Massage for children with scoliosis: the order of execution

Детский массаж при сколиозе: порядок выполненияIt is worth noting that domestic conditions are not always suitable to do medical massage in scoliosis. If torsion of the vertebrae not more than 10º, doing baby massage is quite acceptable. It should be remembered that children with scoliosis needs training the muscular system.

Massage treatments can be curative and preventive. With the help of therapeutic massage, it is possible to eliminate pathological deformation, which is subjected to lateral zone and the vertebral axis. Preventative massage treatments are of two types: reflex and segmental. Thanks to the stimulating effect they have a positive effect on the Central nervous system. In addition, significantly improve the mechanisms of metabolism, and innervation of muscle tissue. When pronounced signs of scoliosis massage treatment should be performed in institutions where a child’s treatment will address experienced specialist.

Therapeutic massage for scoliosis helps:

  • strengthen the muscle skeleton;
  • to improve the trophism of the muscles;
  • to normalize muscle tone;
  • to reduce the feeling of fatigue;
  • to eliminate pain.

In addition, massage has a good corrective effect on the spine.

If the child has a double curvature affecting the lumbar and thoracic spine, massage treatment should cover both of these areas.

Massage technique in the curvature of the spine

Детский массаж при сколиозе: порядок выполненияTo perform therapeutic massage to put the child on a stomach on a hard and smooth surface, turning his head to the side opposite the curved area of the thoracic. Arms should be slightly bent at the elbows and put along the body. Normally, medical massage is performed from the side curvature of the spine. The procedure begins with stroking movements. They are palms, broad movements. Starting from the sacrum, gradually should go to the region of the shoulder girdle. Next, the masseur moves on to a General relaxing action, paying particular attention to trapezoidal muscle.

The next stage is rubbing. Fingers of the masseur must be in a bent condition. It is necessary to grind the entire surface of the back, korrigera the pressure. It is important to remember that this technique requires the minimum use of force.

If the angle of curvature is small, the massage for scoliosis is performed pumping movements, alternating with rubbing and light warm-up of muscles. To stretch therefore, you have my back. Periodically slightly increase the impact force, thus the special attention should be paid to the interscapular area, and paravertebral areas. This therapeutic massage focuses on the prevention of the complications of the disease.

When the curvature is between 30 and 50º, and the symptoms can be described as moderate, but clearly visible torsion of the vertebrae, can not do without a differentiated massage.

Massage treatments in case of serious pathologies

Детский массаж при сколиозе: порядок выполненияScoliosis 2 and 3 degree therapeutic massage each spine has its own characteristics. It should be noted that thoracic scoliosis is often accompanied by the formation of a muscular cushion and ribs bulging. Massage for scoliosis in this case is a few more intense techniques need to have a large amplitude in order to achieve tonic effect.

You must first begin to impact on the lumbar concavity. The therapeutic massage should be aimed at removing muscle tone. Stretching the muscles of the palm are placed opposite each other and run in opposite directions. After that, the child should roll over on its side. Now, the therapist pulls the muscles holding the right side of the iliac crest.

In the case of stretching in the region of the lumbar, right side, left hand of the masseur should be tightly pressed to the area of the sacrum. The right hand thus it is necessary to move from the sacrum to the lower part of the blade. Likewise, muscle stretching massage action in the case of muscle strain of the lumbar on the left side.

Next, the child is placed on the stomach. The massage in the lumbar region, where the observed characteristic of the scoliosis convexity. Massaging subscapularis region, should be alternated relaxing stretch. In the area of shoulder girdle actions should be stimulating.

Детский массаж при сколиозе: порядок выполнения

Areas of massage and techniques in the presence of the child’s scoliosis

After that, the child lies on his back. Here the massage will be focused on the workout of the chest muscles. Massage effect on the large pectoral muscle, the supraclavicular and infraclavicular area, located on the curved side should be challenging. In this case, you should apply pressure and techniques. If the chest muscles of the child are strained, the therapist performs a relaxing effect, pulls the shoulders back, and aligns the shoulder girdle. Abdominal wall massage for a stimulating effect. In the area zabavchik edges during the execution of the pressure techniques the effort should be minimal.

The optimal duration of therapeutic massage — 15-30 minutes. The course is recommended to include 25 procedures, then the child’s body a break for a few weeks. In addition to massage, holistic therapy involves special exercises that allows to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

Children suffering from scoliosis, it is recommended to swim. Very often massage is used as preventive maintenance that avoids many of the diseases of the spine.

The procedure for massage

Before you commence a massage, the child thoroughly examined by a specialist. In addition, the spine is examined with x-rays or perhaps MRI.

  • To start the therapeutic massage is recommended with techniques that affect segmental roots in the region of their exit from the spine.
  • First massaged the lower back. To begin the following warm-up spine, remove the voltage of skeletal muscles.
  • First, the therapist works on removing surface tension, you can then move on to massaging the deeper muscles. It is important to remember that baby massage should be as soft.
  • When performing segmental techniques should move from the periphery to the Central part of the back. Thus it is possible to achieve complete muscle relaxation, in addition, it stimulates blood circulation.
  • If scoliosis of 1-2 degrees accompanied by pain in extremities, massage is recommended to start with the segmental influences. The movement should be performed from the periphery to the heart.

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