Medical bile when a calcaneal spur: application, reviews

Treatment of heel spurs is a medical bile

Pain when walking, redness in the heel, discomfort.

These symptoms describe even very young people.

And now, after x-rays the doctor makes a diagnosis: “Calcaneal spur”.

What is this disease, what threatens and how to treat?

What caused the disease?

Most often the cause of heel spurs is flat.

And this disease cause:

  • overweight;
  • excessive exercise on foot;
  • diseases of musculoskeletal system;
  • constant wearing of high heels;
  • violation of metabolism.

All this causes changes in the ligamentous apparatus of the ankle joint leads to inflammation and abnormal growth of bones.

The resulting knot has the shape of a thorn. He causes a lot of pain when walking.

After the diagnosis of the disease, the doctor will prescribe medication. Long enough to have to drink medicines and to do a variety of physiotherapy treatments.

In the initial stage of the disease and to improve treatment results in advanced cases, you can use traditional methods of heel spurs.

Also very effective treatment for heel spurs medical bile.

Medical bile — what this means?

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In folk medicine, widespread bile of cattle: cows and bulls.

It is a substance with a deep yellow, almost brown color and a distinctive pungent odor, used exclusively for medicinal purposes.

It has long been observed that compresses with this drug have a warming, soothing effect.

She purified, with the addition of ethyl alcohol, fragrances and other additives, sold in pharmacies under the name “Bile medical”.

This drug has a number of effects:

  • relieve;
  • warms;
  • accelerates the processes of resorption.

Thanks to these properties the bile is used in the treatment of:

  • arthritis;
  • the bursitis;
  • heel spurs;
  • salt deposits;
  • various diseases of the spine;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • sprains;
  • injuries without damaging the skin.

Calcaneal spur «afraid» of bile

How to safely and effectively treat heel spurs medical bile?

In order for the treatment spurs with medical bile maximally effective, the drug is used in a variety of compresses.

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The tool is applied to the bandage or gauze, folded in five or six rows, is applied to the affected area, over impose compress paper and put on wool socks or insulated with a layer of wool. The compress must be on the bad foot all night.

If the procedure is done during the day, then you must make sure that the gauze was always wet.

For more effective treatment you use the bile is not in pure form and mixed with various auxiliary substances.

Recipe of the drug

Most popular recipes from heel spurs, which use medical bile:

  1. In a quart jar to put ten pods of red hot pepper, add four bottle of camphor alcohol and one bottle of medical bile. Pepper can be used dried, fresh, as its properties do not change. The alcohol camphor complement the action of bile. Our mixture should be tightly closed plastic cover and remove the brew in a dark place. After ten days, the contents need to strain and pour into tightly sealed glass container. Use in a compress on the sore spot, but keep no more than 20 minutes.
  2. In a glass container to mix equal parts of medical bile, iodine, ammonia, glycerin and honey. Remember that all of these substances are volatile and have a very specific sharp odour! The mixture insist in a dark place for 10 to 14 days. For use as a compress to leak a small amount of liquid and heat in a water bath. Wet the gauze in a hot solution and immediately used in a compress, wrapped in waxed paper and wearing wool socks.
  3. In a glass container mix 50 g of medical bile, 20 ml of any shampoo and 20 ml of vodka. The mixture is immediately ready for use as a compress.
  4. A great Supplement to the medical treatment of gall — ointment “has experienced an unexpected side effect”. This drug is applied to the affected area with a layer two to three centimeters, followed by gentle massage. Bile moistened cheesecloth, folded in five or six layers, drape it over and then do a normal compress.

And the sun has spots

While useful and natural composition, the bile, like any drug, has a number of contraindications and limitations to use:

  • children’s age;
  • damage to the skin;
  • pustular diseases of the skin;
  • the lymphadenitis;
  • pregnancy and lactation.
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Tips that will save health and time

The bile will not cause harm, and treatment for heel spurs to be effective, it should be remembered that:

  • the preparation should be shaken;
  • when applied to the bile into the compress in its pure form cannot be used polyethylene, oilcloth, as well as possibly getting a skin burn;
  • this treatment should be regular, that is daily;
  • depending on the severity of the disease compresses do from one week to one month;
  • to enhance the effect of the feet can stew in hot water;
  • medical bile, very robust product with a strong odor, so its use should be orderly.

Even with a bad disease, not all are willing to take medication, daily to do physical therapy or injections in the heel.

The results tell patients

How effective is medical bile when a calcaneal spur, is to understand this question will help testimonials from patients who used the tool in practice.

I work as a telephone operator, all day on my feet. With age came weight, a couple of years ago was diagnosed with type II diabetes. Six months ago I felt that it hurts to step on my right heel.

Thought it was a hit and will soon pass. But it only got worse. Went to the doctor — x-rays showed a heel spur. The doctor immediately suggested injections: diabetics are not so many treatments.

Asking around friends and acquaintances — the shot lasts for a year or two. And then? Daughter went online and began to look for traditional methods of treatment. Why not to try medical bile? Only my thick-skinned heel had to be sure to steam.

Compresses made from the sharp smell wife refused to help. After five days I felt relief, and after two weeks the pain was gone.

Sergey, 38

Mother-in-law I have more than 40 years he worked as a teacher all his life on his feet. Now, of course, could barely walk. On feet look scary. But the old man to the doctor not just to take, and especially make the blockade on the heels.

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Of shock and the heart may deny. Began to ask familiar folk methods of treatment of inflammation and heel spurs. A neighbor said she was two weeks rid of this scourge with the help of medical bile.

Smell, of course, unpleasant. I did so, dreading to leave an elderly person with such compresses all night. Mother-in-law said that was better, hurts less. I also think that she was pobota to move.

Irina, 47 years

In his youth actively involved in sports and now it’s payback time: there sore, then here. And every doctor prescribes your pills, soon they ll eat.

When sick heel, but did not pay attention. Well, maybe more, and longer, but there it was. After a month I was able to walk only with painkillers.

In conversation complained to a friend and it turned out that almost all of our team such a problem. And advised me my friend, a compress of medical bile.

Feet first steamed, then rolled the rolling pin and immediately make a compress. And after all helped! After a month forgot about this trouble I hope forever.

Sergey, 36 years

Perhaps medical bile is not a panacea for all diseases, but, judging by the reviews, many people she helped to heal from heel spur.

Remember the main thing:

  • first, any treatment requires consultation with a specialist, not to self-medicate;
  • secondly, to use a medical bile it is necessary at least a month, even if relief came early and the symptoms of heel spurs are gone.