Numb hands: causes and treatments

Немеют кисти рук: причины и способы леченияWhy numb hands? With this question at the hospital treated many patients. There is an unpleasant but usually short-lived feeling because squeezing the nerve endings. Most often, this symptom is not dangerous. Numb hands due to the fact that the person is a long time in uncomfortable or unnatural position. The result is a pinched, blood in the arm with difficulty, and the limb may feel numb. In this case, a person quite a bit to develop a numbed part of the body, and everything will return to normal.

If numbness of the limbs — the phenomenon is often habitual, or if it is accompanied by severe continuous pain, then visit the doctor immediately need. Similar symptoms can be indicators of serious disease. Such signs occur in osteochondrosis, diseases of the arteries, atherosclerosis. Provocateur of such feelings is also improper blood flow or a pinched nerve. Prolonged numbness to cope with the unpleasant sensations by mere manipulation is impossible. If a person has a numb right arm from the elbow fully, it can be a sign of damage to the carpal tunnel.

The primary causes of the disease brushes

In our time, numbness of the extremities is a widespread disease. The reason for this symptom is compression of the median nerve. If time does not begin treatment, the results can be quite disastrous. Initially, patients begin to lose the feeling in my fingers, then whole hand, then brush, over time, the numbness spreading throughout her arm. The longer the patient visits a doctor, the more he begins to experience painful sensations in the afternoon and during sleep. When lifting the arms up the pain may worsen.

Aching sensations in the hands can occur at a constant rate in the same uncomfortable position. Often the cause of such feelings can become lower back problems. If a person has damage to the spine, a pinched nerve in the lower back is able to surrender to the pain in his arm.

Немеют кисти рук: причины и способы лечения

The compression of the carpal nerve canal causes tingling and numbness of extremities

The defeat of the carpal tunnel triggers the immobilization of the hands, 70 % of people. At this disease are exposed to lose the first 3 fingers in the process of compression of the middle channel. Trigger the disease can prolonged sitting at your Desk. The patient begin to numb my fingers first, and then the whole brush.

Numb right hand in patients in which the body lacks of vitamin B12. He is responsible for the normal functioning of nerve fibers. If it is very small in the human body, the patient begins to get tired, constantly fatigued, and with little work tassels in a lot of pain. This symptom is increased irritability.

Numb right hand and due to the presence in a patient of Raynaud’s disease. In the area of the brush circulation occurs, the patient experiences long-lasting pain accompanied by numbness. There are many causes of this disease. Primarily, this prolonged stress, nicotine or alcohol poisoning, heredity. In some situations, numbness of the brush in such diseases can be triggered by hypothermia, prolonged stay under the sun. At risk are women under 30.

In addition to numbness, in Raynaud’s disease the person turn blue and quickly get cold fingers. If left untreated this illness, it can spread to other parts of the body (feet, nose, ears, chin).

Secondary causes of the defeat of the hands

Occlusive disease can cause long-lasting pain and temporary numbness. In this disease there is a loss of limb vessels. As a result of difficult outflow of blood, which causes partial or complete numbness. If time does not take action, the numbness will progress and can lead to gangrene.

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Немеют кисти рук: причины и способы лечения

Cause discomfort can become pathological changes of the spine in the lumbar region

The causes of numbness can vary, but often enough among the secondary provocateurs discomfort occurs neuropathy. A similar disease affects the nerves. The result is disruption of the nerve channels. In addition to numbness, the patient feels itching, burning, tingling and tightening of the skin on the fingers. Often numbness of the brush accompanied by severe prolonged numbness and sharp pain. The reasons for this feeling are different. To provoke neuropathy can diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Often numbness of the hands accompanies ischemic stroke. The defeat of the vertebral and cerebellar arteries can provoke such feelings. The pain can often be provoked by hyperventilation. This disease is accompanied by the constant presence of fear, anxiety, shortness of breath, shortness of breath. Causes discomfort can be due to pinched vessels. Such pain is accompanied by tingling of the affected parts. This symptom indicates that the patient has serious health problems that need to be addressed immediately.

