Ointment for joint pain for normalization of the reference system

Мазь от боли в суставах для нормализации работы опорной системыAbout joint pain many people know. To stop unpleasant sensations when the joints and muscles helps ointment for joint pain. Often painful sensations arise not only in older age due to wear and tear of the joints, but also for injuries in the most unexpected moment. The trauma from the fall a little bit, but damages the joint. Pain can arise from osteoarthritis, is the destruction of the knee due to an early age. The third reason, which will cause the joints to ache, it is the disturbed metabolism. The cartilage isn’t getting enough nutrients, it cannot be updated. The use of ointments for the joints contributes to the normalization of the reference system.

The reasons for this metabolism can be heredity, endocrine disease, overeating, which lead to the buildup of fatty deposits, frequent infectious disease. The problem begins imperceptibly: at first it just light crunches when sit-UPS or walking, but then the difficulties begin with the flexion-extension of the limb. Further, not just crunches, but loud clicks accompanied by any movement of the joint. If it is the feet, the knees may swell, pain from them grows in both directions: on the thigh and lower leg. If you take Astin and other auxiliary drugs, it is possible to avoid problems.

To preserve the condition of the joints and muscles is better from an early age. You need to train them. It is worth considering that the joints is not muscles that need heavy loads for power training and endurance. For joints, the load is contraindicated, so it is best to go for a swim. Besides pain in the joints to wear more than 5 kg is strictly forbidden, because it may worsen the situation.

To improve the condition is to get rid of excess your own weight, because it is an additional difficulty for the joints. Will help drug Astin. It is worth saying that medications Astin cannot be taken without consulting your doctor. Astin is contraindicated for use in the treatment of people who have a hypersensitivity to the components included in its composition. While taking the drug often experience side effects of moderate severity. The most common side effects in cases where used Astin, are insomnia, headache, nausea, diarrhea, pain appears in the abdomen. In addition to these disorders Astin is able in some cases to cause systemic disorders in the human body.

Мазь от боли в суставах для нормализации работы опорной системыYou need to drink plenty of fluids, because it does not completely dry out the cartilage. On the day you need to drink at least 1-1,5 l of water. It is important to help bones and cartilage, taking every day calcium.

Every day you should do exercises or at least a simple warm-up exercises, even if it hurts the knee. It will help develop cartilage. Good exercises of the type «Bicycle» and «Scissors». It is strictly forbidden to jump and run, to play football, basketball, volleyball. Otherwise, the joints can just crumble from the stress. You can do brisk walk. Fresh air and the right shoes will not hurt and will only benefit, you can take Astin.

Medical ointments for muscles sometimes easier to cook at home, as many of the ingredients are on hand in each family. To get remedy from joint pain, don’t even have to go to the pharmacy or to the doctor. In addition, many people believe that it is not necessary to spend extra money to buy ointments with beautiful packaging. You can easily prepare a warming ointment at home. And it is not inferior in its properties to drugs. Properly prepared the ointment in combination with infusions and compresses can handle the joint disease even better. Most often used in ointments honey, pepper, mustard, oil. Here are a few recipes of the most effective ointments.

Home treatment creams and gels to be used when pain in the joints

Мазь от боли в суставах для нормализации работы опорной системыListed below are the best, but not the only recipes. These creams and gels well with the issue. In addition, you can use this medication as Astin.

From pain muscles helps to do the following. Red pepper mixed with pork fat or petroleum jelly in the proportions of 1:2. When to start joint pain, it can be a small fraction to RUB into the affected area. This ointment provides a warming effect and has a very simple recipe with a unique beneficial effect on the joints, if it hurts the knee.

The recipe with the content of camphor, mustard and protein

50 g of mustard is used 50 ml of oil of camphor. All this is diluted in 100 g of ethyl alcohol. Then in the resulting mass add egg whites, three in number, who had previously been whisked in a separate bowl.

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There is a second variant of this ointment for treatment where alcohol is not used, and just mix all butter, mustard and eggs. Such ointment can spoil quickly, so it should be kept in the fridge.

This ointment for the treatment of joints it is better to apply gently and in small doses before bedtime, because it can cause allergies.

It is extremely effective, as after the first use you can already feel relief, but you need to finish the entire course of treatment, which consists of 10 procedures. Don’t forget to wrap the joint with a blanket.

Sour milk and egg shells

This recipe will help with problems of the muscles and ligaments. The ratio is taken 1:1. You will need crushed eggshells (you can use a mortar) and sour milk (sour milk, but in any case not yogurt). Both ingredients need to be mixed thoroughly and spread on a prepared cloth bandage. On this ointment need to wrap around the sore spot and leave for an hour. Additionally, warming wrap and wrap woolen cloth.

