Numb leg below the knee: techniques to resolve problems

Немеет нога ниже колена: методы устранения проблемыMany people are interested in the question of why numb feet. The reason for this phenomenon is not so little. Numbness can bring discomfort, cause unpleasant sensation of pain in the knee joint. As a result, you may experience feelings regarding the state of health.

What is most interesting, numb legs below the knees not only in the elderly, but also for people in good physical shape. Young people with this condition prevents full time work leads to unpleasant consequences. A person who is faced with a similar problem, need to consult a doctor, who find out the cause of leg numbness and prescribe treatment.

Causes of discomfort in the legs

Numbness in feet above or below the knee is often the result of disorders of the nervous sensitivity. This may indicate a serious disease. According to statistics, almost all cases of numbness indicate problems with the musculoskeletal system.

The human spine performs many functions. The normal operation of the limbs, including the knee joint, depends on the condition of the spine. If a person have swelling of the legs and numbness, this indicates the presence of problems in the lumbar. How often there is numbness of the leg above the knee, it is possible to judge the complexity of the situation and the stage of the disease.

Numbness of legs when the hernia occurs just above the knee, the same symptom, and degenerative disc disease. This disease is the main cause of unpleasant sensations in the limbs. The disease can progress, and at certain stages among other symptoms noted numbness of the feet.

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Of course, unpleasant sensations in the legs arise not only due to problems with the spine. For example, numb left leg, as, indeed, and right, if the person is a long time in an uncomfortable position, motionless. Among other reasons, not connected with diseases of musculoskeletal system, note the following:Немеет нога ниже колена: методы устранения проблемы

  • the body lacks vitamins and minerals;
  • constant migraine;
  • poor circulation in the legs;
  • the lack of treatment for the manifestation of transient ischemic attacks (in this case, the pain and numbness can grab one arm or leg, does not exclude the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms throughout the body);
  • high blood sugar;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • diseases associated with deformation joints;
  • heredity.

How does numbness

There are several major symptoms that accompany this phenomenon. If numbness of the leg above the knee occur:

  • unpleasant pain;
  • the feeling of «vatnost» in the leg or parts of it;
  • in the place of numbness of the skin may shrink or stretch;
  • burning sensation;
  • glaciation of the limbs;
  • the emergence of chills.

Немеет нога ниже колена: методы устранения проблемыIf, during the numbness of the leg above the knee to start actively moving it will be instantly a sharp pain. Even an ordinary cough can lead to pain syndrome. In some cases, numbness of the legs when the herniation of the spine is accompanied by convulsions.

The process is gradual, and it can be divided into several stages.

  • First, there are pain in the area of the foot, then there is complete numbness of a limb to the knee.
  • Then, you may receive severe pain.
  • Possible numbness of the legs below the knees and a sharp pain, with the impression that the skin becomes less sensitive.
  • The loss of sensitivity of the foot.
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    In the event of such symptoms should immediately seek help from a specialist. Timely treatment will allow to determine the causes of numbness and eliminate them.

    If numb left leg, it may indicate heart problems. In this case you should immediately consult a doctor, especially if numb leg above the knee.

    Diagnosis and remediation of problems

    To identify the causes of numbness of the limbs need to go to the neurologist. For examination of the patient based on computer tomography and x-rays. In some cases, to determine why my leg became numb below the knee or above it, appoint an ultrasonography and total blood count.

    Causes of numbness can be many. Therefore, in addition to a neurologist, have to visit the traumatologist, orthopedist and other specialists. After the diagnosis, selected the necessary complex treatment to eliminate leg numbness below the knee or above it.

    Often, the problem lies in the lack of mobility of the person. To improve circulation, requires some physical activity. It is advisable to walk quickly, run and aerobics. If a person lacks blood vessels, repair the numbness of the legs below the knee is possible with exercise. You need to lie on your back, raise the limbs up and shake them for 3-4 minutes. If the patient is always in one position, you should enlist the help of gymnastics. It eliminate the numbness of the legs below the knee and prevent the appearance of this symptom.

    If numb leg above the knee, you can access the methods of folk medicine. Help wraps, compresses and herbal tinctures. As prophylaxis it is recommended to take a contrast bath. In any case it is impossible to prevent overcooling of feet.

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    Comprehensive therapy involves the use of medications. The choice of drugs depends on the cause that provoked the appearance of numbness. To the treatment was most effective, it is important to spend quality diagnosis.

    Often, circulation problems occur in pregnant women. In this case, to eliminate numbness in the extremities, helps, taking a multivitamin with high iron content and minerals. Useful will walk before bed and a warm shower.