Metastases in the spine: tumors when they arise

Метастазы в позвоночнике: при каких опухолях они возникают

Many forms of cancer metastasize to the spine

Your health should be treated very seriously. Every person every day experiences a lot of loads: lack of sleep, and long lines, and long-distance travel standing. Coming home, many are not surprised that they have sore feet or back.

However, such unpleasant sensations should pay attention to. One of the many factors back pain and spine is a tumor that has metastasized to the spine. And if so, then the body was struck by a serious illness.

Variety of benign tumors

Many patients believe that benign tumors is good, but it is not quite so. Of course, this neoplasm is much better than malignant, but it can deliver you a lot of hassle. A benign tumor differs from a malignant that does not give metastases. Because of this, the threat it poses, not so serious. However, benign tumor can become quite a serious problem, because when development begins to put pressure on various tissues within the body.

What are the types of tumors without metastases arise in the human vertebrae?

  • Osteoma.
  • Osteoblastoma.
  • Aneurysmal bone cyst.
  • Eosinophilic granuloma.
  • Note that all of these diseases have different symptoms. Different schemes of treatment, requiring the use of different drugs. In order to understand the causes and symptoms, it is necessary to consider in more detail each type of neoplasm.

    • Osteoid tumor

    Метастазы в позвоночнике: при каких опухолях они возникают

    The CT scan found a tumor in the vertebrae of the lower back

    Very often develops in the spine, especially in the posterior part. Extremely rare in the cervical spine. This disease especially affects children in adolescence. People with this diagnosis live for a long time and sometimes completely unaware of the existence of the tumor. Manifested osteoma strong painful pain in the back. Especially often it happens at night during sleep. If your child was diagnosed with metastases in the spine when osteoma, no need to panic. Such a diagnosis is not fatal or even critical, especially if to proceed immediately to treatment.

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    Treatment of the osteoma occurs in two schemes. The first one is prolonged use of nonsteroidal drugs. Second — removing the tumor surgically, which allows you to get quick relief from pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

    • Osteoblastoma

    This osteoid tumor size more than 2 cm it Is located also at the back of the spine. When there is such a tumor, the symptoms are more pronounced, so quite often patients need early intervention surgeons. However, compared with tumor osteoid osteoblastoma more often gives relapses. The new tumor is formed usually in place of the old.

    • Aneurysmal bone cyst

    Most often this type of tumor appears in the cervical spine. Affects the vertebral body, and his back. Very often the tumor in the cervical spine found in adolescents older group. It is a pain in the back and neck, neurological disorders and other disorders of the nervous system.

    Метастазы в позвоночнике: при каких опухолях они возникают

    Plural formation in the lumbar spine

    Eliminated bone cyst in the cervical spine surgical techniques. In special cases, doctors perform decompression of the spinal cord.

    • Eosinophilic granuloma

    This type of tumor affects the very bone. It can occur in people of different ages. Treatment is chosen individually for each patient. Remove the tumor using methods of traditional and laser surgery.

    Behave like a malignant tumor

    Metastasis — a secondary nidus of malignant tumors. It should be noted that metastases to the spine occur when cancer is in other organs. If the tumor grows larger, it is likely a compression of the spinal cord, with all the ensuing consequences.

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    Treatment of metastases often do not produce any results, so the main task of the physician is to minimize the compression and pain. For this purpose, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In very advanced cases when treatment must be carried out in the shortest time possible, doctors recommend to undertake complex operations.Метастазы в позвоночнике: при каких опухолях они возникают

    Symptoms and disease development are largely dependent on the localization of the tumor, General health of the patient and, of course, the type of neoplasm. If metastases appeared in the cervical spine, the prognosis is not good. The pain will begin to disturb almost immediately, and the tumour may begin very quickly to progress.

    There are three main symptom, indicating the presence of a malignant tumor in the vertebra.

  • Pain in the spine and back. She could easily appear in any part of the back. Particularly severe pain during sudden movements. Periodically, the pain, and painkillers in these cases helps little.
  • The reduction of sensitivity in the limbs (most often in the legs). With the development of the tumor, this trend only intensified.
  • Pathology motility. May experience not only pain in back or legs, and muscle atrophy. The possible disruption or failure of some internal organs.
  • In some cases pain in the back can be accompanied by pain in other organs. It often happens that metastases simultaneously affect the liver and the spine. In this case, even the expensive treatment is often useless. If you suffer from back pain, it is important not to hesitate and immediately consult a doctor to prevent the development of a malignant tumor.