Methods of treatment of vertigo that occurs when cervical osteochondrosis

Treatment of symptoms of dizziness and nausea osteochondrosis

Low back pain is one of the most popular diseases today. In recent years, this disease begins to bother the young generation.

The reason is that young people today very little exercise. In most cases, they are very long and often spend their time in a seated position at the computer.

Therefore, osteochondrosis and leads the list of popular diseases.

The most common manifestations of degenerative disc disease

Dizziness and nausea with cervical osteochondrosis – the most common signs.

Dizziness is a major symptom of this disease appears in areas that are responsible for motor coordination and the flow of vestibular reactions.

Dizziness can be attributed to independent characteristics of the disease, which can cause loss of stability when walking.

In addition to dizziness symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease can be:

  1. Headache;
  2. Noises in the head;
  3. Loss of consciousness;
  4. Muscle weakness;
  5. Decreased hearing, vision and memory;
  6. The instability of the emotional sphere.

However, there are times when this disease can occur in a more complex form and be accompanied by vomiting.

For example, when the banal turn of the head may be pronounced attack of dizziness, which is accompanied by involuntary horizontal movement of the eyeballs, vomiting and panic attacks.

This condition may disturb the patient for several hours until the pressure in the field of spinal vessels is not reduced to normal.

If you do not seek timely assistance to the doctor, the ending can be tragic.

To understand how dizziness occurs with cervical osteochondrosis, it is necessary to know the types of this disorder:

  • Central vertigo occurs because of disorders and diseases of the brain. Such violations include trauma, swollen and bleeding.
  • Peripheral vertigo caused by a lesion of the inner ear or the vestibular nerve.
  • System dizziness appears in case of failure of one system, which is responsible for orientation in space (visual, muscular, or vestibular). In this dizziness you need to conduct a thorough diagnosis and comprehensive treatment.
  • Non-systemic vertigo is caused by neurogenic factors, such as stress or fatigue.
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Diagnosis of vertigo with cervical osteochondrosis

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For the definition of vertigo there are various diagnostic tests. The first thing patients need to measure blood pressure standing and lying down.

If upright there is a significant decrease in blood pressure, it indicates the presence of orthostatic hypotension.

To assess the balance of uses breakdown Romberg.

How to treat dizziness and nausea caused by problems in the cervical spine?

In order to eliminate all the symptoms of compression are required to undertake the following activities:

  1. Implementation okolomatocnah procaine blockade, which can eliminate muscle spasms and pain.
  2. The use of medication methods: voltaren, ibuprofen or aspirin can help. The positive effect of vitamin injections, which belong to the In-group.
  3. Sessions of acupuncture, which can reduce muscle spasms.
  4. The use of manual therapy and massage.

To eliminate degenerative changes, you must undertake the following activities:

Unloading of the spine. Man, being in a sitting position, puts the greatest loads discs. And if you have to sit for hours a day, it is imperative that every 30 minutes to warm up by performing stretching exercises of the muscles.

Even for those not experiencing this affliction, you must know how to sit and sit, how to sleep and get out of bed. As well as to walk properly and wear all possible severity. Disk load decreases with weight loss.

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Regeneration of metabolic processes in the spine. As you know, the blood vessels in the intervertebral discs do not exist. Nutrition and elimination of metabolic products occurs diffusely in deeply located muscles.

For continuous power drive and his work, you must do one simple exercise.

It is a moderate walk on flat road for 2 hours.

Advanced nutrition the intervertebral disks, you need to consume foods rich in micronutrients.

You also need a regular massage (classic, vacuum or spot), to do physical therapy, lazero — and a magnetotherapy.

The implementation of these recommendations improves metabolism in the spine and leave the pain and tension in the muscles.

To prevent degenerative processes in the spine it is necessary to abandon bad habits, try not to experience breakdowns and not get sick seasonal viral diseases.

Complex therapy of dizziness osteochondrosis includes activities which aim to remove dangerous symptom, eliminate the degenerative processes in the disc and prevention of the disease.

Videos with preventive exercises

View video with simple exercises that are easy to perform at home for the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical branch: