Myositis of the neck muscles — the symptoms and treatment of the disease

The symptoms and treatment of cervical myositis

The term myositis refers to the defeat of various groups of muscles under the influence of a variety of negatively affecting the external or internal factors.

Myositis of skeletal muscles in the cervical spine can develop almost any man, to provoke the disease can terms of work or sports training.

Cervical myositis occurs and a number of other reasons, treatment of disease depends on the pathology precipitating factor. Disease in the absence of effective treatment in the acute phase quickly becomes chronic with different duration and intensity of symptoms with periods of exacerbation.

Causes of violations in skeletal muscles

Myositis of the neck muscles develops rather quickly, the first symptoms are recorded after three to four hours after adverse effects. Found that lead to the loss of skeletal muscle may be a large group of diseases, injuries, toxic lesions.

  • Infection myositis often develops after acute respiratory illness, tonsillitis, sore throat, chronic rheumatism. Post-infectious myositis is caused by an imbalance of the immune system.
  • Professional activity – patient neurologist with a myositis disease often become carriers of computers, violinists, pianists, then there are people who spend several hours a day in a very uncomfortable position.
  • Injury – direct blows to the cervical spine, contusions and fractures of the upper extremities, SGM.
  • Often myositis of the neck occurs after long-acting emotional stress.
  • Hypothermia, the influence of drafts.
  • Parasitic infection. Infection by different helminths leads to General intoxication and allergies, which affect not only the organs but also the muscles.
  • Joint diseases – osteoarthritis, herniated intervertebral discs. In these ailments the person seeks to enforce such a body posture, in which less pronounced pain. While skeletal muscles are long in an anatomically incorrect position, there is their stretching and defeat.
  • Toxic effects arising from the metabolic disorders in chronic gout, diabetes, total organism poisoning with various substances. Myositis leads to cocaine addiction and alcoholism. Short-term myositis can develop when taking certain groups of drugs.
  • Often the cause of acute myositis is a set of several precipitating factors such as exposure to cold and viral infections. Young people and adolescents pain in the muscles occur after intensive training sessions, the emotional surge, in the period of exams.

Classification of the disease

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In medicine, there are several classifications of myositis. The most basic unit — the site of the lesion muscle. Distinguish cervical, lumbar, thoracic, rarely gluteal myositis. Doctors use and classification of myositis by provoking reason:

  1. Purulent myositis refers to the most severe, causing various types of bacteria, mostly staphylococci and streptococci. This form develops the penetration of the pathogen infection in an open wound, it can happen during surgical interventions on the neck or with various injuries. Purulent myositis may lead to terrible complications – phlegmon, abscesses, and the treatment chosen is effective antibiotic therapy.
  2. Infectious myositis develops during or after influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, lupus erythematosus, rheumatism. Infectious purulent lesion is less severity of symptoms compared with purulent myositis.
  3. Neyromiozit – a form of myositis, which affects not only the neck muscles and peripheral nerve fibers. Neyromiozit often occurs chronically, which leads to dystrophic changes in the musculature. The occurrence of lesions of nerves and muscles occurs with the simultaneous influence of significant physical stress, and the action of cold temperatures or drafts.
  4. Disease Munchmeyer or myositis ossificans is characterized by the appearance of pockets of large amounts of calcium in skeletal muscle. The etiology is not fully elucidated, the disease is often defined as innate, it happens that the centers of ossification occur after injury.
  5. Polymyositis – the simultaneous failure of several muscle groups. Usually this form develops in autoimmune diseases, for disease is typical not only pain, but also the increasing weakness in the muscles to further atrophy. If the disease is identified in a child, it is necessary to examine the lungs, the heart, these bodies are also observed pathological processes. A male patient after the age of 40 with a diagnosis of myositis often suffer from tumors of the internal organs. Polymyositis is one of the most severe forms of muscle damage.
  6. Dermatomyositis covers a few systems – muscles, skin, internal organs. This type of myositis is most often diagnosed in young women, to contribute to the disease can hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition. Skin symptoms is defined by the appearance of a petechial rash, edema of the eyelids and lips. All the symptoms may arise rapidly and increase gradually over several days.
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In order to ascertain the type of myositis neurologist must not only examine the patient, but also to conduct various examinations of biological fluids for detection of parasites, toxins, bacteria. Only on the basis of all collected data it is possible to correctly identify the root cause of the myositis.

Symptoms, which are characteristic of the disease

Acute myositis develops only after a couple of hours, in rare cases days after exposure to adverse factors, this differs from the osteochondrosis and radiculitis, in which sharp pain may occur at the moment of greatest physical exertion. Cervical myositis have characteristic symptoms:

  • Intense and growing pain. Pain increases when performing movements and at the time of their palpation. Tangible pain is observed in all the hand to the phalanges.
  • The muscles of the neck dressed, is limited to the usual motion in the joints.
  • Over the affected muscles revealed swelling.
  • Purulent myositis, the skin becomes red, increase local and General temperature.
  • Perhaps the onset of fever.
  • In myositis of the neck headache, fixed in the back of the head, temples. Strained chewing muscles, sometimes to such an extent that the patient cannot perform the movement of jaws.
  • In chronic myositis atrophy, pain intensified at night, change of weather conditions.
  • Parasitic myositis causes pain in the chest, the limbs, soreness of the tongue.

For mild symptoms the disease can pass on their own after a few days. But under the influence of cold, change of weather, stress, the disease again manifested any sharp signs.

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The danger of cervical myositis is the progression of the disease, in which with each new relapse in the inflammatory process involved nearby healthy muscles. Neck is the throat muscles, esophagus, larynx, their defeat is difficult to swallow and causes coughing, in severe cases to choking.

Diagnostic methods to identify signs of illness

The diagnosis is exposed on the basis of the complaints from the patient, medical history, palpation and visual examination of the cervical. Specific clinic already makes you suspect myositis.

In cases of suspected purulent myositis it is necessary to identify the causative agent of the disease by seeding the tank. When neyromiozit is electromyography is a procedure aimed at identifying lesions of the nerve fibers.

When polimiozit it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive survey with mandatory ECG. Myositis requires of differential diagnostics with diseases with similar symptoms – an osteochondrosis, hernias. For this purpose, x-ray, MRI.

Treatment options of the disease

How and in what way to treat myositis of the cervical muscles depends on the reasons. All treatment should be comprehensive with the inclusion in the scheme of treatment of medicines, massage, diet, special exercises. Full recovery is achieved only with a combination of all of the doctor recommended procedures.

  1. Medication includes a course of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs and painkillers. Analgesics are appointed for the entire period pain, anti-inflammatory medication until the inflammation has passed. When a parasitic nature origin of myositis requires the use of Anthelmintics depending on identified pathogen. Purulent myositis requires the opening of the abscess and the use of highly effective antibiotics.
  2. Warming ointment necessary for muscles. Warming up improves blood circulation and partially eliminate the pain. These include ointment Alosetron, Viprosal, Vibrators.
  3. – manual method aimed at relaxation of the muscles after an arbitrary voltage. Methods of relaxation are taught by specially trained physiotherapists, having mastered the technique of training, the patient then exercises can conduct themselves.
  4. Treatment in Tibetan medicine muscle damage is based on the use of acupuncture, the different methods of massage, manual therapy. Local action is needed to eliminate muscle tension, return to their normal anatomical position. A course of treatments selected for each patient individually.
  5. Diet in acute myositis, it is recommended to follow a special diet with the exception of too salty, spicy and fried foods. Products introduction fiber assists in the removal of toxins, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid.
  6. Exercise therapy – the use of physical exercises multiplies the effect of the primary therapy. With the help of regular exercises relieve tension, reduce pain and stretch muscles. Classes are selected by the doctor based on all symptoms and pathologies identified in a specific patient.
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Appointed in myositis of the neck treatment must be carried out before the end. This condition will prevent the transition of acute diseases into a chronic form.

Traditional medicine in the fight against the disease

Along with the treatment of cervical myositis medications can be used and popular methods of restoration of mobility in strained skeletal muscle.

«Grandma’s recipes» partially relieve the pain, prevent further inflammation and reduce the period of medication.

  • Relieve pain in myositis compress from the leaves of the cabbage. Clean leaves should be liberally grate the soap, sprinkle baking soda and apply to the neck, securing with a scarf. Leave the compress and at night.
  • Relieves pain and muscle spasm Laurel oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. A few drops of oil drip in a liter of warm water, dipped in this liquid a towel. Then it is drained, fold into a bundle and attached to the back of his head. Laurel oil effectively relieves pain in the neck and the head.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect have leaves of burdock. Six leaves of the plant need to be parboiled, pile it all together and apply to the neck, fixing the scarf.

Myositis of the neck is considered to be a serious illness with a tendency to chronicity. The success of treatment depends not only on the literacy of the attending physician and the patient perseverance which will regularly conduct all the necessary procedures.

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