Joint pain, you need to conduct 5 sessions. To carry out their daily needs. Then you should take a break for 5 days, and then alternate until, until complete recovery. Compresses better to do at night, when the joint will be at rest for a long time. With the problems of muscles, he should do it.

Aloe, turpentine, and ammonia

Мазь от боли в суставах для нормализации работы опорной системыThis recipe has more ingredients. It will help in case of insufficient activity of the muscles. You will need ammonia, turpentine, alcohol, camphor oil, petroleum jelly or aloe Vera in 100 g. you need to Add the novocaine — 2 capsules. Aloe must be over 3 years. Before you cut, you have 5 days do not water the plant. It is necessary that the juice of the flower was most concentrated. All these components are mixed. You need to leave them to infuse for 5 days in a dark place. The temperature should be low, but not in the refrigerator. Every day you need to mix the infusion 2-3 times.

Before you smear a little of the infusion need to pee into a separate container and heat up, because to apply it on the sore spot, you need only warm. Before the split you need to shake the liquid, then stirred, then cast part and heat. But before applying you will need to re-stir the ointment. Warm liquid is poured on the palm and rubbed into the bending limbs. Bottle immediately need to be close to all the nutrients do not evaporate during the procedure.

Grind by hand, and hand. Then you need to provide a warm bandage, blanket and quiet. Warm muscles will be instant.

Apple cider vinegar, turpentine, toadstools, butter, Bay leaf and juniper

The following ointment is also well shown. You need to boil the egg and its protein grind until smooth gruel. To it add 1 teaspoon of ointment of turpentine and 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar. This composition should be stored in the refrigerator and keep the container closed. RUB it needs thorough.

From toadstools you can prepare the ointment, the rubbing. For this you need to collect mushrooms and separate the caps from the legs. Hats filled with vodka. This mixture needs to steep about a half moon. Then it can be used for compresses and rubbing.

Bay leaf has long been used in recipes for ointments for joint pain. 12 servings of butter you need to take 6 servings Bay leaf and 1 portion of the needles of the juniper. Prior to this, Bay leaf and juniper are ground into a powder. When all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the ointment can be rubbed into joints.

Kerosene, oil, soda, soap, salt and mustard

This ointment includes kerosene (50 grams). Add a quarter Cup of sunflower oil, 1 tsp of baking soda and a quarter of a normal piece of soap (after it should be crushed). All these ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Now the mixture should infuse for at least 3 days. Then you can RUB it into the joints, but you need to grind dry. As with other ointments, the joint needs to tie woolen shawls.

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This ointment is used salt (1 Cup) and half a Cup of powdered mustard. Stir loose weight and add kerosene. All this is thoroughly mixed until the consistency will be similar to the ointment.

As with other warming ointments, this should be rubbed before going to sleep and additionally wrap up warm fabrics.

Chestnuts and turpentine, ammonia and iodine

Мазь от боли в суставах для нормализации работы опорной системыGrate large chestnuts in the amount of five pieces on a grater. To them add one Cup of turpentine (gum). After the gel for the joints to be mixed, it is necessary to leave for a fortnight. Only then will it be possible to use for rubbing.

To prepare this ointment for the treatment of joints of the fingers, used iodine and ammonia in the proportions 1:2. Then infuse the mixture for 3 days. Then you need to the mix to add more of exactly the same ingredients. The new mixture should be left in a cool dark place for a fortnight. During this time, the tincture should take the transparent color. Once the duration of infusion it can be used 2 times a day.

The ingredients list the following:

  • St. John’s wort — 1 tbsp;
  • yarrow — 0.5 St. l.

All the ingredients to grind and mix. To the powder add petroleum jelly (1 tbsp), which should be previously melted on a steam bath. Ointment get viscous. She needs to RUB the joint on the night.

Chestnut, lilac, dandelion and Golden mustache

In the treatment of the joints of the fingers in equal proportions are the flowers of the dandelion, lilac chestnut. Very neatly stacked in the jar and pour the vodka. For two weeks this mixture needs to steep in a dark and cool place.

Мазь от боли в суставах для нормализации работы опорной системы

Then it can be used as an ointment (if you grind all the ingredients), and how wrap (wetting the gauze and wrapping the joint in heat), and as a gel. Despite its simplicity, this tool is very effective: enough 2-3 treatments for the pain.

Regular home flower called the Golden mustache might help if a sore knee. For the preparation of gel to cut 40 inflorescences of the plant, grate or finely chop them. Then pour 0.5 liters of vodka and leave for a fortnight. Then this gel you can RUB the sore spots 2 times a day.

Use vinegar, eggs and ficus in relieving joint pain

The whole egg shell dissolve in vinegar, and then pierced the tape and mix the contents with vinegar. After preparation, the composition can be rubbed into the joint, and the limb warm woolen scarves.

