Monastic tea from degenerative disc disease: truth or divorce, composition, reviews, recipe

Monastic tea is an effective remedy for osteoarthritis

Osteochondrosis is a disease that has ceased to be only age when increasingly young people. In the end, severe pain affect body parts like back, waist and neck.

And if the pain symptoms can be remove the different drugs, the degenerative disc disease continues to progress, affecting all large areas of the body and affecting many internal organs.

What to do in this situation and how to safely and quickly deal with this problem forever?

Unique and natural remedy

Among the large variety of ancillary drugs, able to resist the degenerative disc disease, is one amazing tool that helps you to finally forget about the disease – monastic tea.

Its main feature not only in efficiency, but in the complete naturalness of the components.

Due to the complete combination used herbs that interact among themselves, they instantly begin to fight with the disease.

Blood circulation in the tissues of the spine is accelerated, and the intervertebral discs become elasticity. The pain begins to leave the body, yielding place to relax and relief.

But the most interesting that the origin of the monastery of tea requires a special feature – the healing.

Tea, brought from St. Elizabeth of the Belarusian monastery, in fact, gradually «consume» low back pain, as the struggle is not with symptoms but with the causes of its occurrence.

The secret is in the composition

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Monastic drink is a combination of healing herbs, which together can work miracles.

The monastic tea from osteoarthritis is impressive:

  1. Oregano – relieves inflammation in the soft tissues and in the spinal disks. Improves blood circulation and promotes the absorption of vitamins entering the body. Thanks to the presence of essential oils oregano can be used as an antimicrobial agent. And she has inflammatory properties, eliminates the localization of the pain and able to relieve stress (and he is known also sometimes becomes the cause which provokes osteochondrosis).
  2. Dandelion root – restores the cartilage of the affected joints, and restores mobility promotes the complete dissolution of salts.
  3. Rose hips are well strengthen the body, put an incredible amount of essential vitamins (P, E, K, and B2), tannins and minerals. Reduce the manifestation of inflammation and chronic diseases. Have antibacterial properties, have choleretic and diuretic effect, normalizes the work of oxidizing and reducing systems.
  4. St. John’s wort – can have analgesic effects, calms the nerves, which are affected by osteochondrosis. Wonderful tones up the human condition.
  5. The root of elecampane – for a short time restores weak cartilage and reduces swelling in patients the tissues of the spine. Has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.
  6. Pine buds relieve painful symptoms in the joints, positive effect on blood composition.
  7. Nettle leaves is able to relieve a strong muscle spasms and strengthening the bone tissue.
  8. Cranberries – is a natural antioxidant, thereby accelerating the update of all cells of the body. Also removes from the body toxins and other impurities in further building a strong defense against them.
  9. Burdock – strengthens the immunity, relieves pronounced swelling, inhibits inflammation.
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All of these components not only gives the tea a unique flavor and rich taste, but together form a strong therapeutic connection.

It turns out that herbs and plants don’t inhibit, but rather enhance the action of each other.

Due to this, the body begins to be rapid therapeutic action that helps to get rid of osteochondrosis in the shortest time and permanently.

Is it safe to drink?

Many may question the real purpose of this tea and its effectiveness. And some are beginning to fear any side effects and consequences from its use.

However, before you get to a wide market for the monastery collection passed numerous clinical studies.

During which it was found that it is completely safe and natural product.

He can’t hurt people if it complied with the specified dosage and the advice given on the packaging of tea.

But, despite the natural origin of tea, women in pregnancy and people suffering from exacerbation of chronic diseases, one should still consult with your doctor before by yourself start drinking monastic tea.

Positive effects on the body

Due to the unique herbal composition of the monastic tea has the following effects on the body that can cure degenerative disc disease:

  • increases circulation in the area in the spine;
  • restores elasticity of damaged joints;
  • quickly remove all pain and discomfort;
  • accelerated metabolic processes occurring in the spinal column and its surrounding tissues, this means that the body itself begins to help themselves to fight this unpleasant disease;
  • inflammation disappears and the tissues there is a kind of protection, which stops its further occurrence;
  • intervertebral discs and vertebrae gradually restored, and their structure improved;
  • absorbed severe swelling characteristic of degenerative disc disease of the affected areas of the body;
  • the entire body is saturated with essential amino acids responsible for the health and normal functioning of the spine.
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But that’s not all. Monastic tea is able to provide a bracing effect.

The immune system becomes more resistant to different types of infectious diseases. Excited nervous system calms down, efficiency increases several times.

Reduced the rate of harmful cholesterol, the heart begins to work better. Even digestion ceases to fail to carry out their duties like clockwork. Not to mention the fact that this herbal remedy prevents the formation of malignant tumors.

How to derive maximum benefit?

The first thing I want to say, this medicinal drug should not be taken only in the period of exacerbation of the disease itself, but as a prevention.

Because osteochondrosis is a tricky phenomenon, which just freezes for a while, and then spontaneously, a man is tormented by their obnoxious and tangible manifestations. And thanks to the monastic tea, which has a long-term anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, this can be avoided.

In the period of remission and in the prevention of tea is recommended to use entire courses that are 25-28 days. It is a week break.

When it comes to the treatment of degenerative disc disease, then drinking it is necessary for three months and then take a break.

The recipe itself is the monastery of tea from the degenerative disc disease is as follows: one teaspoon healing the collection is poured a full glass of boiling water. Further tea needs to steep for about 10 minutes. Then it should be good to strain through cheesecloth or a special strainer.

The resulting broth into three parts, which are swallowed throughout the day. Next week will be the first noticeable tangible results.

The opinion of a specialist

The opinion of the neurologist about the use of the monastery of tea with the aim of curing patients of degenerative disc disease.

A formulation of the monastery of tea, based on the medicinal and useful herbs that shows its effectiveness in the fight against osteochondrosis.

In addition to relieving pain, all the components are also directed at the strengthening and rebuilding of cartilage. So this tea can really work.

Dmitry, 37 years, neurologist

Victory over the degenerative disc disease is really

The opinion of ordinary people with osteoarthritis who drink monastic tea.

When there is severe pain in the back, I thought I can climb up a wall. Painkillers have helped, but still easier and does not become.

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Decided to try the monastic tea. Very glad that was not afraid to do so. After a few days the pain finally went away and the joints become more mobile.

Irina, 35 years

For a long time suffered from cervical degenerative disc disease. Turning his head to the side has become a real problem. Tried all the tools available and finally came to the monastery of tea.

Only he could cure me from this unpleasant ailment. So now sometimes I drink it as a prevention.

Ivan, 53 years

Reviews of people who have cured osteochondrosis, prop monastic tea, and doctors who do not see the tea another snag, speak for themselves and once again confirm the uniqueness and effectiveness of the drink.

Where to purchase such a tool?

Despite the fact that monastic tea made in the Republic of Belarus, to buy it, everyone can.

Many online shops doing it spread and with the help of delivery will help any person to become the owner of this tool against osteoarthritis.

Importantly, the choice of the store to pay attention to the available license (the right to perform such activities), to protect yourself from fakes.

As for the cost, it is an average of the 1980 Russian rubles. For our site visitors a special price, available for reference.

The origin and composition of the monastery of tea make this tool very attractive and convincing in its beneficial and healing properties.

Captivating and something that you will not have to from painful injections and swallowing strong painkillers, and just enjoy a tasty and aromatic tea.

He, for a fairly reasonable cost, and short time not only eliminates disease, but also can improve the health of the whole organism. And this is a very valuable addition.