massage execution and reception of stroking

Массаж шейно-воротниковой зоны: техника массажаTo understand how to perform the massage yourself, you can carefully examine a special video. They show in sufficient detail all the ways and methods of work. In addition, in order to carry out classical massage the neck area, but this technique is quite suitable for home use, you can be trained in special courses.

Before you start a massage at home, prepare the necessary equipment. You will need a chair with a high back, for the convenience of the patient, prepare the pillow. The use of massage cream is not always necessary, it all depends on the condition of the skin of the patient. Install the chair so that the man need to massage, got comfortable, face to the back of the chair. The massaging head may lean on your own hands or a pillow placed on the chair.

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Start from the back. Clean hands do the stroking, 8-10 times from the bottom up on each side of the center back towards the armpits. Further down 10 times from the top of the neck.

Use your finger to longitudinal friction for 20 seconds. Again several times stroke body. Edges of the palms RUB a longitudinal back 10-15 times. After each manipulation ironed 2-4 times treated place. Within 10-20 seconds, you can do a combination of rubbing.

Then a 15-minute cross-grinding, which are performed with your palms. Back muscles at this time are heated, the blood flow. Next, massage the back with fingertips in a spiral. Move along the trapezius muscle: initially from the bottom up, then back. The effect lasts for 30-60 seconds on each side. Knead the muscles of the interscapular region on both sides of the spine.

Throughout the therapeutic massage, do not forget about reception of stroking. All the subtleties of massage spelled out in the literature.

Массаж шейно-воротниковой зоны: техника массажа

With fingers, carefully loosen up the neck muscles

Massage technique: kneading and other techniques

The next step of therapeutic massage is the kneading of muscles supraspinous fossa. Movement along the shoulder, guiding his fingers to the neck in a spiral. Work with fingertips. Enough each shoulder mash for 40-60 seconds. After working on the shoulders, apply the vibration acquisition. Guiding hands from top to bottom, make the amplitude of the manipulation body along the back.

Alternating, perform the «finger rain» and tapping fingers. On the neck use only «AA rain». Continue the massage ribs with your palms tap the collar back. Pat, 10-20 seconds, tap the fingers, and the neck make a «finger rain». At the end of beating fists on the back, on the neck, use only a soft tapping. Therapeutic massage done damped stroking movements throughout the neck part. Repeat the movement 12-15 times.

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If you have a special place for the massage you can not use a chair as equipment. Important comfortable patient positioning. You also need to have open access to the body for the massage therapist.

To do self-massage neck area quite difficult. While tensing the neck muscles can only slightly ease the tension, using the massager or the most simple techniques. Hand fixed sore point, but not wrinkled with the effort. Holding his hand on the muscle, gently rotate the neck in different directions. You can also slightly move a muscle. More advanced techniques are necessary to study in special courses.

Don’t spend massage cervical part of the child independently, without sufficient skills and special training. In this case, you cannot resort to the various manuals and tutorials. Inept actions can harm the baby.

When performing classical massage cervical parts of the body, if done according to instructions, after the first session the patient may feel improvement in health. Small pain possible in advanced disease, they go after 2-3 sessions.