Massage technique for scoliosis of the spine: training videos, how to make

What you need to know about using massage for scoliosis of the spine

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that causes a deformity of the chest.

The cause of the disease can be congenital or acquired.

Scoliosis occurs because of poor posture, physical stress or inflammatory processes that occur in puberty.

At different stages in their approach to therapy

Depending on degrees of scoliosis, technique of the massage and associated therapies are different.

Therapy on the first stage

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In the primary stage of development of scoliosis a visual change in the spine is practically not fixed. But the prognosis of treatment with timely treatment in the clinic is quite good.

How to make a massage with scoliosis I degree:

  1. A course of massage should be carried out every six months. Medical therapy is aimed at correcting posture and strengthening the chest and back muscles.
  2. Recommended activity physical therapy and swimming.
  3. In the future it is necessary to monitor the posture for a long time and not be in the same position.
  4. Bed, equipped with a therapeutic pillow and mattress.

Second stage — difficult, but possible

For scoliosis of 2 degrees characteristic changes of the spine. During the inspection the technician there is a mismatch between the chest, shoulder blades and the gluteal folds.

Medical therapy is complex and aimed at recovery and preventing the development of disease. Treatment is similar as in 1 degree of the disease. Additionally, it may be assigned to therapy with vitamin D.

Opportunities for the treatment of stage 3

Third degree scoliosis the most difficult in terms of choice of technology of treatment of the disease.

Visually we can determine the curvature. Is formed a rib hump. Treatment patient is complex.

Solutions to problems:

  • individual requirement to wear an orthopedic corset;
  • physiotherapy and massage appointment;
  • the procedures are performed lying on the back, because we have asymmetric thrust.

In the fourth stage, the massage will not help

The patient’s body sharply asymmetrically. The main method of struggle – it is surgery. The spine mounted metal plates that hold the body in a symmetrical position.

There are several ways of fixation of the spine:

  • fixation with movable mounting (applies to children);
  • fixed mount pin vertebrae.

Rehabilitation period takes up to 1 year and involves wearing a corset, occupation physical therapy and massage.

The effect of therapeutic massage on the health of the body

Therapeutic massage is an active technique that comes down to the application of a specific irritation to the patient by the masseur’s hands or by the physical therapy.

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Massage brings Wellness and preventive effect for the human body:

  • rejuvenates;
  • improves blood circulation and activates blood flow in capillaries;
  • normalizes sleep, helps with insomnia, stress and bad mood;
  • relaxes and soothes;
  • increases the elasticity of muscle fibers.

Therapeutic massage is recommended with radiculitis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthritis and other diseases of the spine and internal organs.

Massage normalizes blood circulation, relaxes muscles, increases mobility and elasticity of joints.

Therapeutic massage of the spine and strengthens the corset back and has a relaxing effect.

Theory of massage for scoliosis

There are two theories struggle with scoliosis of the back with massage:

  1. Theory No. 1 says that the aim of therapy is to achieve relaxation of tense muscles and toning weak. The theory is called «the bow». The back muscles pull at the concave side to the opposite not strained.
  2. Theory No. 2 says – tense is considered to be arched muscular side. However, do not neglect to divide the muscles on the strained and weakened. The back muscles can be in various condition and to be stretched in the convex area.

In some cases, massage is the harm?

Massage therapy is contraindicated for people with a diagnosis of

  • pronounced neurological disorders.
  • kidney and liver failure.
  • cancer.
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • allergic diseases.
  • aggravated chronic diseases.
  • purulent processes in the body.
  • tuberculosis in open form.
  • skin diseases, etc.

General rules and tips

Massage movements in the curvature of the spine conduct in the direction from the lower extremities to the cervical spine. In any kind of scoliosis, uses a specific technique aimed at the affected area of the back.

It all starts with stroking. Pay special attention to the intercostal muscles, which are kneaded rectilinear movements.

In a circular motion relaxes the broad and long muscles. In the lumbar region used the technique of squeezing, flexing rump.

Start with the concave side gradually convex. By the end of the massage move on the convex part of the back. Ends therapy is a comprehensive massage of the neck and legs.

Scoliosis 2 and 3 of the degree, particular attention should be paid to massage the pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles and legs.

This will contribute to long-term consolidation of results. For correcting deformities of the spend a long massage. The end result is the muscles quickly come to the tone.

