Massagers for your back and neck in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

Массажеры для спины и шеи при остеохондрозе шейного отдела позвоночникаMassagers for back and neck today can be purchased in almost any pharmacy. They are one of the most popular products for health. They are used not only for treatment of diseases of the spine, but also to prevent them.

Massage is the most effective non-pharmacological means of dealing with different ailments of musculoskeletal system. However, like any other method, the use of massage for the treatment of degenerative disc disease and its prevention must be agreed with the doctor. Need to know what are the contraindications to the use of such procedures. What are the situations where it is impossible to perform the massage of the back, neck and shoulders?

You can go through the test procedures

There are various types of massage. An equally broad range of types of massagers for the back, neck and shoulders. Even if these body parts do not bother pain symptoms, massage is able to increase the vitality of the body, relieve the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome, to improve blood circulation.

Massage for back, neck and shoulders should ideally be integrated. Therefore, selecting the equipment and devices are intended to produce Wellness treatments, try (if there are no contraindications by your doctor) to buy not just a neck massager. The closer you are to your spine, muscles, joints, ligaments, the faster you will feel a healing effect of massage.

If you already like a particular home, read carefully the overview, which tells about it, but the reviews of those who by means of this apparatus carries out treatments. If in doubt of the need to purchase expensive models, visit a private medical office or a Spa where there are a variety of massagers for the back. Pass one or more test procedures, and then make a decision: to buy or not to buy a massager for the back.

You need to know: osteochondrosis of the cervical or any other spinal area massage application does not exclude the use of medication, visits to the doctor, exercise, physical therapy and other treatments needed to maintain health and combat disease.

The efficiency of electrical devices

Massagers for back type power supply devices are divided into 2 groups:

  • mechanical;
  • electric.
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The most efficient of the second acknowledge those that have the effect of heating. Why you think so? Because warming up of tissues and organs gives a possibility to obtain unique therapeutic effect.

Massager for the back, with infrared heating, is much more expensive than its counterparts that do not differ similar property. Infrared heating can not only positively affect the condition of the back, neck and shoulders, but also stimulate the immune system, stop inflammation in the body to destroy pathogenic bacteria.

It makes sense to pay attention to the massager for the back, heated in its form repeats the chair. These wonderful chairs are very comfortable to use. With cervical osteochondrosis professionals can recommend to their patients the use of such devices. If a person suffers from cardiovascular dystonia is also an optimal non-pharmacological option to improve health.

Массажеры для спины и шеи при остеохондрозе шейного отдела позвоночника

If it is not possible to buy expensive model is for massaging areas of the back, neck and shoulders, please note massagers-scarves. The most common models usually have two modes, well help with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine and, more importantly for most buyers, are inexpensive. The purchase of this massager from osteoarthritis will cost from 500 to 1500 roubles, depending on the manufacturer.

The advantages of applicators

If you do not want to buy an electric device, it makes sense to make a choice in favor of the applicators. Use them as a massager from degenerative disc disease more than efficiently. Applicators have the property of influencing in the region of the spine. Applicator, unless contraindications are used for adjusting the correct shape of the spine. In addition, they relieve the symptom of pain, which is often the spine suffers neck.

Массажеры для спины и шеи при остеохондрозе шейного отдела позвоночникаSuch a device used in cervical degenerative disc disease, reduces the severity of disease. Patients who prefer this applicator and watching doctors note that after the application of the massager of osteochondrosis:

  • rarely get headaches;
  • goes dizziness;
  • there does not appear to see spots.

The applicator is able to stimulate the recovery of motor coordination, which is violated if a person progresses cervical osteochondrosis. Applicator relieves muscle tension in the area of the back and shoulders. However, it is necessary to consider the following: in the modern market there are lots of fakes. The popularity of massage in osteochondrosis led to the fact that today it is difficult to buy a quality applicator.

Purchase massager better only at reputable pharmacy chains and specialized stores of medical equipment. High-quality applicator can be more expensive than an electric neck massager. The first starts from 2 thousand rubles.

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«The collar,» but not fur

The collar is a very comfortable massager with cervical osteochondrosis. Initially, such devices were used for treatments in the neck area. After some time it became clear: they are universal. «Collars» were used as massager for shoulders, back and even legs.

Массажеры для спины и шеи при остеохондрозе шейного отдела позвоночникаSuch devices are equipped with remote control, it allows you to adjust the procedure. The neck osteochondrosis starts to improve after 10 minutes, turn on the «collar». There is an increase in blood supply to the head. The collar is important not only for neck, but also on the brain. Anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness — these are all symptoms of degenerative disc disease with them and helps to manage such medical equipment.

There are different types of collars. Is a separate category neck massager, designed for use on hard to reach areas of the neck and shoulder Department. He has a mode of tapping, relieves stress on the deep portions of the muscles of the back and shoulders.

Massage vests are cheaper «collar» about 2 times. But they are no less effective in treating cervical osteochondrosis. Devices have different operating modes and is also equipped with a remote control. Use a massager for the neck and shoulders, it also improves the condition of the lumbar spine. However, you must remember the due date of the procedures should not be long. With cervical osteochondrosis, as with any other illness, the session lasts no more than 15 minutes.

Vibro and other appliances

Manual vibro equally popular. They are used to massage different parts of the back and neck. To set this medical equipment there are always different attachments. If a person progresses cervical osteochondrosis, it is usually recommended to buy the vibrating effect, heating. Important to know: a massager for the neck affects the internal organs, so the treatment time is limited. One session with cervical osteochondrosis lasts no more than 40 minutes.

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Has a similar effect, and jade neck massager. The price starts from 3 thousand rubles. Health impact of stone. Jade radiates to the areas of the back and neck good for the body far infrared rays.

Massage cushion for neck and back are more expensive, but, as acknowledged by experts, to repeat the effect of jade for treating neck osteochondrosis they are not yet in force. However, massage cushion seat are constantly growing in popularity and demand. Especially those that belong to the category of car. A massager for neck and shoulder affects the upper back, and has a beneficial effect on the lower back.

Manufacturers of medical devices drew attention to the popularity of nephrite massagers. Recently appeared in a broad sell car massager neck and shoulder with jade rolls. The average cost of a budget cushion starts from 10-15 thousand rubles.

In Europe and Russia, these products enjoy a growing popularity. Massage vibratile long been considered an elite, hard-to-reach models of massagers. But in recent years the market situation began to change in favor of consumers. In Russia it is possible to buy the budget model massage vibratile cost from 60 thousand rubles. But no massager is not a panacea.

Important to know: no, even the best massager will not help a man leading a sedentary lifestyle.