The numbness of hands can be very different consequences. If the lesion is mild, there will be minor disturbance of blood circulation. If the disease is started and the treatment is initiated in time, such negligence can cause the development of gangrene.

Full or partial numbness

Немеют кисти рук: причины и способы лечения

Discomfort after waking up may be the cause of the incorrect position of hands during sleep

The most common cause of painful diseases of this nature is by displacement of nerves and vessels muscles. So as the beam of vessels responsible for normal functioning of the wrist and hand in General, there are defects in its performance. In the process of squeezing of the nerve canal can hurt not only the brush but also the entire left or right arm from the elbow to the wrist. Upon detection of such symptoms should consult a doctor. He will be able by palpation to determine the true source of pain and prescribe treatment.

In some cases the patient has pain in the shoulder, and with it the entire arm due to an inflammatory processes that occur in the cervical spine. Rarely cause similar sensations can be a pain in the lower back. To provoke bad feeling, the patient may variety of diseases, but they are all related to one common cause of — stay human for a long time in an unnatural posture and excessive stress on the joints.

Pain in the lower back does not always provoke the numb hands. The cause of the numbness can be permanent fatigue of the limbs.

These same symptoms are observed in patients with low back pain. And to develop this disease has become in the era of computerization. The more time a person spends sitting in one position in front of the computer, the more tense his spine, pain in the lower back. And in many cases, it provokes pain in the shoulders, cervical back, numb hands.

If a person for several hours continuously prints, moving objects, lifts heavy things, then it could trigger the blood flow, severe fatigue, pain and numbness of the limbs. Some patients after such a long physical activity is hard even to squeeze in a fist or make any minor manipulation. Numb arm in this case, at first almost imperceptibly, and very rare.

More pronounced pain in the joints, wrists and elbows. Over time, the painful feelings begin to grow, and the numbness is happening more often. Women are more prone to spasmodic pain than men. At risk are people from 35 to 55 years.

Numbness of the knees and feet

Patients sometimes pain in my knee for various reasons. Provokes the appearance of such a symptom of the age, and the changes which occur in the body: weakening of the ligaments, joint deformity, cartilage destruction. Such problems bring a lot of inconvenience. No matter what age you are numb to the knee, it is a reason to visit a doctor. Violation of the sensitivity needs to be treated, the more it can be associated with age-related changes and destructive processes in the spine.

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In many cases, patients sometimes stiff lower back. This symptom catches up with the person rather rare and not particularly worried, but over time, the numbness spreading to other parts of the body, primarily on his feet. The manifestation of this symptom may be a sign that in the lumbar region of the back there is a violation, which requires treatment. It can be:Немеют кисти рук: причины и способы лечения

  • inflammation;
  • the displacement of the vertebra;
  • a pinched nerve;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • intervertebral hernia.

The frequency and intensity of pain can be different depending on what has become a provocateur of this state. If the patient’s legs during sleep, feels constant lethargy in the extremities, reduce the knees and numb feet as a whole, it is clear signs of intervertebral hernia. The pain in this case starts to progress, if a man leans, long standing or sitting, doing simple manipulations. Much less the patient numb knee, hip, and feet due to other causes (e.g., diabetes).

Before the manifestation of such symptoms, patients frequently first numbs the lower back. In this case, before prescribe treatment, the doctor may require x-ray of the spine. But not always this study is sufficient. Resolution accurate diagnosis using MRI and other advanced diagnostic methods.

Chronic lower back pain and frequent numbness of the feet can be a symptom of sciatica in acute or chronic form. You should consult a doctor at the first symptoms and be diagnosed as early as possible. Early treatment can bring a greater impact.

Pain relief and elimination of the disease

If the patient during sleep or in the afternoon there are severe pain and obvious signs of sciatica, arthritis or osteoarthritis, then you start treatment you need as quickly as possible. After the diagnosis and determine the cause of the disease should start treatment. To assign a course of rehabilitation in osteochondrosis, or any other disease can be a doctor.

