Massage for osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder, hip joint: a video with technique description

Massage for osteoarthritis of the knee and other joints: techniques and videos

Few know, but most diseases that are associated with the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, quite dangerous as they can be accompanied by various related diseases that affect the General state of the organism.

Is no exception a very common disease arthrosis of the knee joint, the treatment of which is based on General medicine and the use of special massage techniques.

Briefly about osteoarthritis of the knee

The arthrosis is a pathology, which causes external and internal deformity of the cartilage of the joint. Such disease is characterized by increased pain threshold and chronic nature of the disease. Osteoarthritis can lead to complete loss of sensation and deprived of the ability to move a limb.

The reasons for the development of pathology may be several, but the most common are excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle.

Important: as practice shows, knee osteoarthritis develops most often in women than in men. Is this a pattern with generic activities.

The purpose of massage for osteoarthritis

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Massage for osteoarthritis of the knee joint is held in such order:

  • reduced pain threshold;
  • reduction of inflammatory processes;
  • the resumption of sensitivity;
  • improve muscle tone and relieve knee strain, which can occur in chronic arthritis;
  • the restoration of normal amplitude when driving;
  • also one of the main purposes of massage is to improve blood circulation;
  • General health and strengthening the body in the treatment of this disease, as is quite often assigned taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, which can have a negative impact on overall health;
  • prevention and reduction of degenerative changes and diffuse.

Methods and techniques

There are a few common in-demand methods and techniques of therapeutic massage used for the treatment of osteoarthritis:

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  1. Massaging the back. This technique is used if elevated pain threshold, as well as a simple massaging can improve the blood circulation, which reduces swelling in the damaged area. Massaging runs from the sacral region to the beginning of the shoulder blades and back, and during the procedure done just smooth and soft movement.
  2. Massage healthy limbs. Like hands, feet are a pair of limbs, which means effects one of them will have an impact on the second. Well, due to the fact that the knee on the injured foot elevated the pain threshold and hold massage is impossible, then massaged a healthy leg. The procedure begins with the knee, gradually moving to the back of the thigh. Also, you should remember that if the patient is not experiencing discomfort at unhealthy leg, then the therapist can spend the same massage.

It is important to know: in General massage, with the development of osteoarthritis of the knee is carried out exclusively on the appropriate reflex zones.

As a massage

For osteoarthritis of the procedure of therapeutic massage the knees in several stages:

  1. Preparation for the procedure. The patient comes in the physiotherapy room and lays down on the couch (if he will be conducting a back massage) or sits on a chair (if it will massage the foot). The masseur rubs the massaged area and proceeds with the procedure.
  2. The start of the procedure. Depending on what kind of massaged the area and what you need to get the desired effect, the therapist uses the following techniques: rubbing stroking – used to improve circulation in the muscles; pressing and kneading movements – have a tonic effect on the muscles; tapping movements and vibrations – have a tonic effect on deep muscle mass.

Before the procedure, the skin is warmed up with active movements, but it is by no means impossible to touch the lymph nodes.

Also, be aware that if during the treatment the patient feels discomfort and unpleasant sensation, the procedure should be suspended and further examination that will show whether it is possible to carry out a particular medical procedure.

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Massage Tyan Anmo for osteoarthritis of knee joint — video methods:

The nuances and tips

As a rule, one session of massage lasts no more than 20 minutes, and the total course therapeutic massage is 20 to 25 sessions (depending on the severity of the disease). If the disease became chronic, and from time to time, the knee joint becomes inflamed, it is performed so-called soft massage, which consists of 5 sessions and it is only after removal of the primary inflammation.

During the acute inflammatory period, the massage is prescribed as a comprehensive treatment, together with mineral or mud baths. In addition, massage is always combined with physiotherapy, which consists of a elementary exercise and stretching.

During the entire process of treatment it is forbidden to overload of the spine (heavy lifting, intense exercise and the like) as it may adversely affect the General condition of the patient and reduce the result of the massage.

In his spare time, it is recommended to give the body a rest and make a short gymnastics and self-massage, which can teach the patient the therapist. It consists of the usual stroking and friction which enhance circulation and cause the muscles in the desired tone.

Massage for osteoarthritis of other joints

Massage for arthrosis of other joints:

  1. Massage of the shoulder joint arthrosis is performed in the sitting position (the forearm must be slightly parboiled in order that the masseur was more comfortable). If a patient is having excessive discomfort in this area, to facilitate the procedure, the therapist can fully swing your arm back until the wrist will not touch the lower back.
  2. Osteoarthritis of the hip joint (coxarthrosis) is characterized by inflammatory processes and exceeding the pain threshold. To remove these symptoms used various treatments including massage, which is performed in the following way: the patient lies on the back, and the massage stroking movements relaxes the muscles and then launches the main part of the massage, which consists of vibration and the rubbing movement.
  3. Massage for osteoarthritis of the lower leg has a number of features. It is taken on an empty stomach and only after the end of the session, you can eat a piece of chocolate, and a few hours later a full lunch. Massage performed under warm water (36 degrees Celsius). Massage hands also have to be a little warmer than room temperature (about 18 degrees Celsius). You need this to boost metabolism and improve blood circulation. The massage is performed slowly, without unnecessary movements and vibrations massaged the damaged area and one wrong move can cause a sharp pain and subsequent discomfort.
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While massaging the lower leg, all movement needs to be not only very neat, and is directed into the popliteal fossa, thereby activating the metabolism. The session soothing and stroking movements.

It is also recommended after the procedure to make a physiotherapy, as this will help to consolidate the obtained effect. Gymnastics consists of basic physical exercises and light stretching.

So, massage for osteoarthritis is a necessary step of treatment is aimed at decreasing the pain threshold and removal of the tumor. Massage also improves circulation and leads to muscle tone, which has a beneficial effect on the overall time of recovery.