Ointment the pain, the fight against chondrosis

Мазь от боли в пояснице, борьба против хондрозаChondrosis is a disease that affects the cartilage around the joint. The destructive process can lead to a complete cessation of functioning of the affected area. The appearance of chondrosis not depend on the age of the patient and can be triggered by various factors.

The symptoms of the disease are: prolonged pain in the lower back and thoracic spine. At the initial stage of the disease will help ointment pain. Today, there are many varieties of gels that can remove pain, swelling and inflammation.

Classification of ointments

To the 1st group includes gels and creams that contain NSAIDs. These drugs are good for back pain and quickly eliminate the discomfort. The composition of these ointments, in addition to NSAIDs, include analgesics and additional components that enhance the action of the basic drug. Ointments of this type are popular for any pain in the back. It doesn’t matter what they are triggered by: trauma, hypothermia, acute or chronic form of disease.

Such ointments, pain in the back help to overcome the aching sensations during menstruation or from a sharp renal colic. Apply these gels in the period of rehabilitation after surgery to relieve pain. With the development of the patient’s sciatica or degenerative disc disease is assigned a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Such ointments apply Fastum gel, Ketonal, finalgel, Nurofen, voltaren.

The 2nd group consists of combined ointments pain. Such analgesics, in addition to its primary function, perform a number of other: eliminate inflammation, accelerate tissue regeneration, the provision of thrombolytic agent effect. This gel necessarily contains in its composition of heparin, dexpanthenol and dimethyl sulfoxide. Example of ointment with the same effect can be dolobene gel.

Мазь от боли в пояснице, борьба против хондрозаGels, which have analgesic and local irritant effects, belong to the 3rd group. The preparation consists of 3 main components: heparin, dexpanthenol and dimethyl sulfoxide. These substances not only eliminate pain, but also promote vasodilatation, which leads to normalization of blood circulation in the inflamed area. These ointments from pain provoke tissue healing and improve their nutrition. Used for sprains, ligament injuries, physical injuries. These include finalgon.

Group 4 — chondroprotector. A gel of this type removes the inflammation and contributes to the suspension of destructive processes in the body. These include the symptoms (used in the treatment of chondrosis).

Homeopathic gels of the 5th group, aimed at improving metabolism, repair of cartilage and preventing its further destruction. A gel of this type relieves pain and eliminates inflammation. As example, Traumeel.

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What drugs relieve pain syndrome

In order to overcome the pains in the back, you can use a variety of means. The main thing that they had anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. These drugs have an impact on skin receptors and provoke increased blood flow. Enhance the effect of the drug is very simple. Enough before applying the ointment, wash the injured area with warm water, wipe dry, and after applying the product to wrap the damaged area with a warm scarf.

Not every ointment back pain can really help the patient. A number of drugs can have a negative impact on the human body. It can be triggered by individual intolerance of some components of the gel.

Quite often an unsuitable ointment can cause allergic reaction or irritation.

Мазь от боли в пояснице, борьба против хондрозаIn order not to make the wrong choice drugs chondrosis, you can stay on those drugs, which are composed of natural elements. It can be ointment on the basis of bee or snake venom. These two components contain the set of all elements necessary for regeneration of the damaged tissue and restore the normal functioning of the back. These ointments have a productive effect not only on the affected area of the body, but the body as a whole: strengthen the immune system, saturate the body with essential enzymes. In this group of drugs includes have experienced an unexpected side effect, vibrators, apizatron, virapen.

Мазь от боли в пояснице, борьба против хондрозаIn the treatment of chondrosis these drugs help very quickly and does not affect the skin. They contribute to the elimination of inflammation and a good anesthetic. However, these ointments have a list of contraindications. It can’t be used if you have individual intolerance to individual components, tuberculosis, diabetes, disease of the cardiovascular system.

In order to clarify the dosage of drug and frequency of application, it is better to consult a doctor. Usually apply such ointment 2 times a day. RUB the gel in a dry, clean skin.

It is advisable not to engage in sports and do not perform any heavy physical exertion for some time after applying the gel. The patient may experience severe weakness and dizziness. Therefore, at least 1 hour spend at rest.

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Treatment of gels obtained by sports sprains

Often a back injury can sometimes be the result of injury or stretching, which were obtained during exercise. Treatment of these disorders in the initial stage is performed by rubbing into the skin ointments and creams. The gel must first soreness and swelling. These symptoms result from damage to the blood vessels. If time does not begin treatment of such injuries in the future such damage may cause the development of chondrosis and other diseases associated with damage to joints and cartilage of the back.

Patients with sports injuries back there is fundamental poor circulation. In this case, all the muscle tissue of the back are not get enough to eat. This means that the regeneration of the damaged area impossible. Treatment gels aimed at eliminating pain by reducing inflammation, relieving of muscle spasm and reduce tissue irritation. With regular use of drugs reduces the swelling, the hematoma begins to grow tissues.

Besides the fact that all ointments are divided into 5 categories depending on what effect they have, they can be divided into 2 large groups: cooling and warming.

Cooling ointment chondrosis

The struggle against disease must begin at the first signs of its progression. So if you’ve got a back injury, immediately deal with the consequences. If you have found any disease of the joints, start using the ointment until the disease changes into another form. Treatment of cooling ointments are most often prescribed for chronic damage of the joints and cartilage. Symptoms of chondrosis can a long time to manifest, but at the first sign of a strong start for the acute treatment.

Part of the cooling gels includes various components that soothe inflammation, remove swelling and remove soreness. Ointment this group cannot be used from direct defeat. This can cause the destruction of the skin. It is best to use the gel with a cooling effect.

Apply a thin layer and wait until it is completely dry. If the damage is more correct to use the gels due to the fact that they are better absorbed and do not irritate the skin. Most gels contains iodine, which allows to provide not only healing, but also anti-inflammatory effect.

A warming ointment for chondrosis

Мазь от боли в пояснице, борьба против хондроза

Ointment pepper well warms the lower back and stimulate in her blood stream

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Drugs of this type are composed of a set of substances that affect the increase of permeability of capillaries. This bee and snake venom, pepper, methyl salicylate. Those ointments, which include the last component, are not very pronounced effect. A warming cream enriched tissue warm due to the fact that their impact starts filling the muscles with blood. The review of such drugs suggests that the use of such ointments is not immediately after the injury. Once corrupted by the blood and inside muscle tissue, the body needs to cool and lower the temperature in the damaged area of the body. In this case, the damaged area better cooling.

The warming treatment drugs I usually start 2-3 days after the injury. During this time, time to end the acute phase of inflammation, and can affect the skin and muscle tissue. In chronic diseases a warming gels are only used as preventive treatments. To try to relieve acute attacks of pain chondrosis useless.

The best help a warming cream with a strong physical exertion, when the damage is not very strong, from time to time manifests itself in the form of aching pain. You can use such drugs at a stretching after exercise. It will accelerate the metabolic processes in the body and relieve pain. It is best to combine the application of creams and massage. To do this, simply mash the damaged area, after inflicting on him a warming gel. Be sure to look at what components enter into the composition of ointments. Quite often a person may be allergic to the ingredients that are used when creating a warming drugs.

Do not overdo it with the frequent use of ointments. Preventive measures shall not be conducted more than once every 3 months.