Orthopedic corset, its purpose, types and application

Ортопедический корсет, его назначение, виды и применениеOrthopedic corset is widely used in our days, when the pain of different etiologies in the joints or spine. This medicinal product effectively helps in the recovery of vertebral injuries. Comes to the rescue of the medical corset, rheumatic and joint pain.

Orthopedic corsets are often used by people with neurological problems and physical disabilities. Corset, orthopedic products have different degrees of hardness, configuration, size, and purpose. Medical corsets are made of special elastic materials with anti-Allergy properties.

Types and functions of medical bandages

Medical orthopedic corset is designed to stabilize a damaged spine and other bone joints. The brace provides a redistribution of muscular load and allows to adjust the resulting deformation. Despite the decline of muscle tone in the injured area, it reliably supports the functionality of the joints. Special orthopedic corsets are removed from the muscles of excessive load, preventing the atrophy of tissues and other intra-articular pathological processes.

At the place of application of bandages are:Ортопедический корсет, его назначение, виды и применение

  • cervical;
  • Sacro-lumbar;
  • thoracolumbar;
  • wrist;
  • shoulder;
  • knee;
  • femoral;
  • ankle;
  • other.

Hardness is a corset rigid and semi-rigid. Also available orthopedic fixators in the form of pneumostome lightweight and warming zones.

Hard medical corsets help to accelerate the process of rehabilitation of the patient. They are appointed at the beginning of the rehabilitation the postoperative or posttraumatic period.

Semi-rigid orthopedic bandages provide:

  • reliable fixation of joint or spine;
  • the micro-massage of the damaged area;
  • warming the site of the injury;
  • removing excess tension from the muscles.

Doctors recommend wearing a semi-rigid bandages for knee and other joints during sports, when lifting, physical labor. Spinal orthopedic corset should be used in case of osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, radiculitic pain. Excellent captures back orthopedic corset during a long busy driving.

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Belt warming light of nature is made most often from camel, sheep or dog hair. They create the perfect heating of the joint or lower back. Their benefit is that they provide a massage therapeutic effects.

Pneumatic orthopedic corsets are made in such a way that allows the vertebrae to return to their anatomically normal.

Air fills the cavity of such a corset in the vertical direction. Due to this, the bandage is widened and provides spine support.

The orthopedic corset is applied to the lumbar spine. It improves innervation and blood supply, creating the conditions for relaxation of the back muscles.

The corsets for back and lumbar

Lumbar spinal braces are intended to treat pathological changes in the spine, and also to prevent possible violations. Made thoracolumbar and sacral bandages with special inserts designed as to maintain the muscles and easy stretching. Ribs inside the product are designed anatomical shape. In some models they can be removed from the products to make them more suitable for the shape of the patient form. Springy, made of aluminum or similar metal ribs placed in a thick cotton the model of a corset.

Ортопедический корсет, его назначение, виды и применениеConvenient fasteners allow bandage is easy to remove and wear it without assistance. Breast clamps are usually thick straps. The design of the brace holds the spine and at the same time creates an opportunity for safe reversal of the housing. For proper selection of the tire size, you should know the circumference of the waist of the patient. Removed this measure slightly below the waist.

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Sometimes orthopedic lumbar corset with built-in massage or stimulator.

Indications for wearing a spinal corset are certain pathologies.

  • Scoliosis.
  • The stoop.
  • Curvature of the spine.
  • Incorrect posture.
  • Diseases of the spine, accompanied by degenerative changes.
  • Recovery after surgery or back injury.
  • The presence of a hernia in the intervertebral space.
  • Osteohondroznye symptoms.
  • The inflammatory processes.
  • Arthrosis of the rib-vertebral joint.
  • Intercostal neuralgia.
  • Muscle instability.
  • Backache in the lumbar region.
  • Ортопедический корсет, его назначение, виды и применениеIn compression fractures one or more vertebrae of the patient is prescribed a corset hyperextension to remove the load from the spine in the axial direction. The product load on the vertebral body decreases, a smooth transition with the arc and shoots. Hyperextension has a movable panel that creates the possibility of additional increase of motor activity of the muscles.

    Applies bandage-hyperextension also at destruction of vertebrae and osteoporosis. So it is prescribed for inoperable tumors of the spine, when the cancer metastases, infiltrated into the spinal area from other authorities.

    Features of the application of joint locks

    Orthoses for knee and other joints used to limit mobility or complete fixation of the bone joints. Maintaining joint in physiologically correct position helps to reduce pain in the area of injury or inflammation, to remove in this area of muscle tension. As a result of wearing knee or wrist lock fabric get the opportunity to a speedy recovery. In the damaged area regenerate injured blood vessels, nerve twigs, is removed faster intra-articular inflammatory process.

    Joint retainers doctors prescribe to patients with:

    • fractures;
    • dislocations;
    • injuries;
    • sprains;
    • inflammation of various etiologies;
    • weakened ligaments;
    • arthritis;
    • arthritis.

    Ортопедический корсет, его назначение, виды и применениеBandages for knee and ankle joints, as well as for the hands, thighs, calves, shoulders are used not only as a therapeutic agent. Joint locks are widely used as preventive protection when the risk of injury. While wearing they perfectly relieve swelling, warm the injured area, not allowed to develop a strong inflammation. In addition, the patient disappears fear of re-injury to damaged areas, improves overall health, in General, is more successful rehabilitation process.

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    Orthopaedic fixator for the knee bone connections reduces the mobility of the patella, as provided in his design of the ribs a spiral shape guard the knee from a dangerous shock. Corset-knee pad are recommended to be worn as a protective agent during intensive physical loads during sports. The same applies to the elbow, ankle, wrist bandage. Locking of the knee should not be worn when phlebitis, thrombosis, venous ulcers.

    The material of the retainer does not cause allergies. It perfectly saves heat required for the joint is not blocking the access of air. Because of this quickly improving blood flow to the muscles, better absorbed applied on the knee drugs.