Main varieties of modern massage

Scoliosis of the spine use the following types of massage:

  1. Cupping is a treatment procedure and a direct impact on patient body with the help of vacuum. To hold back massage in the home without special skills. Primarily heats the lumbar area, then use baby cream or oil lubricate the area under the banks. In the banks burned the air, creating a vacuum. Jars mounted on the patient along the spine.
  2. Dot requires certain skills and knowledge. Pressure with the fingertips on the point of the big vertebra helps to restore lost power.
  3. Manual includes a range of effects on problem areas of the body. Consistently use the technique of stretching, vibration and strokes.
  4. When performing Thai massage the patient is laid on the floor, his hands slid behind his back. The therapist sits nearby and makes a pressing motion in the back, moving towards the back. At the end of the massage is done by stretching the hand and pressing movements along the body sides.
  5. The differential massages relax, tone and stretch the muscles of the back, abdomen, chest and extremities.
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The curvature of the lumbar

Therapy struggle with lumbar scoliosis starts with stroking. Then massage in a circular motion affects long muscles of the back.

The lumbar area is warming up with a finger in the straight-ahead direction. The massage ends with light Pat across the back.

When the lumbar curvature is recommended to perform a set of exercises:

  1. In a standing position with your elbows directed to the sides, hands opposite his shoulders. Perform circular movements with your elbows forwards and backwards.
  2. Raise hands up and reach for the ceiling, the heel is not detached from the floor.
  3. Back rests in the door panel so that the back of the heel and felt the door. Stand for 20 seconds, relax.
  4. Do foot exercise «Bicycle». Lying on your back, twist in the air pedal.

Video training massage scoliosis with detailed instructions:

Complex treatment for breast

Thoracic scoliosis is a deformed shoulder retracted, so it can take a symmetrical form opposite shoulder.

Massage therapist works on the chest muscles. Intercostal spaces gently massaged straightforward, then in a circular motion.

Exercises for scoliosis breast to reduce curvature of the spine:

  1. Lie on your back, put hands on head, elbows bred in hand, take a breath, and then returned them back with an exhalation.
  2. Lie on your stomach. Raise the torso and bend at your chest. Inhale, down and exhale.
  3. Get up on all fours. At the same time pulling your right hand and left foot, inhale. Change the arm and leg, breathe out.

When C-shaped curvature of the spine used a technique of massage of the thoracic and lumbar complex.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles paravertebralna.

  • tilts forward, backward and down;
  • squats with knees bent, feet lifted from the floor;
  • stretch your arms along the torso, lying on your back, put your hands up, a few seconds down;
  • lying on your back put your hands behind your head, spread them apart and return them to their original position.
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Massage in cervical scoliosis

Massage therapy begins with a healthy side of the neck, gradually switching to the problematic part.

Considering the points of which face of the occipital nerves, because they are subject to negative impact.

Video massage of cervical area:

The expected benefits from massage:

  • dull pain in the back;
  • corrects for curvature of the spine;
  • strengthens the muscles;
  • accelerates metabolism and blood circulation;
  • eliminates curvature of the spine;
  • relieves chronic pain.

Recommendations for eliminating cervical scoliosis:

  • physiotherapy, gymnastics, swimming.
  • hardening of the body.
  • massage to strengthen back muscles;
  • the mattress need to be hard, sleeping only on the back.
  • we recommend wearing orthopedic corsets.
  • foods rich in phosphorus, calcium and proteins.

How to help your child

Technique of massage for scoliosis in children involves the following steps:

  1. The child lies on stomach. From the thoracic doctor performs stroking, gradually moving to the vibratory action in the chest and waist.
  2. The child lies on her side. The therapist holds a technique that enables to pull the iliac crest on the right.
  3. The child rolls to his stomach. Massage the lumbar region, relaxes and stretches the subscapularis area.
  4. The child lies on his back. Massage the breast surface. The therapy ends with a stroking of the back and shoulder region.

Features of baby massage:

  • contraindications to therapy after a meal, better to wait 40-50 minutes;
  • hands must be clean, lubricated with massage oil or baby cream;
  • movement is smooth and slow, without pressure.

For help, better to turn to professionals!

Taking into account the importance of the disease and implications for problem solution, it is better not to experiment with massage in the home.

Considering the fact that to explore the spine you will not succeed. Medical-preventive examination and massage clinic will enable accurate diagnosis, determine the extent and depth of your problem.

Massage to do a specialist with a good knowledge of anatomy. The doctor will prepare an individual treatment plan and the most explores your musculoskeletal system.

To the massage was good, not harm need to seriously address the issue and seek help from professionals.