Massage hands: holding procedures in children and patients with arthritis

Массаж кистей рук: проведение процедуры у детей и больных артритомMassage hands is the most important moment not only in the care of the skin, but also in the treatment of many diseases of the joints of the hands. Correctly performed hand massage improves blood supply to all tissues of the hand and improves the circulation of lymph, which helps to preserve joint health. Many people practice self-massage of the hands and fingers solely for cosmetic purposes, but they are also contributing to the preservation of health.

However, we must remember that in the case of arthritis or other degenerative disease to massage yourself you should be very careful and only using the techniques agreed with the doctor. The cartilaginous structure in the hands of a rather fragile, so during the massage, it is very important to measure the impact force, so that during the procedure people feel uncomfortable or painful sensations. If people cannot understand the intricacies of the massage hands, he should go for the procedure to the professional or to use the massager for hands.

In some cases, massage can help with arthritis and other diseases

At a young age massage is used solely to maintain the beauty of the skin. The effectiveness of massage for cosmetic purposes has been proved by many generations of people. However, massage can be used as a means of alleviating the condition of the patient with arthritis. Studies have shown that the implementation of the correct technique of massaging helps to reduce pain and discomfort even when running nodular arthritis of the hands and fingers. In addition, in some cases, in the absence of the inflammatory process massage course specialist and a session of self-massage allows you to recover to a certain extent the mobility of joints with the available arthritis of the fingers, which is especially important for those suffering from this disease.

Clinical studies have proven that carrying out a massage manipulation with degenerative diseases of the hands helps to improve blood flow to joints and promotes recovery of function. As you know, arthritis fingers patients feel the strongest pain, in particular, due to the fact that the processes of destruction of cartilage tissues spread to the surrounding muscles and ligaments. With the help of massage you can stop these effects, as this procedure primarily affects the soft tissue and helps to maintain them in good shape.

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Массаж кистей рук: проведение процедуры у детей и больных артритомA course of massage and self-massage is especially recommended in cases of arthritis occurring in older people. The fact is that such manipulations help to rejuvenate and accelerate the metabolic processes in tissues. In addition, stimulate the process of removing the decay products, i.e. toxins and excessive calcium salts which can be deposited in damaged arthritic joints. Most people with arthritis, older age, following similar procedures reported significant improvement in joint function and reduce discomfort.

In the presence of such diseases as arthritis massage can only be used as an additional measure strictly on prescription after drug treatment of the disease.

It is especially important to consider the fact that when there is ostroprotekayuschih of the inflammatory process in the tissues of the joint to massage them is not recommended. In addition, if you have a sluggish inflammatory process, it is necessary to consult with the doctor regarding whether to use massage to improve the condition of the hands. Such procedures, especially if performed at home, can cause aggravation of inflammatory processes.

The use of massage to improve a small motility of fingers in children

Массаж кистей рук: проведение процедуры у детей и больных артритомThere is a certain relationship between the movements of the fingers in children and mental development. Recently it was revealed that children with poorly developed motor skills, there are marked disorders of speech development. To improve the functioning of the vocal apparatus of the child at an early age, many pediatricians recommend the child to do a hand massage, and perform a number of exercises aimed at developing the ability of children to use their fingers.

As a rule, underdevelopment of the hands manifests itself in the inability of the thumb to reach the other fingers, so a qualified doctor can assess the development of the child at a very early age. When the presence of abnormalities in the development of the muscular apparatus of the hands of young children the massage allows to fill this gap. Some pediatricians focus on the fact that in the case of underdevelopment of the hands of children as a massager brushes can be toys with a complex texture.

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Typically, a massage of the hands and fingers in children is done by lightly massaging the entire surface of the palm of your hand and light patting with fingertips from the front and back side. In addition, for improving motor skills all brushes are recommended for bending and unbending the fingers of one hand, and their contact with each other. For example, during the procedure you need your thumb to connect with the cushion of the little finger, then the tip of the thumb to close the pad with the forefinger, etc. in turn.

In the case of children under 1 year such exercises have to be performed by the person doing the massage, because the baby is not able to understand what he needs to do. Older children can do self-massage, which suggests that the child will carry out the actions suggested by the parent in the form of a game.

It is worth remembering that to carry out baby massage hands very carefully, without exerting much pressure on the palm. In addition, before carrying out the massage hands child, you should consult with a pediatrician about which exercises will give the maximum effect in a particular case.

How to effectively carry out the procedure

Hand massage has a lot of subtleties. He should bring only positive emotions and not be painful. If during the procedure people feel even mild discomfort, you should reduce your level of pressure when performing manipulations. Despite the fact that to perform the massage of hands without additional training, all to enhance the effect, it’s best to take certain preparatory measures.

To the muscles of the arms relaxed before the procedure to make warm baths with added essential oil. Best for baths for hands use the following essential oils:

  • pink;
  • citrus;
  • sea buckthorn;
  • the tea tree oil.
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Массаж кистей рук: проведение процедуры у детей и больных артритом

Each palm area responsible for a certain internal organ

In addition, it is necessary to prepare a suitable cream. In the case of a massage the children prefer the baby cream. Patients with arthritis it is better to manipulation with special creams and gels used for treatment of joints, as these ointments will significantly enhance its effect.

To warm up the brush need to turn the hand palm up with fingertips and massage thoroughly all areas of the skin of the palm and fingers. To perform massage you need to start with circular motions. Such manipulation greatly improves circulation of blood in the palms and fingers.

Next you need to be manipulated to a slight shifting of the skin back of the hand first one way and then the other. After kneading all parts of the brush again to turn the wrist palm up and carefully massage your muscles and fingertips. It is best for this region also use a circular motion. The joints of the fingers best massage by lightly pressing and sliding the skin back and forth.

The duration of the procedures shall be not less than 15 minutes. After the manipulation in the muscles of the hand and fingers should feel warm and relaxed. Healthy people massage can be performed every day, as it helps to eliminate stress after a busy day and improves sleep.

People suffering from arthritis, and children with a poorly developed muscular apparatus of the brushes and, consequently, insufficient small motor skills to hold a hand massage 2-3 times a week.