Massage for scoliosis at home: procedures

Массаж при сколиозе в домашних условиях: порядок процедур

Curvature of the spine disturbs the posture, the internal organs, causing pain

One of the common treatments for scoliosis in people at any age is a therapeutic back massage. Its effectiveness depends on the professionalism of the masseur and the degree of development of the disease. Usually, massage for scoliosis is used in conjunction with other treatment methods, which include swimming, physical therapy, special classes at the gym, physical therapy. This manual therapy helps to relieve tension and strengthen the back muscles by improving blood circulation in the tissues. In order to understand how the therapeutic massage, you need to understand the features of the disease.

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine in the side. It is believed that in the modern world, this ailment affects almost everyone. Attribute this phenomenon to the fact that few people engaged in physical labor, a lot of time in a stationary position and in the wrong position. TV, computers, automobiles have become an integral part of human life, taking the most valuable thing for the health movement.

But experienced physicians and scientists disagree. They attribute the disease to the physiological characteristics of human development, caused by genetic reasons. I also believe that scoliosis is any deviation from the correct position of the spine characterized by pain symptoms. Often, such deviations can only be determined after conducting a special examination.

Types and forms of curvature

To ensure that the patient has scoliosis, applied the usual x-ray diffraction study. With the help of x-rays detected and the degree of curvature. A curvature of 1 degree is the deviation away from the straight axis of the spinal column at 1-10°, 2 degree — at 11-25°, stage 3 — at correspond 26-50°.

Массаж при сколиозе в домашних условиях: порядок процедур

The degree of development of diseases of the spine

There are 3 types of the disease.

  • Functional scoliosis is the development of curvatures due to other health problems such as dysplasia (long legs), spasms in the muscles of the back and the like.
  • Scoliosis neuromuscular — the appearance of curvature in connection with the presence of different kinds of genetic diseases, congenital anomalies in which wrong or not fully formed spine. This ailments such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy. For this type of disease is characterized by an elongated S-shaped curvature, the weakness of the muscular corset around the spine. This type of curvature of the back in scoliosis in the newborn is a congenital and requires active treatment.
  • Degenerative scoliosis — a curvature caused by inflammation in the spinal joints, weakness of the ligaments and soft tissues of the spine against the appearance of bone formation (osteophytes). This type of curvature can be found in people of different age groups.
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    Массаж при сколиозе в домашних условиях: порядок процедур

    What are the forms of curvature

    There are different forms of spinal curvature:

    • C-shaped, with a 1 arc curvature;
    • S-shaped — 2 arcs;
    • Σ-shaped — 3 arc of curvature.

    The position of the curvature of scoliosis is divided into 5 kinds by division of the vertebral column: cervical-thoracic, thoracic, thoracolumbar, lumbar, lumbosacral.

    Scoliosis can occur due to a range of other diseases, such as osteoporosis, diseases of the intervertebral discs, Oncology. The reason for the development of the disease can become various injuries, including a fracture of the spine. With such a serious disorders and diseases of the therapeutic massage is performed only in the period of rehabilitation.

    How to do massage

    To cure scoliosis massage, you need to find a qualified specialist. It is necessary to have a physician’s statement indicating the degree and shape of curvature of the spine. The specialist needs to see and understand what muscles are tense and which are relaxed. When curvature of the spine there is always a convex and a concave back. If one of them is strained, another is relaxed.

    Very well when conducting a therapeutic massage periodically to make the diagnosis of tension in the muscles. This is because the muscles have grown stronger over time or become less tense. If you’re doing all the time the same manipulation, it can provoke inflammation of the particular muscles. You should always pay attention to the feelings of the patient during the massage.

    Therapeutic massage for scoliosis is carried out from the feet to the top of the back. Each form of scoliosis is applied a special technique, aimed at correcting one or another area of the back. Each procedure begins with the pats. When the s-shaped curvature in the thoracic therapeutic massage do first with the concave side, and then move to convex. Rectilinear movements to knead the muscles between the ribs.

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    Массаж при сколиозе в домашних условиях: порядок процедурCircular movements are applied to wide and long muscles. Trapezius muscle and neck area knead at the end. The intensity and duration of the manipulations at each site must be the same. The purpose of the first session of therapeutic massage — maximum relaxation of the muscles, especially the convex side curvature of the spine and of the cervical portion. The following sessions should be directed at strengthening and stimulation of the muscles of the concave back. You need to pay attention to the relaxation of the chest muscles and for strengthening the stomach.

    When the s-shaped curvature of the spine in the lumbar applied therapeutic massage techniques squeezing. First, massage the concave side of the back, then convex. Then warm up the broad and long muscles, then transferred to intercostal. Lumbar massaged in circular and straight movements. Next, move on the pelvic area where do the squeezing, flexing the sacrum and the iliac crest. Towards the end of the massage back to a convex back, on her carried out the pressure. To massage the leg starting from the thigh and lower leg finishing with 2 sides.

    In S — and Σ-shaped curvature of the spine, the massage is performed using the same techniques that you would S-shaped curvature. Special attention is paid to the lumbar and thoracic sections of the spine.

    Massage at home for scoliosis in children

    An adult is better to seek the assistance of qualified professionals, even at 1 degree of scoliosis, as with age, the regenerative processes are more complicated. Different types of massage for scoliosis in children can be done at home. The fact that children’s bodies are very quickly restored.

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    Parents can do a massage from a curvature of 1 degree, but only under the supervision of a physician. You need to study the medical literature, take courses massage for scoliosis. Video training can be turned on when carrying out each procedure correctly to keep the intensity of the action and the focus on time.

    The child must tell about their feelings during these manipulations. Often masseurs can do their job well, to increase the number of sessions and make more money. In such a situation it is better to spend money on education and treatment of children with his own hands, than to pay big money to a stranger, in the quality of services which you can’t be sure.

    A parent who does massage your child, may at any time to help him if you suddenly have pain. Thus, you can also control the tactics of treatment of the doctor, which will facilitate a speedy recovery.