Massage for osteoarthritis of the knee: exercise and prevention

Массаж при артрозе коленного сустава: упражнения и профилактикаWhen a knee is recommended to do massage. Of course, it is better if you entrust it to a specialist, but do not forget about the necessity of self-massage. This will allow you to relax muscles and relieve pain from tired feet after walking.

You can spend just 10-15 minutes for each session, but should not do the treatments too often. Enough 2-3 times a day. There are basic guidelines following which you’ll learn how to do massage for osteoarthritis of the knee joint independently.

The sequence of movements during the massage the knee

In order to properly and effectively do at home massage of the knee joint, are used following main methods:

  • Rubbing. Accelerates blood circulation and muscle relaxation.
  • Kneading. Improves muscle tone, making them more elastic.
  • Shake. Will allow you to work on the muscles which are deeper than the others and therefore not used properly when previous methods of massage.
  • It is a mistake to believe that massage for osteoarthritis is the impact on the knee joint. Uses and nearby muscles. During a massage it is also helpful to stretch your foot.

    It is recommended to perform the massage in a certain sequence. First of all start to work with the muscles located around the knee joint. All movements are performed from the bottom up to stimulate blood flow.

    First made light stroking grasping movements. Then do light strokes on the sides of the knee, making small circular movements. After that start stroking the entire surface of the joint.

    Массаж при артрозе коленного сустава: упражнения и профилактика

    Longitudinal movement of the fingers will provide deep heating of joints

    Next are the longitudinal rubbing with fingertips and cross — ribs of the palms. All rubbing should be done gently. You can do pinch when the skin and superficial muscles are moved with the help of your palms. It ends the exercise with light fading strokes of the knee. This way you will be able to massage the knee joint independently.

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    Prevention of arthritis

    Arthritis — joint disease, one of the main reasons is inflammation. If you put this diagnosis, it is necessary to give this issue close attention and do a comprehensive treatment. The appearance of arthritis may be due to pathology or a complication of other diseases.

    Depending on the cause of the disease is assigned to the appropriate treatment. Apply ointments and compresses, which aim to relieve swelling and warm the joint. In more severe instances, injections, hormonal and chondroprotectors.

    There is some prevention that can help to avoid illness or to prevent complications:

  • Массаж при артрозе коленного сустава: упражнения и профилактикаIzbegat hypothermia legs and a long stay in cold water.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Discard bad habits and fight obesity.
  • Periodically concentrate on the workout, do the massage the knee joint if you have to spend much time standing or sitting.
  • In any case, if you are faced with arthritis, you should consult your doctor. It is worth remembering that it is a common and quite serious disease that must be treated. But each kind of disease requires its own treatment technology, as occurs for different reasons.

    Recovery after surgery

    One of the methods of diagnosis and further treatment of the knee is arthroscopy. At the moment this procedure is one of the most effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis. This technique allows detail to view the joint on a video using a special camera.

    Recovery after arthroscopy of the knee joint consists of massage of the knee joint and stimulation of thigh muscles with electricity.

    Recommended physical exercises for development of mobility of joints and muscles such as:

    • lift straightened legs while lying;
    • lift the straight leg standing;
    • the contraction of the muscles of the thigh.
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    Массаж при артрозе коленного сустава: упражнения и профилактикаPerforming these exercises after knee arthroscopy in this way. When lifting the straight leg in the supine position lie down on your back. Healthy leg bent at the knee and operated on to raise at an angle of 45°. When lifting the leg while standing you need to stand near the wall and lift the operated leg at 45°, holding it for 5-7 seconds in the end position.

    Repeat the exercise at least 10 times. When performing the following exercises, tense and relax muscles in the thigh. You need to lie on your stomach, put a cushion under the feet and straighten the leg. You must hold this position for 5-7 seconds. The number of repeats: at least 10.

    Massage the hip joint

    The effective treatment for osteoarthritis of the hip joint consider massage. Before beginning the massage requires that the muscles were relaxed. Fingertips can do the easy rotational and longitudinal movement around the spine and sacrum. Massage lumbar is done with the fingertips and the phalanges of the fingers with the rubbing and stroking.

    Then proceed to massage thighs. The procedure is stored in the same sequence. In this case, the rubbing with fingers is combined with friction and kneading of the muscles with the knuckles of your fist or palm edge. At the end of this procedure, you must do the shaking and stroking thighs. Now when all these exercises are done, you can go directly to massage the hip joint.

    Apply the rubbing base of the palm, point, kneading with his knuckles. But we must remember that the massage is performed in a sparing mode, as this section is very painful. Duration of exercise should not exceed 10 minutes.

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    A large number of positive reviews got vibrating massage, but be aware that it runs only after manual massage. The period of vibration massage should not exceed 8 minutes. Thus, a comprehensive massage of the hip joint, allowing you to relieve pain, tension in muscles and inflammation.

    With timely medical intervention can prevent further progression of the disease, and even to get rid of it. The main thing — not to self-medicate and stick to the rules and recommendations given by the doctor. Then you can forget about osteoarthritis of the knee. Good health!