Ointment from sciatica: classification, characteristics and treatment

Мазь от радикулита: классификация, характеристика и лечениеSciatica is a very unpleasant disease. In this disease many people life is not sweet. Constantly in the back felt a very strong pain, which does not even stretch. When sciatica is also hampered deep breaths.

The disease may be masked by the pain in the heart or stomach. So sciatica needs to be treated comprehensively. This includes medicines and folk remedies.

Ointment disease: classification and characteristics

Ointments used to treat this disease, depending on the composition and effects on the skin are divided into groups:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • painkillers;
  • warming;
  • ointments, which are based on snake or bee venom.

Painkillers and anti-inflammation in the form of ointments are the most popular and effective in the treatment of this disease. They include components that are able to exert on the area of pain anti-inflammatory, analgesic and even antipyretic effect. These ointments are very good at relieving swelling. Almost in 15-20 minutes after application, the patient feels that the pain recedes.

The most popular nowadays are such drugs as:Мазь от радикулита: классификация, характеристика и лечение

  • voltaren;
  • Nise gel;
  • finalgel;
  • bystrumgel’;
  • the deep relief.

All of these drugs have common characteristics. They are able to be numb and to remove local temperature. Have decongestant and anti-inflammatory action.

Heat ointments accelerate blood circulation and restores metabolic processes to the affected areas of the skin. After applying warming ointments the patient begins to feel warmth and pleasant tingling. The effect of the medication starts after a few seconds, but it is quite short, and after a while the person feels pain again. In the treatment of sciatica with medication use such strong drugs as kapsikam, finalgon, gymnastical.

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Ointments, which are based on snake and bee venom, are local irritating and cause redness of the skin with a pleasant tingling and warmth. These drugs not only relieve pain, but also help to eliminate toxins. They also reduce swelling and play an important role in the restoration of nervous and muscular tissues. The most used drugs based on snake and bee venom — I experienced an unexpected side effect and we.

It is best if you consult an experienced specialist and prescribe the right remedy depending on the severity and pathology of the disease. Along with the different gels and ointments, the doctor may recommend pills from sciatica.

How to apply ointments

Мазь от радикулита: классификация, характеристика и лечениеAt the initial stage of the disease helps the ointment from sciatica. It does not penetrate the blood system and virtually has no side effects. But sometimes ointments are not enough. Then along with it you need to take the pill.

Basically all use the ointment 2 times a day. Previously you can gently RUB his hand on the affected part of the body. It is also advisable to massage the area of skin to which you just applied the product from sciatica.

It should be noted that in the treatment of sciatica medical you cannot apply the funds to the damaged areas of the skin. For a sufficiently large amount of ointment having severe itching and burning that is sometimes impossible to endure.

Skin cuts and abrasions can be very inflamed and itch, so to put drugs in the form of ointments in this case are contraindicated.

To treat sciatica you need a course in 2-3 weeks. Avoid getting medication on the mucous membranes. If the skin is too sensitive, then it can be slightly RUB the oil or any cream for the skin.

How to treat the disease folk remedies

Many people are advocates of traditional medicine. And you can often hear the question: what to treat the disease at home? If you decide to apply a popular way, then you should know that such treatment of illness at home will not be enough. You must still visit a doctor who will prescribe the ointment and pills. Folk remedies are good to use in addition to the recommended drugs.

The easiest recipe ointment of camphor oil and chestnut. This tool is done as follows. Taken 5 chestnuts chopped and mixed with camphor oil. Instead of camphor oil can be used badger fat. All is mixed until a homogeneous mass which resembles a cream or ointment. Usually this remedy for sciatica is applied to the back before bedtime.

Very effective folk remedy is a homemade ointment of St. John’s wort, peppermint and pine buds. To do this, mix the crushed pine buds with St. John’s wort and mint. To the cream add the spruce essential oil 5-6 drops. The cream is applied once a day to affected area of the body.

Another widely used recipe for traditional ointments is the cream of sage. Into boiling oil add dry sage. Takes half a liter of oil and 6-7 tablespoons of sage. The tool is well mixed, removed from heat and placed on a water bath for 30 minutes. Once the ointment will potomitsya in a water bath, it is necessary to wrap a warm blanket to cool down slowly. After 4 hours it can be used.

Vinegar, turpentine and egg protein is a great folk remedy. In a glass container mix the vinegar, turpentine and ammonia in equal proportions. Next, to this mixture is added the white of an egg. If all the proportions are met, there is a white vapor, which on cooling forms a white cream. RUB this mixture in the back once a day, the course is one week.