Немеют кисти рук: причины и способы лечения

The structure of the nerve canal in a person’s hand

First and foremost, patients are prescribed medication. Their action is directed on elimination of pain, numbness, prevent spasm of the muscles, the resumption of normal blood circulation, removal of toxins from the body. In addition to the main course of medicines your doctor may prescribe the patient some vitamins and minerals. They will fruitfully influence the elimination of inflammation and restoration of normal functioning of the damaged area.

If the patient has pain in the shoulder, knees, elbows or hand, he can prescribe manual therapy. This local impact is very positive effect on the prevention of the development of the disease. Manipulation prevent deposition of salts on the joints, reduced elasticity of muscles and ligaments, eliminate swelling of the damaged area. Chiropractic helps to restore normal metabolism and blood circulation, nutrition of the limbs.

All kinds of ultrasonic effects on the body can positively affect the patient’s condition. This can be a magnetotherapy, laser treatment, exposure with ultrasound. After a course of such procedures, the patient begins the recovery process in the tissues, improving the inflow and outflow of blood.

Physiotherapy and traditional medicine — a good additional treatment for osteochondrosis, radiculitis, rheumatism and all other ailments that trigger pain and numbness. Such methods of rehabilitation helps strengthen muscles, restore immunity and strengthen overall health.

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Folk remedies for the treatment

When degenerative disc disease and numbness of the extremities necessary to apply traditional medicines. This is a simple and accessible recipes that will be a great help to classical medical treatment. Diseased parts of the body must be warmed up. So take pumpkin porridge and boil it. It is perfect for a warm compress. Put mass on the entire aching area of the hands, wrap in cling film and wrap with a scarf. Leave the poultice on all night.

For tincture from pain in the fingers take 3 pickled cucumbers, 3 pods of hot pepper and ½ l of vodka. Finely chop the cucumber and pepper. Components pour vodka (you can substitute alcohol). Let the mixture steep for 1 week in a dry, dark place. Strain the infusion and apply it every day in the evening on the hands. Good RUB the medicine, so it is better absorbed.

Take 200 g of black pepper and pour 1 liter of olive or vegetable oil. Put the mixture on fire and simmer for 25-35 minutes on low heat. Constantly stir the mixture. As soon as you feel that your hands or feet start to go numb, actively RUB them with ointment. The worsening symptoms go away almost immediately.

Contrast baths can help with prolonged pain and numbness in the body. You can take a completely cold shower, and you can pour 2 small cups of water in the first hot, the second cold. Now, lower turns hands first in the first tray, then the second. Keep hands each need at least 2-3 minutes. Before you give up the second tub, wait for 1 minute. Throughout the day repeat this procedure 4 times. While taking a hot bath, try to develop your fingers. This strongly push them to the bottom of the bath, and squeeze and open your.

Gymnastics for hands and feet

Немеют кисти рук: причины и способы леченияIf you have frequent and prolonged numbness of the limbs, it means that bad blood is supplied to palms and feet. In such a situation, the patient needs to develop limbs at least 2 times a day. There is a simple complex of exercises which will help to improve circulation and restore good health.

For the first exercise lie on the floor, put your hands up and 100 times compress and unclench fists. Then lower the brush down and let them relax. Now raise your legs perpendicular to the floor. Take 50 circular movements of the feet first in one, then in the other direction. During this time, your brush will have time to relax. Now repeat the clenching and unclasping of hands, without lifting them from the floor.

Rise from the floor and stand near the wall. Turn around to face her and put your hands up. Feel your spine and stretch up. Spend in this position for 1-2 minutes. Then give the body some rest. Repeat the exercise 3 times. Now stand up straight and straighten your back. Put your hands back and roll them in the castle. Try to capture as much as possible. Keep your hands behind your back for 1 minute. Get some rest. Repeat the exercise 5 times.