Muscle relaxants of Central action: a list of the best drugs

Muscle relaxants Central action drugs for pain in the spine

From spasms and pain in muscles or as they are called in scientific myalgia affects many.

It happens and at the voltage and at rest. Danger and threat to life it represents, but with its appearance at the person stops a full healthy life.

Attacks of myalgia is a very common phenomenon.

That can cause myalgia?

Factors that cause bouts of myalgia.

Injury and strain

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During the occurrence of the injury, tension and spasmodic phenomena is a natural reaction.

Prolonged physical stress associated with the constant wearing of heavy or large load during exercise can also trigger the spasms at first and then increased pain.

Incorrect posture

If a person his body a long time in an unnatural position, this leads to the fact that muscles get tired, fall asleep and after some time start of background pain: tingling, numbness.

This can be the daily hours of computer work or prolonged sitting hours-long at a work place.

A stressful situation

Frequent stress is one of the causes of these symptoms. They are observed in men and women, adolescents and even in children.

Often suffer from myalgia of the fair sex. They may be young and healthy, but at the same time predisposed to nervousness, depression and anxiety.

Some has been insomnia. Men can suffer from cramping pains, if they are engaged in heavy physical labor.

Their aggravation is observed most often during high loads. They can encourage regular sleep. Exacerbation of chronic diseases or hypothermia very often cause exacerbations.

The main danger

At the first symptoms of myalgia is a change and a violation of the ordinary state to the soft tissues.

Pain can affect large areas, they can also be the first signs of the beginning of serious diseases.

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Blood vessels and nerve fibres are compressed cramps in acute. This causes poor circulation in the tissues and nearby organs with which they are associated by common power and energy. So to endure the painful condition is very dangerous.

What is muscle relaxants

This group of pharmaceuticals, relaxing and eliminating tension in the muscles.

Muscle relaxants Central action is the medications used for the treatment of many diseases of neurological nature.

They have a direct impact are used to treat spinal and cerebral paralysis, multiple sclerosis, back pain and other diseases of the nervous system, with pronounced myalgia.

In surgery for anesthesia and relaxation of the tissues of the abdomen. The treatment of tetanus. They directly affect the various divisions of the Central nervous system that participate in regulation and well-coordinated work of muscle tone.

In medical practice very popular in Central relaxants. Their advantages are that they have miorelaksatsii and sedative properties.

No adverse effects on the cardiovascular system and other organs. A number of them, has sedative properties, and alleviate anxiety and anxiety, normalizes sleep.

What are the requirements for modern drugs

To ensure fast action and a blockade of neuromuscular transmission. It should not affect the cardiac vascular system. Not accumulate in the body and to provoke histamine release.

Especially stringent requirements for muscle relaxants used in anesthesiology. Their effect is complete relaxation of the muscles and the cessation of his own breathing of the patient for carrying out of artificial ventilation of lungs.

The major and most popular meds

Muscle relaxants Central action good effect on almost all parts of the CNS, the list of the basic and widely known:

  1. Mikain. Reducing the processes of anxiety in the spine. Affects him for half an hour after injection. Has analgesic and sedative properties.
  2. Metegol. A drug that has a dual effect and therefore it can be attributed to tranquilizers and muscle relaxants. Relaxes muscle spasms, relieves mental stress, dulls the fear. Reduced response to painful stimuli. It is not recommended to use in cardiovascular diseases. Medial effectively treats chills. It is used in obstetric practice.
  3. Mydocalm. This drug has a special medical interest. It is widely used in inflammatory phenomena in the musculoskeletal system. It relieves spasmodic intense myalgia in the muscles, resulting in improved motor function. Tolperison — base material Midokalma has a stabilizing effect, slows down the passage of nerve impulses that block spinal reflexes.
  4. Sibazon.Reduces hypertonicity and is used in severe spasms in the spine under local trauma, myositis, arthritis. Reduces spastic condition caused by damage to the brain or spinal cord diseases such as cerebral palsy, tetanus, atetoz. Sibazon has a calming effect on the Central nervous system, reducing anxiety, fear and nervous tension.
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Use for the treatment of pain of the spine

The back is constantly under tension and load. This is the daily fixed and many hours sitting by the computer, at the workplace, for example, a seamstress. Heavy physical work or a long workout.

One of the reasons for occurring back pain are degenerative processes, which are accompanied by muscle spasm. Chronic pain can be caused by depression and anxiety.

The main cause of pain in the back is muscle spasms.

On pain occurs the body responds with a large number of abbreviations and spasmodic reactions that leads to chronic pain and deterioration of the patient.

The medical therapy using muscle relaxants need to eliminate in the first place a painful and haunting pain.

The purpose and application of effective therapy, which will reduce the level of high tone and make the relief of pain.

Therefore, a doctor is required to appoint relaxers. In order to avoid deterioration and resumption of pain in the spinal region, it is necessary to avoid exposure to heavy loads — lifting and carrying heavy loads, stay a long time in neudobno position.

To eliminate chronic pain requires treatment with a competent selection, not giving side effects, in order not to affect the quality of life of the patient.

The basic requirement is a selective Central muscle relaxant effects on the painful area.

The drug is supposed to reduce muscle tone, but not suppressing at all, that a man was able to keep posture and the chosen pose.

To the use of the drug did not cause problems to lead a full and active life and even to drive vehicles if necessary.

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Central relaxing substances have a direct effect on the Central nervous system divisions, which are responsible for the regulation and carrying out the impulsive signals.

Help get rid of the symptoms of spastic nature. Inhibition of neurons of the spinal cord relaxes and relieves pain.

There is a blocking of reflexes, and depression of the upper parts of CNS. This allows extensive use of these drugs for relaxing and relieving pain in the spinal region.

Instead of a conclusion

Many years of practical experience confirmed that the use of muscle relaxants in combination with analgesics, effective massage, therapy gives you the opportunity to quickly eliminate myalgia, speed recovery and improve mobility and restore the affected areas.

They are widely used in the medical practice advanced specialists.