Mihalos of the cervical spine: treatment by different methods

Миогелоз шейного отдела: лечение разными методамиThere is one of the most poorly-borne human types of pain in the back of the head, which in medicine is called mihalos cervical. The condition can cause the following symptoms:

  • the person has a sensation of pressure on the neck;
  • there is noise in the ears;
  • possible sharp pain in the shoulder joints, which can deprive people of the opportunity to work normally;
  • pain can spread up the head and reach the top.

Pain in the cervical

Mihalos neck, manifested by pain in the head, is an insidious disease that often is impossible to determine the true cause of the disease. The patient is often unable to meet the doctor where you feel pain in the back or neck. So you first need to localize the pain, which is quite difficult, as is many nerve endings, and pain in the back can be used in neck and spinal departments. Pain syndrome can be temporarily removed by performing acupressure on the neck. For diagnosis it is necessary to go to the clinic.

Pain in the region of the cervical often. This discomfort can be caused by the following reasons.

  • The emergence and development of such diseases as cervical osteochondrosis. It is accompanied by pain in the occipital region of the head and neck, the pain can dramatically increase;
  • Mihalos neck seal of her muscles. Causes of disease — wind, stress.
  • Cervical spondylosis — a chronic disease of the spine, where cartilage in the discs have cracks and possible development of an intervertebral hernia. In this disease experience severe episodes of pain in the neck, shoulders, and neck.
  • Cervical migraine — occurs when exposed to damaged cartilage on the nearby artery to the spine. The disease can lead to hearing loss, dizziness, sharp pain in temples and neck. Violation may occur of the patient.
  • Миогелоз шейного отдела: лечение разными методами

    Painful sensations arise due to the compression of nerve endings deformed vertebrae

    Causes of pain in the back of the head

    The most common symptoms myogelosis the following:

    • any tension in the muscles extending the neck (above the neck);
    • poor health in any head rotation or even loss of consciousness in these movements;
    • strain muscles of the head and neck;
    • tenderness when touching the back of the head;
    • squeezing the upper parts of the nerve endings of the spinal cord or nerves of the neck tearing at the back of the head;
    • there is increased sensitivity and pain in the skin of the neck and hairline;
    • the development of such diseases as neuralgia of the neck, cervical spondylosis, etc.
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    Another factor leading to pain in the back of the head, can be hypertension. It develops with increasing age and depends on the following factors: alcohol abuse, Smoking, genetic predisposition, frequent stress, obesity, low physical activity and a sedentary job.

    With hypertension completely insurmountable, but you can greatly reduce its impact on the patient. To do this, use diets, which limit the use of salty food and increased the proportion of vegetables and fruits. This is recommended to give up Smoking and alcohol and lead an active lifestyle.

    Symptoms occipital pain may occur at various head injuries. This can be in the fall or impact on a hard surface with the back of his head. Perhaps their appearance and an unsuccessful operation on his head.

    Symptoms myogelosis neck and occipital neuralgia

    The disease has the following symptoms:

    • the increased density of the cervical muscles, with severe pain occurs in the back of the head;
    • pain occurs in the shoulder joint and limitation in the movements of the shoulders themselves;
    • frequent dizziness;
    • chronic or acute stress, after which there is a voltage of the nerve endings;
    • overvoltage due to incorrect posture during sedentary work, or after exercising;
    • pain in the back of my head with frequent draughts.

    Миогелоз шейного отдела: лечение разными методамиMielozom suffer usually women 25-35 years, and the disease may even increase. This is due to the fact that women are most often employed in routine work. With increasing age they have a tendency to increase pain in the neck. It is accompanied by the development of so-called occipital neuralgia.

    The main symptoms of occipital neuralgia follows:

    • the appearance of a pulsating pain and burning, which appear at the base of the head and sent on her skin;
    • pain in one or both halves of the face;
    • the emergence of sensitivity to light;
    • pain in the eyes;
    • pain when moving the neck.

    Causes of occipital neuralgia is not found yet. The disease occurs when trauma to the head, pinching his nerves or inflammation. With occipital neuralgia related diseases such as:

    • various injuries of the head;
    • tension in the neck muscles, or swelling;
    • osteoarthritis;
    • different lesions of the cervical disks of the spine;
    • infectious diseases, gout or diabetes;
    • inflammation in the blood vessels of the neck.

    For accurate diagnosis of this disease should immediately consult a specialist as this disease is often confused with migraine.

    Diagnosis and treatment of occipital neuralgia and myogelosis different methods

    Миогелоз шейного отдела: лечение разными методамиAccurate diagnosis doctors put by the following procedure:
    the patient is questioned about the history of his disease and previous injuries, conduct a General analysis of blood, make the anesthesia (blockade) cervical nerve. If the pain goes away, it means that the patient has occipital neuralgia. The treatment of the disease depends on what causes the pain — irritation of nerve endings of the neck or inflammation. To relieve pain, you can apply the following methods:

    • heat compress on the neck;
    • stay in an isolated quiet room.
    • massage of the muscles of the cervical;
    • treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen or naproxen) or antidepressants;
    • perhaps the use of muscle relaxants and anticonvulsant drugs;
    • apply steroid injections and short-term blockade of different parts of the cervical.

    If the disease has gone too far, and conservative methods do not help, then use surgical treatment methods. One of them is microvascular decompression. In this procedure, the pain, reduce the detection and correction of blood vessels, which cause a pinched or compressed nerve endings. Occipital nerve stimulation is performed with a neurostimulator that acts on the affected area using electrical pulses, and they in turn block pain.

    After surgical procedures a patient must stay in hospital another day or two. Then, it is discharged from the hospital, and he is at home under the care of a doctor during the week. If the symptoms of the disease manifested itself again, you should continue treatment with painkillers. The patient should be in a separate, quiet room.

    Occipital neuralgia is not dangerous, and most patients recover, following doctors ‘ recommendations: taking painkillers and rest. But if pain in the neck and head does not pass, and after a course of treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as the causes of pain can be more serious disease. Occipital pain and mihalos cervical region cannot be left without attention, the ailments should be treated, since the development of the disease the possible disability. Poet at the first symptoms of disease it is necessary to address urgently to the neurologist and the therapist.

    After diagnosis and treatment you can consult a doctor about the possibility of the use of folk remedies against the disease. They should only use parallel with the reception of medicines prescribed by specialists.