Massage fracture of bones of hands and feet: the hands, radius, shoulder, ankle, hip and other areas

Rules of massage after fractures of different parts of the hands and feet

Massage is one of the most effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation that is closed types of fractures and consisting in a physical impact in the form of rubbing, kneading and vibration in a certain order and system.

Experts recommend to start treatment from the second day after injury, since it will help early bone’s healing and removal of pain. Also massaging the damaged site will promote the resorption of hemorrhages, prevent muscle atrophy and accelerate the formation of callus.

Massage must be carried out not only in the cast limb, but if any species of vyrajenii, with the soft tissue around the injured area of the bone. When applying plaster to the damaged area of the limb is recommended to use the vibration massage, which is held in the corresponding reflex area.

In open fractures, this procedure the patient is absolutely contraindicated, as it can greatly complicate the overall picture of the fracture local or General infection.

Due to the fact that the area of the fracture is covered with plaster or various types of vyrajenii, the impact of the massage is performed outside of the bandage, it is very important to massage not only damaged but also healthy limb. For example, when a broken arm as you need to massage the area around the cast, and act on the shoulder part, the neck and the upper part of the chest.

It is in these places from the spinal cord to the upper limbs approach the nerve endings for the same reason, when a broken leg you need to massage the lower body (lumbar, sacrum, and definitely the lower part of the chest).

Massage after a broken arm

In injuries of the hands, the physical impact is as follows:

  • the massage of back and neck a little pressure, stroking, and also desirable pressing;
  • the massage in the trapezius muscles – the circular kneading and rubbing movements to be carried out with the fingertips;
  • along the spine is necessary to carry out rubbing and pressing movements that are performed with the fingertips.

All these techniques are performed with one hand, and the finger pads should be on different sides of the spine. If the patient’s condition is satisfactory, the General techniques of rubbing and stroking, you can add sepaarate movement, vibration and light effleurage of the back part of the palm.

At the conclusion of the session, you must calm down the worked area strokes. Massaging the healthy hand can be absolutely anything, but to comply with the rules of hygienic massage.

On the damaged hand, the features of massage are directly dependent on the fracture site:

  1. Fracture of the brush. After fracture of the hand, massage techniques initially carried on the shoulder, then the forearm, and only after this manipulation is transferred to the area above the gypsum the effect should wash most gentle. As a massage techniques you can use all low-intensity and medium-intensive effects. Conduct a rough massage on the affected arm with shock techniques is strictly prohibited, as this may lead to displacement of the broken bones and entail very serious consequences, not to mention significant pain during and after manipulation.
  2. Fracture of the humerus. In the case of this type of fracture, during the massage, special attention is focused on the removal of pain and acceleration of recovery process. The procedure is recommended daily, using circular and stroking movements around the area getting a cast. Initially, you must stretch your shoulder girdle, followed by the area around the joint and then the forearm and wrist. The procedure should last no longer than 10 min, gradually increasing to 20 minutes per day.
  3. Fracture of the elbow. Massage during this type of fracture focuses on the relief of pain and normalization of blood circulation. The procedure can last 15-20 minutes, when it affects the area around the plaster stroking and kneading movements. In order that the fracture had healed faster, a massage is recommended daily.
  4. A distal radius fracture, wrist and upper extremity. If the damage radius is initially required to work out the shoulder, elbow after the muscles and then transferred to the kneading of the free area around the overlay of plaster. Massage in the area of the fracture (around the cast) is carried out with extreme caution and only after this manipulation you can start working on the brush. Techniques of massage can be applied to those at the turn of the brush.
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Massage in fractures of the lower extremities

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Massage techniques after a broken leg, also depends on the location of the lesion.

Fractures of the fingers

When exposed to the injured limb specialist determines the necessary order, and the intensity of the manipulation, relying on the area of the limb where the damage occurred. This is a necessary measure, since for different types of fractures, the massage is performed in different sequences at different sites.

For example, when the fracture of the Tarsus, the toes and the metatarsal, first you need to massage the thigh, then the muscles around the Shin and knee, while the techniques of massage in the thigh should be gentle, in the form of stroking, kneading and potrjahivanie.

Fracture of the tibia (ankle)

After the fracture of one or both ankle bones, massage manipulation should start with the hips, then move to free from the gypsum region of the tibia, and only after that finish the procedure foot massage.

Stop with this type of fracture need to knead and RUB my thumbs exactly both hands. In the case when the fracture is localized in the upper or middle part of tibia are allowed to conduct careful manipulations on the plot of the ankle joint in the form of neat spins of the foot.

Femur fracture

This type of fracture is considered to be one of the most serious. In such cases, the main part of the manipulation, focuses on massaging the back and the pelvic Department. After consideration of the back and pelvis, it is necessary to stretch the muscles of the lower part of the hip, Shin and foot while this effect should occur when the most gentle conditions.

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Procedure massage for hip fracture lasts on average 25-30 minutes, until a fracture has already begun to knit, and x-ray shows the formation of a dense callus at the site of trauma, it is possible to use more active types of massage.

Approximately 3 weeks after the fracture when the plaster is still not removed, you are allowed vibrational effects to improve blood flow and accelerate the fusion of bones. To this end, the plaster bore a small hole that can not harm the integrity of the plaster design and to worsen the patient’s condition.

When a plaster cast is already permitted to remove, massage can be performed by the same method that while wearing the cast, but this time, the damaged area must be pursued. This reception is average or weak intensity, mostly focusing on stroking and rubbing. After removal of plaster surface that is rubbing and stroking will facilitate the drainage of lymph and blood to effectively combat the formation of edema.

Due to the superposition of gypsum, in the area of location of the injury can be observed trophic disorders of the skin. In this case, massage is necessary to use additional tools in the form of oils and creams, which have regenerative properties.

The video shows massage technique after a broken ankle-the ankle:

Fracture of the radial brush of the lower limb

When a broken leg, the massage effect it is necessary to start from the back, then go to work on the healthy limb and then to work sick.

In the lower back, you must perform strokes, some types of wringing, at the same time to affect the study area should be exclusively upwards from the lumbar to the thoracic spine. After these manipulations it is necessary to stretch the area around the spine, performing rising movement from the bottom up to the corners of the blades.

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In some cases, wipeabate kneading back, initially conducted on a site located on the opposite side of the damaged leg and repeated the same sequence on the side of the broken leg.

In the lumbar region are made rubbing and stroking motion. These same manipulations are carried out on the buttocks, then proceed with classical massage effects on the healthy leg, while respecting the General principles of massage.

Manipulation of fracture of the spine

In compression fracture of the spine a very important role plays the correct choice of massage techniques. Method of influence is determined by the technician based on the number of damaged vertebrae and the severity of the fracture. Any rubbing of the impact in any case should not be accompanied by painful sensations in the patient.

Manipulation in this type of fracture starts at the top and moving down. Initially, the massage should start with the chest, using stroking kneading and squeezing, then straight and spiral movements warm up the intercostal areas.

Manipulations on the abdomen contribute to the normalization of intestinal activity and muscle strengthening. In the area of the thigh and lower leg (flexed hip and knee) massage should be carried out in the form of stroking and squeezing the weak.

The final stage of the procedure is the impact on the hands and forearm in the form of the same techniques as in the massage of thighs and drumsticks.

A daily massage after any type of fracture promotes the rapid accretion of bone lesions, minimize pain and reduce the likelihood of edema. It is very important not to miss a single day of the designated course, as it is the massage effect will help early recovery of the health of the affected limb.