There is another kind of this gel. The mass is added at the end of butter or animal fat. Both soothe joint. Since the ointment can quickly turn bad, it is better to close it with a lid and store in the refrigerator.

The ficus is very suitable for ointments and tinctures that relieve joint pain. For this purpose the leaves of the plant thoroughly rinsed and chopped into fine pieces. The whole lot needs to be put in a jar. It should be filled one third. The rest of the space to fill with vodka. Now let the mix steep. Every day you need to be talking to the Bank. The vodka will pull from the leaves all the nutrients. After a couple of weeks present a lot you will need to drain.

Before going to bed can RUB the joints with this liquid and wrap in heat. Immediately will experience a warming and soothing effect.

Honey, wax, egg yolk, salt, Shilajit and celandine

This natural ointment is very effective and will not keep itself waiting long (as tincture). The list of actions is the following. You need to take honey (1 tbsp), a small piece of beeswax and one chicken egg yolk. Mix it all and heat on a steam bath. The ointment is transferred to a gauze bandage and wrapped around the patient’s joint before bed.

Salt and honey take 1 tbsp. l. for treatment of joints of the fingers. Everything is mixed and laid out in a cotton or linen fabric. A bandage to wrap the joint, and the top winding of warm fabrics. The procedure should be repeated before bedtime each day for as long as the pain is completely gone.

100 g of honey should be melted on a steam bath and mix it with crushed Shilajit (5 g). This mixture is rubbed into the joint every night before bed. You need to leave it for 15 minutes. Then the joint needs to be alone.

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Celandine is filled with sunflower oil and infused. After a couple of weeks of the infusion need to strain through several layers of cheesecloth. Now gel for joints can be applied 3 times a day.

The use of hops, clover and butter

This ointment is simple and effective. It is applied 3 times per day. 1 tbsp leaf hops you need to chop, grind and mix with 1 tbsp of softened butter. The ointment is applied to the joint and has a calming effect.

Grass clover (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water and cook. The volume of broth should be reduced by half. Then this liquid is poured melted butter. You can replace it melted on a steam bath with vaseline. The wax can be used 2-3 times a day.

The patient may smear your painful joints a tool that is used in veterinary medicine. Horse liniment is one of the best remedies for diseased joint. This tool is much more effective than ordinary creams and gels in pharmacies. But do not forget that horse liniment designed for large animal, so a person is better to use it in small doses. Horse liniment has a warming and soothing effect.Мазь от боли в суставах для нормализации работы опорной системы

Horse liniment — not only unusual, but the traditional recipe. There is also the Egyptian ointment, many Indian recipes are already famous cream Sophia. By the way, cream the Sophia is very good.

Adam root, red pepper, honey and cinquefoil

This plant, like Adam root, is very often used in alternative medicine as an ingredient in tinctures and ointments for skin diseases and joint problems.

In the gel of the joints include not only Adam root, but the sage, red pepper, rose hips, burdock, cinquefoil. This gel for joints is not only soothing, but also anti-inflammatory effect. When mixing Adam’s root with red pepper is a burning combination that all the necessary trace elements penetrate deep into the tissue, moreover, it is more thoroughly heated. This is due to the fact that blood circulation improves in the area of application of ointment.

The positive properties of the gel of Adam’s root for the treatment of joints:

  • warming effect;
  • the removal of pain;
  • acceleration of cell regeneration;
  • improved metabolism in the area of application of the gel, etc.

Мазь от боли в суставах для нормализации работы опорной системыThis is a very simple remedy for joints, manual describing the use of this ointment, it is rarely necessary. Ingredients such as Potentilla, honey, cream with lanolin and red pepper, mixed in equal proportions.

Ointment should be stored in a cool place, the mixture is not spoiled, but before applying to the sore spot a part of the gel need to be warmed up.

The use of mustard with the honey, birch ointments and apples

To remove the pain in the joints of the hands using applying honey on the affected area and then putting back the mustard. To keep this tool need 2 hours and then wash off the remains and wrap, giving peace.

Pain helps grease joint with birch extract. For this you need to stretch your fresh birch leaves, just grind and apply on the sore joints. Then this place zamatyvaetsya cotton fabric. Keep the ointment to about days, preferably not straining the joints.

Well help to cope with this problem Apple ointments, pain in the joints. Fresh apples rubbed on a fine grater, are wrapped in gauze. To apply it is necessary to wrap the joint and additionally warm.

This wrap every day. The course of treatment is approximately 3 months.

Contraindications in the treatment of homemade ointments

As with the treatment drugs, ointments homemade have their nuances. Some of them highly potent, so you need to apply them in small doses and for a short period.

You may not use the ointment for joint pain, if there is a purulent infection, allergies, fluid accumulation in the joint, strokes, heart attacks, etc.