Movalis in osteochondrosis: indications and contraindications

The modern pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of highly effective non-steroidal drugs with different properties.
Мовалис при остеохондрозе: показания и противопоказанияSome assets have a quick effect on the body, others are more long time to maintain analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, others have a minimum of side effects, that too is an advantage. Movalis is considered to be one of the most popular pharmaceuticals of new generation. He has a set of advantages not to date its analogues.

Dosage form Movalis

Movalis the drug often prescribed for people suffering from joint diseases, disorders in the functioning of the work of the spine, including osteochondrosis. The medicine acts on the body and has a relatively small number of contraindications and side effects, which is also important. In today’s world it is very important to receiving medication was comfortable for patients. Movalis is produced in different dosage forms. The doctor has the opportunity to choose from them the one that is best suited for the treatment of:

  • vials;
  • candles;
  • pills.

Selection of drugs in diseases of the joints — especially complex issue. Low back pain, as gout, develops on the background of disturbed metabolism and lowered immunity. People suffering from both diseases, there are abnormalities in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas. Moreover, a number of drugs widely used in the osteoarthritis and gout, can cause disorders in the stomach, intestines, adrenal glands, kidneys and liver. When you create a formula Movalis how and its introduction into mass production, this problem was taken into account.

Pain relief and inflammation

Мовалис при остеохондрозе: показания и противопоказания

Pain medicine can be made into capsules or produced into tablets and rectal candles

This medicine may be used to treat the elderly. It is administered and those who have minor irregularities in the functioning of the kidneys and liver. The drug has no negative effects on cartilage and has a positive effect on the functioning of the joint tissues.

Treatment of degenerative disc disease in people suffering from peptic ulcer, it is considered a very difficult problem. There are a number of medications that effectively reduce pain symptoms and to beneficially affect the functioning of the spine, but cannot be enforced due to the fact that they cause exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease. Movalis is used in certain cases to treat diseases in people suffering from peptic ulcer disease. But in such situations, the intake of medication is carried out only under strict medical supervision, since peptic ulcer disease is a contraindication to the use of this highly effective drug.

As shown by medical studies, the risk of gastrointestinal diseases in the case of the use of this drug by the patient is lower by almost 50% compared to other similar non-steroidal drugs.

This drug is successfully used in gout. This disease usually occurs and develops at first insensibly, and then makes itself felt long bouts. Gouty arthritis affects the kidneys, they are not able with the same speed to participate in the withdrawal of different substances. Movalis also excreted in the shortest time possible that allows its use to use other drugs that improve the health status of the patient.

Indications and contraindications

Movalis is an effective cure. His technique is effective in many situations. The drug is used for the simultaneous treatment of many pathologies, among which are diseases such as:

  • gout;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • degenerative changes in the joints;
  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • osteoarthritis.

The presence of pain in these diseases is the indication for the use of non-steroidal drug. However, during pregnancy Movalis use is strictly prohibited. This rule applies to lactation in women.

Мовалис при остеохондрозе: показания и противопоказания

The drug is prohibited for pregnant and nursing women due to potential negative impact on the health of the baby

If the patient has used for a long period of time this drug if degenerative disc disease or other illness, it can be difficult conceiving a child. When a patient suffers from an inflammatory disease of the rectum, Movalis can not be applied. An insurmountable obstacle to using highly efficient new generation of drugs are allergic reactions. If the patient takes anticoagulants, used to treat Movalis impossible.

People who have gout develops on the background of liver or kidney failure, in serious degree, the drug is strictly prohibited. Movalis is not used for the treatment of children.

Side effects

When the decision on the appointment of the drug the doctor must consider not only contraindications, but also the side effects of the drug on the patient. Thus, the Movalis has a list of side effects about which you should know people that use it. Movalis can cause discomfort in the digestive organs. Patients who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, during the drug often complain of heaviness in the stomach, nausea, belching. At this time, can be observed and symptoms of colitis.

As a side effect after taking the drug, often occur and skin reactions. In some cases, people taking the drug, complain about the appearance on the body of the symptoms characteristic of urticaria. The respiratory system of a person can be exposed to the side effects of Movalis. In some situations, patients experience the symptoms of asthma, and in some cases begins it acute attack.
Мовалис при остеохондрозе: показания и противопоказания

The nervous system may adversely react to the drug. Her reaction is manifested in different ways: in one patient will experience drowsiness, the other — the irritability, the third will complain of dizziness. If a person has tinnitus while taking Movalis course, it may be a quite natural phenomenon — a side effect of the drug.

As for the reaction of the cardiovascular system to the reception of drugs by the body, the side effect often is the change of pressure or the appearance of swelling. Like most drugs, Movalis is reflected in certain cases, the functioning of the organs of vision.

Conjunctivitis can cause many painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, and Movalis is no exception.

The course of treatment

Gout, like low back pain, complicate the lives of people with their painful attacks. The first medical step to the treatment of these ailments is relief of pain symptoms. Gout and low back pain as their progression can not only reduce the mobility of the joints, but also to cause numerous complications. Both diseases impair the functioning of internal organs, reduced immunity, significantly worsen the health and quality of life of people. Non-steroidal drugs, which include Movalis new steps in the fight against chronic diseases, whose presence is still seen by many as a sentence.

Remember: no self-treatment with Movalis unacceptable. Uncontrolled intake of drugs can lead to tragic consequences. The dosage and duration of treatment may appoint a doctor.

Modern medicine provides various options of dosage of the drug, including for people who have osteochondrosis develops on the background of renal failure. The drug to cope with degenerative changes in the tissues. But its application must be combined with a balanced diet, correctly picked up complex of vitamins and restorative.

The acceptance of Movalis is carried out once a day. On the calculation of the dose influences the nature and intensity of pain experienced by the patient with osteochondrosis and other diseases. If a person has a strong pain attack him Movalis can enter and intramuscularly. In parallel are allowed to use several forms of medications such as: pills, suppositories, solution for injection. But there is one precondition: the daily dose should not exceed 15 mg, and for patients suffering from renal insufficiency, it provides a two-fold reduction.

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