Operation for hernia of the spine: consequences, reviews

Операция по удалению грыжи позвоночника: последствия, отзывы

How is the new formation in the disk of the spine

With the removal of the vertebral hernia in humans is often associated last hope to get rid of pain and regain mobility. Chance to get rid of a herniated disc is, even in hopeless, at first glance, the cases when the disease is accompanied significant complications.

The presence of a hernia on the spine — it’s constant agonizing pain. From them at some point cease to help even analgesics. This disease carries with it consequences affecting the functioning of internal organs, whose usual job broke the disease.

However, medicine is not omnipotent. Universal operation for hernia of the spine has not yet been invented. In each case, can be used one method or another surgery.

How faithfully the patient about their health is also very important. Surgery is not a cure, but only the first step toward him. What would it be?

What a patient needs to know about the operation

If surgery will not be performed in a timely manner, the person faces a paralysis of the limbs. There are different types of surgery for hernia. What kind of the right thing to choose? This question can only answer the doctor, because each operation has its contraindications.

Operations for hernia firmly established in medical practice. However, this does not mean that the decision about the operation for hernia spine should be taken by the patient spontaneously. Previously, the patient must undergo a full examination.

In addition, the treatment of spinal hernia in the first place starts with the application of conservative methods of treatment. Initially, doctors prescribe the patient physiotherapeutic procedures and physiotherapy, which are able to improve his condition. And if there is no improvement, only then give direction to the operation for removal of the vertebral hernia. It usually takes 1.5-2 months from the moment when he was diagnosed and the patient began to use drugs.

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What you need to know the patient, who decided on surgery to remove a spinal hernia? First you need to simply realize that such intervention does not always guarantee one hundred percent recovery from the disease. After surgery when the hernia relapse may occur. An important place in the fight against the disease is rehabilitation.

If rehabilitation after removal of a herniated disc is inefficient, it only complicates the condition of the body. For the success of the reconstruction activities of internal organs and the back of the patient should actively cooperate with the doctors. Experts usually warn the patient that surgery is not always successful and it can in rare cases lead to the deterioration of health.

Types of surgery

There are various methods of transactions for a given ailment. It is important to know that any such intervention has strengths and weaknesses. To surgical methods of getting rid of a herniated disc include:

  • discectomy;
  • laminectomy;
  • endoscopic removal of a hernia;
  • microdiscectomy;
  • disc nucleoplasty;
  • laser desmoplastic.

Операция по удалению грыжи позвоночника: последствия, отзывы

Modern-invasive method of laser treatment

According to experts, discectomy is an outdated surgical technique. Previously, the patient did General anesthesia and during surgery completely removed the damaged disc. After such removal of a hernia spine and the body recovered very slowly. Such an operation for hernia was performed in an open way, the risk of infection of the spine each time was great. However, such interventions were a significant advantage: very low rate of recurrence of the disease. That is why the number of patients suffering from vertebral hernia, in some cases, apply to doctors with a request to give direction to medical centers where there are surgeons performing discectomy.

Laminectomy is another types of surgical procedures conducted under General or local anesthesia. This method involves the removal of only a portion of a vertebra. This type of surgery features a quick healing. However, as the discectomy, it is likely that the person will open the sudden bleeding and worsen health. The liberation of the nerve, which will no longer flatten the spinal disk will be the main factor to relieve the patient from pain. But the operation is carried out in an open way, so there is a chance of infection of the spine.

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Endoscopic removal of a hernia is not uncommon in our day. It belongs to the category of bloodless operations. During this operation the muscles are not damaged, and parted without bloodshed. The patient is not necessarily observed during the recovery period in bed. But such an operation for hernia of the spine has a high risk of recurrence. Endoscopic removal of the hernia may not be assigned in all cases.

Another type of surgery – microdiscectomy. It belongs to the category of neurosurgical operative interventions and is performed under General anesthesia. This operation is more efficient than the above, it reduces the pain. A month after surgery, the patient may return to physical activity. However, the risk of relapse it is even higher.

Disc nucleoplasty can also be administered as a surgical method in the treatment of herniated cervical spine. It lasts 40 minutes and is virtually relapse. But to remove it can help only a small hernia.

It always helps laser

Операция по удалению грыжи позвоночника: последствия, отзывы

Removal of a herniated disc with a laser is one of the most popular methods. But it can be used under all types of this disease. To remove the herniated disc with laser from a technological point of view the most simple solution.

The parts of the disk are heated by the laser beam, all the junk is removed. But this method can be used not for all types of pathologies. Yes and postoperative complications often require extensive use of antibiotics.

Surgery laser is unique from the point of view that they can not only remove the hernia, but to restore the fabric disks. In this way, treat herniated cervical spine. However, laser desmoplastic can help the person suffering from this disease, not all cases.

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The success of surgical intervention depends largely on the actions of the patient during the rehabilitation period. The day before it is necessary to pass all the necessary tests, to be examined by anesthesiologist. Preparation for surgery includes proper nutrition of the patient, maintenance of optimum mode of sleep and wakefulness. The person who decided on surgery, you must know that in most cases it then have to go through antibiotic therapy and be ready for it. Treatment on the healing of sutures ends. All this time the patient will have to perform physiotherapy, wearing an orthopedic corset to rest on an orthopedic mattress.

Surgical method of treatment of this disease can not guarantee that the disease will not return. Complications after surgery may occur immediately. Because the patient undergoing the surgery, should regularly visit the doctor, get tested and pass inspection. Life after spinal surgery provides a minimal, strictly regulated physical loads and all sorts, including drug, curative measures to ensure that the disease never manifested itself.

About any alcohol consumption and tobacco use is not out of the question. The diet of the patient undergoing any type of surgery for hernia of the spine, also need to be agreed upon with the experts.