Massage for back pain

Massage for back pain is as a preventative procedure that can be performed at home, and a rehabilitation event, part of post-traumatic therapy. Procedure is prescribed for various diseases of the musculoskeletal system as a part of complex treatment. Effective means of restoring lost function of the spine is massage for sciatica, massage of lumbar-sacral osteochondrosis in adults, given the curvature of the spine in children.

Массаж при болях в пояснице

Who shows how

Indications for the procedure can be domestic, medical, professional. Effective massage for pain in the back, caused by heavy physical load or constant sedentary work. It not only relieves pain in the lumbar spine, but additionally improves tissue blood supply, nerve conduction and strengthens the muscles in the spine. The procedure can be performed at home or in the hospital in such diseases as sciatica, myositis, arthritis, neuritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis.

The lumbar region is subjected to maximum loads and has great mobility. It joins the less mobile thoracic and sacral region, the transition area is particularly vulnerable as the Sacro-lumbar articulation. The damage of this place affects the nerve trunks, including the sciatic nerve. When degenerative disc disease (protrusion of the intervertebral disc) nerve is often trapped as a result of compression, causing severe lumbar pain, pain in the calf muscles, back thighs, lower extremities.

When such symptoms should consult a vertebrologists, traumatologists, neuropathologists. Experts will help in identifying the reasons for and purpose of comprehensive treatment. Often the therapeutic effect is short-term, and pain become a chronic.

To cope with the pain helps the medical and alternative therapies, including breathing exercises, physiotherapy and massage.

Basic rules

The main requirements of the procedure is the correct location of the spine, so the major requirements for a massage couch. Surface for positioning the patient must be flat and rigid structure. This is necessary to prevent bending of the spine during the procedure and the occurrence of pain and discomfort. The patient lay down on your stomach, hands pull along the body, legs and chin are placed on a small pillow. This ensures active blood circulation.

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Stage Impact
Massage of the lumbosacral areas is performed using special oils. The doctor put him on hands before you begin your manipulation.
The initial stage lasts 2-3 minutes. The first movements should be light careful strokes to relieve muscle spasms. With the first movements cannot be made powerful efforts. The patient will experience pain, possible injury. Massage for lumbar degenerative disc disease or sciatica starts with the least painful area on the opposite from the painful area of the spine.
The next stage is when you use rubbing. Are utilized alternately phalanges, bases, pads of the palms of the masseur. It performs circular motion, moving the hand up and down simultaneously or alternately. For the effective kneading of muscles use tweaks with the capture of the skin with one hand and stroking with your other hand. Traffic is directed to the shoulder line side. Massage in osteochondrosis of the lumbar starts from the shoulders and neck, then along the spine of the hand down between the shoulder blades to the loins.

Do not carry out massage treatments in exacerbations of the disease. In the treatment of sciatica should be very careful to apply force, performing massage techniques. The parts above the heart, lungs, kidneys are supposed to handle with great care.

Performing self-massage at home

Common household situation are sudden pain attacks, when the person is away from people. This often happens with people who have degenerative disc disease or sciatica. The loin is the most vulnerable area of the spine. Causes frequent defeats:

  • lack of micronutrients;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • the maximum load on the lower back;
  • poor quality diet;
  • heavy physical labor;
  • hypothermia;
  • the deposition of salts.

The technique of self-massage will help to control an attack of their own. The victim should lie on the side on a flat surface with a rigid deck chair and relax the whole muscular system. The location of the body must be strictly horizontal. To bend feet in knees, pressed to the small of the back big toe and begin a light stroking of the back to the tailbone. These manipulations are performed about three minutes, and then stroking with the thumb moving in a different technique. From the spine along the ribs to the sides of the massage movements are performed for three minutes, after which the procedure is repeated on the other side.

With each return movement of the finger descends to a lower position.

Technique therapeutic massage manipulation specialist

Professional massage therapists use treatment techniques of various kinds. Each patient is an individual program, depending on the disease. This takes into account possible contraindications for chronic diseases of certain internal organs.

Массаж при болях в пояснице

When you massage lumbar osteochondrosis, the workspace is divided into three sections:

  • area of paravertebral muscles (paravertebral region);
  • the area of the sacrum, the lumbosacral articulation, the hip joints (lumbosacral region);
  • an area of small, large, medium gluteal muscle (gluteal region).

The patient lies face down on the stomach, has a little bent at the elbows along the body, provides at 40 degrees from each other feet. Under the ankle joints put a soft cushion. The massaged zone is covered with oil and begin to alternately perform specific techniques:

  • equipment comb-like, fan-shaped, Volar, transverse, longitudinal stroking, including with the weights;
  • covers technique, planar squeezing, including a forearm;
  • the technique of rubbing with fingertips, Peresecina, cutting, comb-like, hand rubbing;
  • technique of percussion, tapping, tapping, cutting, vibration;
  • techniques of pressure, shear, stretching, double neck, comb-like, double ring, single kneading, kneading with fingertips.

Massages do not always and not everyone. To unsubscribe from massage is advisable for women after abortion or delivery, patients with inflammation of genitourinary system, tumors of the uterus or appendages. Any bleeding from the vagina are banning a symptom. Pregnant women take the massage of the waist on the side.

It is not recommended to use this treatment, if the person has a fever, is an inflammatory swelling, suppuration, thrombosis, tumors of the bones or joints. Contraindicated these steps when tuberculous lesions of the Central nervous system, acute phase of osteomyelitis, seizures, sclerotic pathologies, severe hemorrhages, suppurations. It is impossible to massage the patient with skin diseases of infectious or neoplastic nature, pustular, fungal pathologies.

Massage movements are produced in downward direction, because the process should be involved lymphatic channels to improve the lymph drainage to the inguinal nodes from the lumbar area.