Ointment for sprains of muscles and ligaments under excessive loads

Sprain is one of the most common injuries. Places are the most traumatized ligaments of the ankle joint, knee, elbow and wrist. Sprains violated the integrity of the individual fibers.

Мазь от растяжений мышц и связок при чрезмерных нагрузках

Different degrees of stretching

The causes of injury and extent of damage to the ligaments

A ligament is a dense array of connective tissue, which strengthens joint. When excessive loads sudden tension or jerks when falling or sliding, which exceed the elastic capabilities of the ligaments, there is injury in the muscles. During stretching there is a partial or complete rupture of the fibers of the binder material.

The largest number of these gaps have on the ankle. This is due to the fact that this joint bears the greatest burden in the body. Trauma of this kind often get athletes. You can be injured and walking on uneven surfaces and while wearing shoes with high heels. It may be stretching ligaments associated with dislocations.

When the sedentary lifestyle, the elasticity of the binder fibers is lost, and excessive load on the ligaments are torn.

A sprain can vary in severity. Depending on how serious the injury is, it is possible to observe different symptoms. Consider three degrees of ligament damage.

Mild stretching in the injured area feels uncomfortable, painful sensations arise only when driving. From external signs in this region form a swelling weak or not observed at all.

To moderate severity include the sprain with a partial tear a connecting fabric. In place of the anguish this results in swelling, you experience the soreness of a continuing nature, which are amplified when attempting movement. Less in the injured zone occurs hematoma and observed increase in temperature.

A heavy amount of stretching is characterized by the same symptoms as medium, only with more pronounced swelling and a large hematoma at the site of the lesion. Any movement of the joint gives acute pain. Such stretching may be accompanied by dislocation and requires immediate referral to a specialist — orthopedist.

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First aid for injury

To alleviate the condition of the victim and not to aggravate the situation in injured area immediately after injury is needed to provide emergency assistance:

  • To release foot from the Shoe (if injured ankle), access to the affected area, otherwise due to swelling in the future it will make quite difficult.
  • Keep the joint in a bent position.
  • Applying something cold to the site of injury to reduce blood flow to ease pain.
  • In the case of blanching of the skin of the affected area, with complaints of acute pain is necessary to urgently deliver the victim to the hospital or the emergency room.
  • Мазь от растяжений мышц и связок при чрезмерных нагрузках

    First aid for dislocation of the feet: cold reduces swelling and prevents severe hemorrhage

    For successful treatment of sprains, observe the following recommendations. First of all it is necessary to provide a minimum load on the damaged joint and fixing the damaged area. In the first hours after a trauma it is impossible to take a hot bath to prevent overheating the injured area. To do massages and rubbing is prohibited – it can lead to severe swelling.

    After an initial examination and based on the results of x-ray the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. In cases of severe rupture of the ligaments may need even surgery. In other situations, the purpose might be:

    • the creams and gels to relieve pain, contains anti-inflammatory components;
    • preformed anti-inflammatory drugs;
    • physiotherapy;
    • at the end of treatment, you may need a set of exercises that help to restore motor function of ligaments.

    Types of ointments according to their functions

    Among the ointments prescribed for tension joints, there are several different types:
    Мазь от растяжений мышц и связок при чрезмерных нагрузках

    • cooling;
    • warming;
    • painkillers.

    Cooling. This ointment that have ingredients that create a cooling effect. This ointment for stretch carries a calming, soothing effect, especially when the site of the lesion appears to increase in temperature. The most effective kind of topical treatments is a gel. This species has the most rapid effect and easy absorption. Sometimes, in order not to disrupt the blood flow to the affected area, the gel is not rubbed, and lightly applied for self-absorption.

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    Warming. These ointments have a warming effect, which is achieved by adding in the composition of ointments substances such as honey bee or snake venom. These components have properties that improve vascular permeability, allowing an important active substances rather enter the bloodstream and are carried throughout the body. Ointment from stretching on the basis of the pepper extract and mustard has a pronounced warming effect, which manifests itself in the form of a burning sensation. The weakest component of the warming action is metilsalicilat. Heat ointments used in the treatment process, but remember that immediately after the injury they can not be used. Also, these ointments are used as preventive measures, warming the joints and tissues to sports competition, or preventing the stretching during the alleged exercise.

    Painkillers. These funds are intended for the relief of pain throughout the treatment period of injury. The best known analgesic ointment are: «Apizatron» (on the basis of bee venom, is also warming), «Dimexide» (clear gel anesthetic), «Lidocaine» (pain relief ointment), Traumeel (gel, widely used in the treatment of muscle sprains, contusions, bruises), ointment «Larkspur» (a drug based on herbal components that have a slight analgesic effect, but having good regenerative properties), «Diclofenac» (anesthetic gel), «Fastum-gel» (a warming, anesthetic gel). Any of these funds must be used only on prescription.

    Мазь от растяжений мышц и связок при чрезмерных нагрузках

    The brace will fix the damaged joint and protects against recurrent dislocation

    If the use of drugs the patient is not suitable, there are a sufficient number of popular treatments which can alleviate the condition of the patient. It must be remembered that all funds, medications, and folk, can be applied only after consultation with your doctor.

    The use of folk remedies

    A popular method of treatment for sprains is raw potatoes. Peeled potatoes must be crushed on a grater, the resulting mass is applied to the affected area as a compress all night. This procedure accelerates the process of tissue regeneration of damaged ligaments, disperses swelling and bruising.

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    Ordinary onions grind in a blender or grinder, the resulting mass you need to add a tablespoon of salt. Onion has anti-inflammatory effect, and the salt takes away the excess water, thereby reducing swelling. The mixture must be applied as a compress, but not on exposed skin, and paving between the skin and the tool to insert the gasket.

    Plant aloe provides excellent regenerative help. From the processed leaves of this popular plant make a compress. The pulp of aloe to compress as they heat it on the affected location needs to be replaced.

    Another way to heal stretched ligaments — this is the real stuff. To buy this plant at the pharmacy. You should soak the stuff in water, dilute it to form a slurry, gently RUB the mixture into the skin in the affected area. That means good resolves swelling, and promotes rapid healing of the injury.

    The main rule that needs to be performed in case of injury ligaments is not to self-medicate. After a qualified podiatrist will establish the severity of the injury, you can discuss with your healthcare professional treatment options and only then to apply any drug or folk remedy.