Methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis: instruction manual, reviews

The use of Methotrexate and other basic drugs in rheumatoid arthritis

To age not to turn into a stooped under the weight of the years old and for as long as possible to keep the ease in the whole body, take care of your joints before you get out the SOS signal.

As you know, the skeletal structure of the body, and joints — the areas where bone, allowing it to be flexible. Gradually, with age, the bones lose calcium and other minerals.

With them lost density and bone mass. The same applies to the spine, over time it bent and compressed.

In the process of these changes joints become rigid. The liquid in them may decrease, and cartilage by friction against each other, destroyed.

The same effect has calcification due to accumulation of salts in the joints. There are a number of diseases of bones and joints, which are the people after 40 years, and women among them 5 times more than men.

Rheumatoid arthritis — the disease is dangerous but treatable

One of these nasty diseases is rheumatoid arthritis. Joints swell, become painful, the temperature increases. Joint mobility is reduced, which is especially observed in the morning.

A significant manifestation of arthritis or its acute form, may be accompanied by General weakness, leukocytosis, fever.

Rheumatoid arthritis can affect internal organs. If you are concerned about swelling redness and pain in the joints, visit your podiatrist and rheumatologist.

Treat the disease correctly

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The first symptom is joint pain that interferes with sleep, walking, and trying to get rid of it, people are willing to try any miracle cure.

But many of the widely used medications do not cure rheumatoid arthritis, but only help comprehensive treatment.

Try to understand why used one or another drug.

Drug therapy is the cornerstone of

Modern medical methods of dealing with rheumatoid arthritis are divided into several groups.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

They are traditionally used to address inflammation of the joints and relieve pain. After the elimination of these drugs pain, you go to the physiotherapy procedures. NSAIDs act quickly and often due to the effectiveness of this treatment, patients again next time I use them.

It creates a false impression that these drugs contribute to healing, but only NSAIDs relieve symptoms of the disease and arthritis in the meantime continues to progress.

Glucocorticoid drugs

With their help, in many cases, the condition of the patient is greatly facilitated. Into the diseased joint are drugs corticosteroids. They are good because they contribute to the rapid suppression of inflammation and pain swelling and joint swelling. However, as with NSAIDs, they should be used in combination therapy.

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Should know to do these injections in the same joint, is highly undesirable more than twice a month.

Entered the medication will take effect immediately, the doctor may record the result of the treatment after 10-12 days.

Basic drugs

They are aiming to have an impact on the basis – the basis of the disease. These tools may interrupt the development of the disease. But unlike NSAIDs, and hormones, basic drugs do not remove the symptoms of the disease in the first days and weeks of their use.

Their disadvantage is that, provided the action takes place in about a month.

Basic drugs revmatoidnogo suspend the development of arthritis and for a certain period of time give improvement.

But to predict the result may not even experienced specialist, and the outcome depends on the doctor’s experience and intuition.

Basic therapy uses drugs five groups:

  1. Anti-malarial drugs – the result can be felt after six months or a year, subject to their continuous use. Of all the basic drugs they are most weak. To begin with basic therapy in the case when the disease is mild, and use more powerful drugs makes no sense. The advantage of anti-malarial drugs, good tolerability and no side effects.
  2. Gold salts – to help patients at the initial stage of rheumatoid arthritis, rapidly progressive disease that appears rheumatoid nodules and bone erosions, with significant results in blood RF — rheumatoid factor. If the patient does not receive the expected help of the NSAIDs for severe pain in the joints and morning stiffness, the use of gold preparations can bring a positive result.
  3. D-penicillamine – if the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis Methotrexate and folic acid or with salts of gold does not help the patient, or cancel these drugs because of their intolerance by the body, then the doctor applies the D-penicillamine. And although this drug results use is not inferior to the mentioned medications, it is even more toxic and often contributes to complications. Side effects when occur in 30-40% of cases, so treatment with this drug is prescribed only in the most extreme cases, when the patient is in dire need of emergency assistance.
  4. Sulfonamides – antimicrobial drugs on the healing effects are less effective than drugs, gold and methotrexate, but can compare in efficiency with D-penicillamine. The main advantage of these preparations is their great portability. Antimicrobials even long-term use almost no side effects, slight symptoms are not severe. The disadvantage of sulfonamides is their slow action on the body: the better comes after three months of treatment.
  5. Cytotoxic agents are considered the most effective group of basic drugs for the treatment of all types of arthritis. Their therapeutic result is positive for 70-80% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Side effects have been observed every fifth to sixth patient, but do not differ with severity of the lesion.
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Allergic rash, minor violations of urination, upset his chair, it all gets after discontinuation of cytostatics. To control the patient’s condition should be while taking drugs to examine the urine, blood from a finger and veins.

