Ointment for knee pain from arthritis and arthrosis

Мазь от боли в колене при артрите и артрозеJoint pain is bothering an increasing number of people. Even at a young age, many experience discomfort when walking, bending, exercising. So from pain in great demand. Arthritis, osteoarthritis or bursitis affects every third man.

In addition to joint diseases, people suffer injuries, bruises, sprains, bumps, or other damage. With severe pain almost every sign. Usually the first painkiller at home with injuries or various diseases is the ointment for your joints.

Healthy mobility of the knee joints is a very important factor that provides the necessary work of the entire musculoskeletal system. Knee pain may result from various pathologies that affect this joint. When the disease reaches a certain stage, the mobility of the legs is broken. In some cases, late diagnosis and treatment lead to disability and loss of health.

Ointment used to relieve pain, can be:

  • warming;
  • painkillers;
  • cooling;
  • anti-inflammatory.

Depending on the origin of the pain apply ointment that effectively act on the affected area.

Anatomy of the knee joint is such that when the stress or the age factor suffer cartilage. This leads to different functional disorders of the joint. Symptoms of injuries or diseases of the knee joints are pain aching or sharp in nature and swelling.

Any soreness cannot be ignored. Timely diagnosis can help to stop the disease. One of the common diseases of the knee joints is bursitis.

Description of the disease and its causes

Мазь от боли в колене при артрите и артрозе

Places of a congestion of effusion of synovial fluid

Bursitis of the knee is an inflammatory process of the so-called bags, dubbed from the Latin word «Bursa» which means «bag». It contains synovial fluid. It is necessary to reduce the pressure on the joint. Yet its function is to provide nutrition to cartilage. There are 3 articular bags.

The first bag is located on top of the knee called the knee, or prepatellar. The other is under the knee, where the tendons of the muscles, called suprapatellar, or infrapatellar. And the third strand underneath the inner part of the knee called the goose.

Reasons why there is a bursitis of the knee, a lot. The most common are:

  • large and prolonged stress on the knees;
  • injuries, bruises of the knee;
  • open wounds;
  • different infection;
  • obesity;
  • the presence of other diseases (rheumatism, psoriasis);
  • violation of metabolism.
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Each form of bursitis accompanied by their factors. For example, when prepatellar bursitis knee joint inflammation develops in the knee bag. This form of bursitis is the most common and appears as a result of longer stay on his knees, because that creates a big burden on this area.

Usually this form of the disease affects those people whose work is associated with the stay on my knees, for example, tilers. This condition is also called «roofer’s knee».

Infrapatellar bursitis of the knee affects the synovial bag, located in the popliteal area. This form of the disease occurs due to injuries of tendons. This is what happens when people make the jump. Sometimes the disease is called «jumper’s knee».

Мазь от боли в колене при артрите и артрозе

Often a cyst occurs in obese people

Goose bursitis of the knee or Baker’s cyst occurs in people who are overweight. With this form occurs a benign tumor in the lower inside of the knee. If incorrectly diagnosed and not completed the necessary treatment, the formation of pus. In this case, it is classified suppurative bursitis of the knee and possible serious complications.

The symptoms of the disease

The main symptom of inflammation of the knee joint involving the synovial bag is tumor formation in the joint. This phenomenon is accompanied by pain. Disturbed function of the limb.

In acute bursitis of the knee symptoms are more severe. There is a sudden pain that intensifies when walking. But the mobility of a joint is preserved. Painful symptoms of this disease differ from arthritis pain. The affected area of the knee is red, swollen. The diameter of the swelling can reach 10 cm in this inflammation increases body temperature, there chills.

Chronic course of the disease has distinct symptoms. Although the pain is not very worried person, but their duration is long-lasting. The chronic form of the disease appears dense formation, but the skin is not changed. The work of the limb is not broken.

If the bursitis is superficial, it is easy to discover on your own. Put your hand on the knee if detectable hot seal, then you need to go to a medical facility.

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The treatment of inflammation

If the diagnosis of bursitis of the knee, treatment must be prescribed. Therapy of this disease is in several ways. For a more accurate diagnosis is taken from the synovial fluid bags, and send it for bacteriological analysis. When you confirm infectious forms of bursitis are shown Prem broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Aseptic form of inflammation requires the use of cold compresses. Drug therapy is the intake of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Requires complete rest.

Use ointment pain better than the one that has anti-inflammatory effects. Apply medicated creams: voltaren, ortofen, diklak gel.

The use of drugs in arthritis and arthrosis

Мазь от боли в колене при артрите и артрозе

Pathological changes in the knee joint with arthritis

Pain in the knee joints can be caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint. The disease deprives people of the opportunity to move freely. Arthritis of the knee the skin is red, General condition worsens, there is fever.

Doctors are not sure why arthritis occurs. It is assumed that the precipitating factors may be trauma, infection, and even allergies. To trigger the development of arthritis of the knee joint may improper metabolism, disease of the nervous system, or poor nutrition leading to deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Arthritis can be rheumatoid. In this form inflamed joints of the limbs. Occurs in middle-aged and older. When the diagnosis of arthritis knee joint treatment will be nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs inside. Perhaps the use treatment.

If was discovered infectious arthritis of the knee, treatment will require antibiotics. Such treatment should be under the supervision of a physician-rheumatologist.

It differs from arthritis of the knee? These diseases have a similar sound and have an impact on the musculoskeletal system. But with arthritis of the knee joint lesion is due to infections and arthrosis occurs a degenerative process in the cartilage of the joint. This can occur due to aging of the human body.

Arthritis often affects older people, but arthritis can occur at any age.

How to choose the right ointment?

Мазь от боли в колене при артрите и артрозеThe market of pharmaceutical products offers many treatment creams joint pain. How to choose an effective remedy that helps relieve inflammation of the knee joint? Before using the ointment from arthritis, consult your doctor. Some remedies are a number of contraindications.

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The disease can be similar symptoms. Therefore, you should not self-medicate. However in severe pain is not always possible to immediately go to the hospital. Therefore, the use of ointment arthritis or osteoarthritis may be the only relieves the way.

Choosing ointment to relieve the inflammation of the knee joint, read the manual. It must be specified how the property has: a warming, analgesic or anti-inflammatory. Some gels combine these 3 properties.

Ointment diclofenac has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Severe pain 5 g of ointment rubbed in circular motions into the affected area. Perhaps the use of such tools as hawkman, espol, Fastum, first days without. Medical emulsion espol is warming, helps relieve aching pain of chronic arthritis and improve blood circulation.

When the diagnosis of synovitis of the knee joint the treatment involves complex therapy together with the use of external means: voltaren, brufen. Receiving injections and tablets should monitor a leading specialist. It is necessary to exclude the load on the affected joint.

Sometimes pain occurs due to severe knee injuries. Often this is a problem for parents whose children lead active lifestyles. In such situations, to relieve pain, use the liniment on bruises. Their name may vary depending on the manufacturer. For most buyers available caffeine, Traumeel, lioton, heparin ointment.

The composition of these therapeutic creams within a short period to relieve swelling, eliminate the pain in the knee. In the great resolves hematomas. It is forbidden to use pain cream fractures. It is necessary to exclude the presence of fractures and cracks, which require the superimposition of the plaster bandage.