Oligoarthritis in children and adults: symptoms, treatment, features

Causes, treatment and prevention of oligoarthritis

Joint disease of the inflammatory character called oligoarthritis is characterized by the defeat of two or three joints inherent to other disorders.

Tellingly, the signs of a developing disease to determine immediately almost impossible, they will begin to show after a few months in the form of periarticular osteoporosis.

The only feature that will provide an opportunity to think about the problem is the destruction of the cartilage, which manifests as narrowing of the joint space. This process will be noticeable after a couple of days after the beginning of the development of the disease.

What kinds of violations allocate

Oligoarthritis affecting mainly the large joints (knee, shoulder), is divided into two kinds.

Female type

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He affected mostly girls at an early age, which leads to the problem of chronic iridocyclitis. Appears mainly in children under the age of four. Amenable to inflammation of major joints: ankle, knee, elbow. Tellingly, loins and hip zone are not affected.

There may also be «spotted» (partial) defeat of the other joints: neck, wrist, fingers, toes, temporomandibular.

For 80% of patients of this subgroup is characteristic in a later age the preservation of the partial destruction of the joints, but there’s still 20%, which in the process will involve other joints, but until polyarthrite shape transformation does not reach.

As for iridocyclitis, it can appear a dozen years after the onset of arthritis. If the inflammatory process was characterized for one eye, there is hope that it will not go.

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In any case, the definition of oligoarthritis at the baby, should regularly be examined for the presence of iridocyclitis, for timely treatment and avoid more serious consequences, such as rapid loss of vision and irreversible blindness.

Oligoarthritis type 2 male type

The overwhelming majority of this subgroup are boys of a later age. This problem entails the development of spondyloarthropathies.

Begins to develop oligoarthritis this type after the child reaches eight years of age and unlike type 1 lesions are amenable to not only the joints of the upper and lower extremities, but also the lumbar spine.

A characteristic phenomenon are also excruciating pain in the hip joints, the feet. Iridocyclitis less pronounced, however, if such a moment will be relevant, it is sampraday.

Causes and symptoms

In order to understand the causes of oligoarthritis, you need to find out what kind of defeat is if the disease occurs with increasing temperature.

  • the causes of the disease can become staphylococcal sepsis, gonorrhea, brucellosis;
  • still’s disease, characterized by fever and skin rashes;
  • Oncology: acute leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, lymphoma;
  • there is a connection also with the manifestation of angina, scarlet fever, pharyngitis;
  • injury, operations, infections, which provoke the development of gout, pseudogout – the elderly.

The characteristic symptoms of oligoarthritis are:

  • temperature rise: usually manifests in the evening, while people feel depressed, after falling of it and the chills condition normalizerbase, sometimes there is a morning rise in temperature;
  • swelling;
  • strong or moderate pain of different origin: shooting, aching, cutting, bursting;
  • redness;
  • the rash is temporary;
  • the dysfunction of the joints: from morning stiffness, ending with muscle atrophy and stiffness of the joints;
  • leakage of synovial fluid that leads to swelling, redness, change in the forms of joint.
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Diagnosis disorders

After establishing the symptoms of the disease is necessary clinical diagnosis, which will give a complete picture of the development of oligoarthritis and possible complications. This item will help you to decide what exactly may be the treatment for a particular patient.

Thus, the methods of diagnosis include:

  • detection among relatives of people suffering from arthritis;
  • x-ray: the screenshot shows the extent of joint disease, especially of the altered cartilage, narrowing of the cavity and other changes that are deviations from the norm;
  • clinical blood tests: important indicators here are erythrocyte sedimentation rate, hemoglobin level, white blood cells, antibodies, and rheumatoid factor;
  • research ophthalmologist;
  • ECG on the problems of the myocardium.

Approach to treatment

When you assign a specific treatment, the doctor in the first place, should focus on the fact that the disease threatens the life and health of the person only in the rarest of cases, in the majority the prognosis is positive.

The main objective of treatment in oligoarthritis – preservation of joint function and reduction of external manifestations of the disease with the least side effects from the drugs.

As for drugs, the main objective of the treatment is on the removal of inflammation with the problematic joints. This issue has been for many years perfectly is acetylsalicylic acid.

Importantly, during treatment, calculate the correct dose to avoid overdose and intoxication with salicylates.

The second important factor in the treatment of oligoarthritis is exercise and special physical education, where the doctor prescribes exercise, depending on the characteristics of the disease and the degree of stress on the joints.

Excellent options are swimming, riding on a tricycle. There is also a noticeable effect is when you apply the correcting tires that are imposed at night on the affected joints.

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It is important in the treatment process to explain to the child that he in any case is not disabled, that he is a full member of society and can learn with other peers in school, to participate in the active life, with the exception of the power loads on physical education.

Complications of the disease

In addition to pain in the joints and external modification, problems may occur with dermatology in the form of skin rashes.

Even more relevant is the issue of maintaining eye health and vision, as in some cases it may fall page amiterno even blindness.

It is also a consequence of oligoarthritis can be growth retardation, disability, asymmetrical development of the limbs.

Thus, the disease, which in the early stages is practically impossible to determine can turn the fate of the child, making it invalid, so the main task of the parents and the doctors as early as possible to identify the symptoms in order as soon as possible to begin treatment.