Meniscus: treatment, prophylaxis, peculiarities of injuries

Often athletes and people engaged in physical labor and just leading an active life, complain of problems with joints. Very often the cause of pain and other unpleasant sensations becomes damaged meniscus of the knee joint. This problem can be addressed. Treatment of the meniscus is a wide range of measures, from surgical to people.

Мениск: лечение, профилактика, особенности травм

The structure of the knee joint provides the cushioning when you walk

What is the meniscus

Meniscus cartilage is called a formation having the shape of a Crescent and located between the tibia and the femur in the knee joint. This interarticular cartilage strip performs shock absorbing and stabilizing role, it softens the friction surfaces and limits the mobility of the knee joint, preventing injury. During the movement of the meniscus stretches and shrinks, changing the shape. In the knee joint has two meniscus — internal and external. The second is more mobility and less prone to damage.

Sports doctors explain that the damage to the meniscus of the knee joint — a common problem for skaters, skiers, skaters, soccer players, ballet dancers. The meniscus can catch and people engaged in heavy physical labor. At-risk men from 18 to 40 years. In children, injuries of the meniscus is extremely rare, up to 14 years this cartilage formation is particularly elastic and less prone to tearing.

Мениск: лечение, профилактика, особенности травм

The main absorber in the knee joint

Sometimes the meniscus can be observed at a later age. In 50-60 years, his condition may affect degenerative changes in the joints. One of the common causes of age-related meniscus — osteoarthritis. The meniscus of the knee may be affected, and when rupture of ligaments or other knee injury.

The state of the meniscus can be affected not only by injuries, strains, degenerative age-related changes and birth defects, gradually changing the fabric. Pathology of the meniscus and cause some diseases, in violation of statics, for example, flat feet.

Trauma and surgical methods of influence

Podiatrists distinguish three options of damage to the knee meniscus: a pinched, partial tear and detachment. The latest version of the injury is particularly complex: in this case, the meniscus or part completely separated from the attachment. This type of injury requiring urgent surgical intervention, is quite rare. Much more likely to be diagnosed impairment and partial tear of the internal meniscus.

For this injury is characterized by sharp local pain, impossibility of motion, numbness, difficulty in extension and flexion of the knee joint. After a few hours the symptoms go away, joint flexibility is restored, and the victim can simply forget about the trauma. However, over time the pain returned. Their intensity depends on the nature and strength of the injury. Among the symptoms is pain when pressure is applied, the impossibility of ascent or descent of the stairs, pain when crossing legs temporary numbness. In severe cases, there is atrophy of the muscles of the thigh and lower leg.

For professional athletes characterized by frequent small injuries to the meniscus: small tears, bruises, infringement.

Мениск: лечение, профилактика, особенности травм

Cartilage is the shock absorber and the extent of the damage

Such injuries, the disease becomes chronic. Sharp pain is not observed, most of the time maintains joint mobility. However, from time to time in the knee region there are unpleasant sensations (clicks, small numbness, tingling). There is atrophy of the muscles of the thigh.
Мениск: лечение, профилактика, особенности травмWhen serious breaks until the crushing of the meniscus of the knee joint and its separation from the capsule surgical treatment is necessary. The torn piece of the meniscus may be completely or partially removed. In the presence of discontinuities, the patient may be offered suturing. The choice of surgery depends on the patient’s General condition, his age and the nature of the injury. The younger the victim, the faster the recovery after surgery. It usually takes at least 3-6 weeks and takes place in an outpatient setting. To restore mobility of the joint are held physiotherapy, massage. Can be recommended mud therapy, revitalizing and gentle gymnastics.

Conservative treatment in hospital and at home

Chronic minor trauma, microreserve and the periodic abuses of the meniscus of the knee joint can be recommended more sparing conservative treatment. In the case of pinching of the meniscus first and foremost is the reduction of the joint (reduction). The procedure is performed by a trauma surgeon, chiropractor, or podiatrist in a medical establishment.

Full reduction of the joint may require 3 or 4 treatments. Another option restore the functions of the meniscus — traction of the knee joint (hardware stretching). This is a longer procedure, it is usually done in a hospital. To restore the cartilage will take a few intra-articular injections of products containing hyaluronic acid. If there is swelling, the patient feels pain, then are assigned to intra-articular injections of ibuprofen, NIMULID, voltaren, and corticosteroids.

Мениск: лечение, профилактика, особенности травмAfter emergency measures require long-term medication, restorative quantity of the synovial fluid, and strengthens cartilage. This files most often prescribed glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Self-treatment is possible, the exact dosage of the drug assigns the attending physician. The accuracy of the compliance with its provisions depends on the speed of recovery and the General condition of the patient.

Usually a course of restorative medicines is 3 months assuming daily use. At the same time taking medicines are prescribed therapeutic exercises and massage.

Treatment of folk remedies

Homemade recipes especially effective various compresses and rubbing, reduce pain and return the joint mobility. Before you treat a meniscus of folk remedies, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. It should take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. For example, the popular honey wrap may be contraindicated in those who are allergic to bee products.

Мениск: лечение, профилактика, особенности травмTo treat knee meniscus can a poultice of fresh leaves of burdock. Region of the patella turns fresh cut leaf, superimposed over holding the bandage. Compress is recommended to keep 4 hours. The procedure is performed daily until complete elimination of pain. If fresh burdock, you can make a poultice from the dried leaves, soaked in a small amount of boiling water. The raw material is distributed evenly over the fabric, then it’s put on the damaged joint for 8 hours.

Injuries of the knee joint, the treatment may be to heat. Honey wrap helps to relieve pain in the patella and restore lost joint mobility. Equal share of natural bee honey and purified alcohol are mixed, slightly heated. Then the warm mixture is superimposed on the region of the patella, closed a wool cloth and holding a bandage. For intensive repair of the meniscus is recommended to make honey poultice twice a day, and keep it at least 2 hours. Treatment of folk remedies usually lasts about a month, then you should make a two-week break.

Effective prevention and simple treatment of the meniscus of the knee joint — tincture of wormwood. Tablespoon chopped raw pour a glass of boiling water for an hour, strain and then use for compresses. Soaked in the tincture cloth to apply on the damaged joint for half an hour.

Compresses of wormwood can be done up to 5 times a day until complete disappearance of pain symptoms and restoration of mobility of the knee.

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