If the patient can tolerate cytotoxic therapy, the improvement will come in 2-4 weeks.

Currently, rheumatologists are most commonly used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, 3 cytotoxic drug:

  • Leflunomide, or arava;
  • Infliximab, or Remicade;
  • Methotrexate.

How to use Methotrexate: application instructions

Methotrexate is considered the best reference drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis – has the forms of internal, subcutaneous or intravenous injection.

If the patient has problems with the digestive tract, the drug is administered in injection form.

Its use requires constant medical monitoring of the condition of the blood, to prevent the appearance of intoxication.

For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis medicine get only 1 time (for 7.5 mg) per week, in the elderly or in renal disease – 5 mg.

For the treatment the drug is taken in a specific day of the week, the beginning of basic therapy. The effect of treatment usually detected after 30-40 days from the start of the reception and reaches a peak after 6-12 months.

Methotrexate is recommended to take before meals.

Defining the tolerability of the body, after a month the doctor may increase the dose by 2.5-5.0 mg per week maximum, up to 25 mg per week. After reaching result begins dose reduction to a therapeutically effective.

The duration of the therapeutic course is determined by the physician according to the results of treatment.

On the day of taking the drug in any case you should not use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In the rest of the week the use of NSAIDs is not forbidden.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a very complex disease, but the use of Methotrexate helps to keep the disease under control, and sometimes to achieve in a few years of stable remission.

Combination with folic acid — a double blow to the disease

Folic acid is used during treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with Methotrexate, and has a beneficial effect on therapy. This combination has a positive effect on treatment outcome.

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Folic acid is prescribed in combination with Methotrexate, and it protects the body from side effects during therapy.

Separate use of folic acid should be avoided in order not to obtain undesirable consequences.

When should you refuse such treatment?

Any drug is a double-edged weapon. Therefore its use can lead to all sorts of complications and adverse reactions.

Treatment should be discontinued if the patient has to the medication the following reaction:

  • severe hepatic and/or renal failure;
  • intolerance to the drug;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • oppression kostnomozgovy blood;
  • immunodeficiency.

Or there were side effects, such as:

  • violation of kidney function or signs of cystitis;
  • toothache, nausea or vomiting, dizziness;
  • loss of appetite;
  • drowsiness, headache;
  • itching, rash, fever;
  • expressed disturbances of vision;
  • cirrhosis of the liver.

Of practice patients

Patient feedback about the treatment with Methotrexate, mainly, is clear: its application has led to significant health improvements or complete recovery from rheumatoid arthritis.

Through these procedures, many of those who suffer from joint disease, recognize that keeping the disease under control.

Patients report that after treatment with the drug were less likely to sit «on the sick», I felt a lightness in walking.

In some patients the drug caused side effects, such as rash, cystitis, nausea, loss of appetite, pain in the liver.

After these manifestations the dose they have been reduced or treatment has been revised. Especially such complaints to deterioration of health patients in old age.

The medicine gives an improvement in cancer: cancer of bone and articular cartilage.

Medical therapy using Methotrexate complex: she tries to regain not only mobility to the joints, but also to relieve human suffering, from the pain. Experience in the application of this method proves the effectiveness of the drug and its safety under medical control.

But, no medicine, and even the best doctor will not help if the patient himself does not take his health in time to see a specialist and will not start her disease, and after treatment joints – it long.