Massager for back and neck: features, review and reviews

Массажер для спины и шеи: характеристики, обзор и отзывыOn the basis of statistics it can be argued that every year more and more patients with diseases of the back seek help from professionals. The human spine is working without rest and at night. Even when the body of man rests, it still does work, so you need to take care of their spine, to do everything to have a balance between tension and relaxation. To help relax back muscles, you can use the massagers.

In some cases, the appearance of diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, General muscular fatigue, or when a large fatigue of the human body shows a professional massage and this will also help massagers for the back.

Some types of massage such as relaxing and therapeutic, help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, arthrosis and other joint diseases. There are many exercises that can help to keep your back healthy. A very important addition is the massage. The tumblers are suitable for both independent use and for partner use at home. Regardless of the type of device, the use of this massager helps to improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles. It increases vitality and removes tension throughout the human body.

If spinal massager and massage belt for back use continually, then the status of the muscles and metabolism will improve noticeably. Due to the fact that massage promotes the destruction of fat cells, the weight gradually comes back to normal.

The types and characteristics of massagers

Today, the market for back massagers has a large number of devices. The most famous are:

  • tape spinal cord;
  • the spinal roller;
  • electric ;
  • massager-cushion;
  • massage cushion ;
  • inflatable version of the massage chair;
  • scarf for the shoulders and neck;
  • applicator ;
  • belt.

The great advantage of the use of different models of massagers is their combined effect on the human body.

Along with the massage they produce deep infrared heating of organs and tissues, which greatly increases the therapeutic effect. Massagers differ in their characteristics, the main of which are:

  • power;
  • size;
  • functionality.
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Массажер для спины и шеи: характеристики, обзор и отзывы

Electric massage Cape neck and shoulder

Very convenient if the output can be adjusted. When choosing the size of the massager should follow the Golden mean. If the device is very small, it will not be able to give back enough, but if the device is large, it can be uncomfortable. As for functionality, here everyone chooses to taste. This can be an electric massager with different functions. For example, automotive massagers use the built-in jade stones when heated is able to transfer its heat to the human body.

Massagers that do not require a power source

In order to choose the most convenient model for use in specific conditions, it is necessary to study different reviews about certain models.

  • Roller massager spinal cord. These devices will help to relieve tension in the intervertebral muscles and the scapular region. Roller model for the spine can be made of plastic or wood. Such devices having a toothed shape, have a more effective impact, especially in the region of the back and neck. This massage activates blood vessels and delivery of nutrients from blood to skin cells is much faster. The basis of massage devices for the spine can be both soft and firm. It is important to know that a roller massager for the back you need to use with caution, and small bruises are possible. But in order for it to make effect, its use should be continued. Roller massagers for back more common due to the low price, but when used in the back area will need the help of a stranger.

Массажер для спины и шеи: характеристики, обзор и отзывы

Massage cover for chair will help to relieve fatigue of the day

  • Massager belt spinal. Belt massagers well warm up the back. These devices can be used by a person without assistance due to the long handles. Using the massager for the back and neck, activates blood circulation, relieves tension in shoulders, back and neck, there is a noticeable improvement of the immune system. It has a comfortable shape that allows you to make massage even hard to reach places. This kind of massage on the back used for over 1000 years.
  • The massage applicator. The device is used to a certain influence to the entire area of the spine, including the thoracic, cervical and sacral departments. The main feature of this massage device is the lack of need for a constant source of electricity.
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Electric massagers

  • Wraps massage. These capes are a great massager that you can use in the car or in the office. The device has the form of a portable chair with built-in rollers. In many models a person can limit the area of massage, choose the force of impact. Car charger for the back not only helps to relieve stress back muscles and make them more elastic.
  • Massagers electric. The most common self-applied. They are available in different options, shapes and sizes. Dorsal massager for car and capes are the varieties of electrical devices. The most affordable of the product manual is considered to be dorsal in his younger years . It is made in the form of a small device that has multiple operating speeds and attachments. Hand electrical massager for the back you can use at home and while travelling (it is compact and mobile).
  • Pillow massage. Another interesting modification of the massager for the back. This pillow is suitable for those who often where something goes. Pillow massager for the back, improves blood circulation and strengthen muscles, and improve posture. It can perform such kinds of massage as roller, roller, vibratory, and kneading.
  • Inflatable massage chair. This version of the massager of choice for those wishing to purchase a foot massager and back. This device helps to relieve fatigue after a hard day. The massager has several modes, performing different types of massage. To switch modes use the remote control.
  • Scarf for the neck and shoulders. This scarf has two modes. It can be operated on a business trip and on vacation. The massager is made of soft and pleasant to the touch material. Its vibration helps to soothe the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle.
  • Massage belt. He will make a relaxing massage of the back, arms and legs. In addition, the belt can help in getting rid of excess fat and cellulite. It strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles.

Massagers can be used to treat diseases of the back. Prevention or treatment should be performed only as directed by your doctor. The devices will help patients suffering from arthritis and arthrosis, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

When buying a massager for the back, you need to study the whole overview. But it must be remembered that, whatever device was selected, an important condition is the regular use, otherwise it is wasted money and time on classes.