Menisci knee arthroplasty: causes and treatment

Menisci the knee joint is one of the forms of lesion of the meniscus. This disease involves the partial or total pinching of the front and back of the meniscus in the knee joint. The disease is accompanied by a number of symptoms and can be triggered by various reasons. Treatment of the entrapment can be both conservative and operative.Менисцит коленного сустава: причины и лечение

Causes of pinched

Menisci the knee can happen in both young and elderly patients. The risk group most likely to be athletes who are engaged in power sports, or patients whose activities are closely linked to regular exercise. Jamming may occur if you regularly give an excessive load on the knee joint.

The disease itself is a blockade of the entire articular apparatus. This can happen primarily due to the fact that the articular surfaces have changed my location and got a meniscus, or as a result of violation of the integrity of cartilage.

Менисцит коленного сустава: причины и лечениеMost often cramping occurs as a result of the injury. Enough with the force to make a wrong move or get hit in the knee, in order to violate the integrity of the joint capsule. Trauma leads to displacement of bones and joints.

If the damage was only pinched meniscus, the body begins to produce large amounts of joint fluid. It fills the cavity, it begins to put pressure on the displaced articular tissue, and as a result, the damaged area can return to its place. If not, then the disease can develop into chronic form. It usually happens when, in addition to pinching of the meniscus, the cartilage breaks off.

Menisci joint can be congenital in nature. In this case, the baby initially malformed knee joint, and the entire load is distributed in the knee is incorrect. Such damage is accompanied by a limp.

If the damage is very big, very difficult to walk, and he needs surgery.


To show menisci right or left knee can be next symptoms. They all arise almost immediately after the injury and impede the manipulation of the damaged area. In case of injury in the joint heard a loud click, after which the patient begins to feel unbearable pain. After some time there are other symptoms.

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  • Leg is starting to swell at the site of entrapment.
  • The skin around the affected area is red and stretched.
  • The victim may have a fever, or, on the contrary, it may begin to shiver.
  • The patient is not able to go.
  • In violation of the integrity of cartilage one can not even lean on the leg.
  • Pain continued to worsen.
  • If the patient immediately went to the hospital for help, then over time the symptoms will only increase.

    The swelling becomes so great that the movement will not just be difficult, and in some cases impossible. But in this case swelling may perform a protective function. If the damage was repaired fairly quickly, all symptoms of the damage go away in a few days.

    After this, the patient can move normally and exercise. But if the signs of minisite the patient did not pay attention or later went to the hospital, and the disease has already become chronic, there is a risk not to regain the ability to move normally. Running disease is quite often takes the form of osteoarthritis and its symptoms vary.

    For this late treatment will need to indicate the initial cause of the pain in the joint. And in order to establish an accurate diagnosis, you will need to undergo a series of tests and x-rays. In the interest of the person not to delay treatment to specialist.

    Treatment damage

    Менисцит коленного сустава: причины и лечение

    The knee after injury is very swollen

    How to treat menisci? It is important to pay attention to how strong the patient has a lesion of the meniscus. If the damage is strong enough and is accompanied by injury of the cartilage, joint or bone tissue, in this case, surgical intervention must be immediate. Knee operation is fast enough, and the rehabilitation period after it is relatively short. The meniscus can be eliminated completely or cut only the damaged part. Most often, doctors use the second method. Instead of the damaged section of the patient insert a small implant that will perform all the functions of the damaged apparatus.

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    For patients it is very important after the operation to observe the regime and diet. To control your weight is necessary because it puts pressure on knee joints and provides additional load. It is also necessary to monitor the salt content in the diet.

    In case of surface damage, doctors usually prescribe a drug treatment, a course of manual therapy, massage, medical gymnastics. The patient can apply a tight bandage on his knee to propose to wear a light or medium band. He will fully support the knee and will not let him again be damaged during the rehabilitation period.

    To do therapeutic exercises to be very careful after surgery on the meniscus. Heavy load can lead to re-injury. Therefore, the exercises should initially be carried out together with the coach. He can choose the best exercises that you can perform and see to the quality of the lessons.

    The result in the postoperative period will only provide a regular training under the supervision of a specialist and strict implementation of all instructions of the doctor.

    Traditional methods of fighting disease

    Менисцит коленного сустава: причины и лечениеIf the damage of the knee joint treatment of folk remedies will be effective only in the case that they will act as an auxiliary, and if the injury is not very strong. It is necessary to take baths with special concoctions. They will contribute to the elimination of edema, improvement of inflow and outflow of blood, normalization of metabolic processes in the damaged joint.

    To prepare a decoction, you will need 250 g of straw. It is necessary to pour 6 liters of water and put on fire. After the broth precipated 40 minutes, it can be removed, strain and add to bath. Duration of this procedure should be 15 — 20 minutes. Replace the broth with straw on the primrose. Take 300 g of grass, pour 4 liters of water, boil for 20 minutes. Once the broth is ready, it is also necessary to strain through cheesecloth and pour into the bath water.

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    A damaged knee can be rubbed with special tinctures. To prepare the medicine, take 70 g of crushed roots sorrel. Pour the following ingredients: 1 liter of vodka or alcohol. Tightly cover the container and place it in a warm dry place for 10-14 days. After that, take the medicine, strain it daily and massage into the injured joint. The swelling will go down very quickly and the soreness will be gone on the second day.

    If swelling around the affected region is not coming, it is best to use a decoction of fir branches. A bath with the decoction should be consumed every day. The course of treatment is 1 week. After 3 treatments you will feel significant relief. Take a few fir branches, put them in a large pot and cover with water in a ratio of 1 branch = 1 liter. Bring the water to a boil and soak the broth on the fire for 15 minutes. After this branch you can get, and the medicine poured into the tub.

    For grinding well suited remedy with honey. Take 250 ml juice of radish, 100 g of vodka or alcohol 1 tbsp. of salt and 200 g of honey. Mix all ingredients until a thick mass. RUB a little of the mixture each day in the damaged area.

    Treatments based on folk recipes will help to remove swelling will contribute to the warming of the joint.