Osteoarthritis: diagnosis and methods of treatment

Коксартроз: диагностика и методики лечения

It looks like the hip joint of a patient man

One of the types of arthritis is osteoarthritis of the hip joint. It is manifested by pain in the groin, which are transmitted through the front and side of the thighs. Occasionally the patient may experience pain in the buttocks. For coxarthrosis in its early stage is characterized by weak and aching pain in the groin area, the patient often limps when moving or trying to stand. Unpleasant sensations disappear when the person lies down.
With the development of coxarthrosis hip joint pain much worse and can last from several days to six months. They move lower and trigger the onset of symptoms of the knee Department. Some patients begin to complain of a crunch when driving. It is difficult to hold the leg, raise it, or squeeze the body.

If the disease progresses, there is a shortening of the limb. But there are also opposite cases – 11% of patients with leg extended. At the same time developing the misalignment of the pelvis and atrophy of the muscles of the thigh. Due to overload of the spine, the patient is constantly sore back.

The main causes and stages of development of the disease

  • Overloading of the hip joint. Often occurs against a background of growing fullness.
  • Disproportionately large load on the legs. Observed in professional athletes and people passing on foot a huge distance.
  • Osteoarthritis can occur due to even small injuries, which then develops into atrophy of cartilage leads to bone deformation.
  • Genetic predisposition to development of such diseases as osteoarthritis, when parent-to-child inherited abnormal metabolism, which leads to weakness of bones and cartilage.
  • Коксартроз: диагностика и методики леченияAt risk include people who from birth have an abnormal or underdeveloped skeleton.
  • The development of so-called secondary osteoarthritis. In this case, the disease is provoked by the inflammation of joints in arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis can occur with hormonal changes in the human body.
  • The disease can cause diabetes or osteoporosis.
  • As the main causes of such diseases as osteoarthritis, can be considered the presence of chronic stress. A long nervous feelings lead to a large number of adrenal corticosteroid hormones. As a result of this process in the body of the patient decreases the volume of the synovial fluid, which adversely affects the bones and cartilage of the skeleton.

    Change in cartilage leads to dryness and roughness of their surface, which begins to be covered with cracks. The friction thins the cartilage, it loses its ability to reduce the pressure on the bone. This is stage 1 manifestations of such diseases as osteoarthritis.

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    In the absence of depreciation, the head of the thigh bone begins to ivy, regenerated tissue to grow. On x-ray such growths – osteophytes can be seen quite clearly. It interferes with the circulation of fluid in the joints. Are symptoms 2 stages when osteoarthritis affects the cartilage thins and already at 70%.

    The destruction of the knee joint begins to progress due to friction of the bones, which remain liquid without sinking. So the hip goes to the third stage. In this case the damaged head of the femur gradually is pressed into the acetabulum, which prevents the restoration of the joint. In this case, will only a long treatment with use of different methods and drugs. Sometimes the only way to put an artificial prosthesis.

    Types of diagnostics

    Коксартроз: диагностика и методики лечения

    X-ray of the joint of the patient

    For a precise definition of the disease using the following methods:

    • clinical and biochemical blood tests;
    • x-ray examination;
    • magnetic resonance imaging.

    Blood analysis (clinical) taken from the finger of the patient, and biochemical from Vienna. These studies are carried out to exclude from the list of «suspects» arthritis that has symptoms similar to osteoarthritis of the hip Department. The existence of such disease is evidenced by the changes in the composition of the blood, as arthritis causes inflammation of the joints, which does not occur in coxarthrosis. This difference is well detected with the help of special markers.

    The use of radiographic equipment in the diagnosis is required. This method allows to detect the osteoarthritis of the hip Department at the secondary stage of the disease. On x-ray quite clearly see all the changes and deformation in the joint. But the survey does not give a positive result when the initial degree of osteoarthritis, when cartilage tissue is still little changed. In this case, the doctor has to judge the presence of disease indirectly.

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    In order to identify the symptoms of such diseases as osteoarthritis, early on, used methods of computer and magnetic resonance tomography. They allow you to detect changes in bones and cartilage at the first sign of defeat. But the use of technology does not exclude the examination of the patient by the doctor.

    Methods of treatment

    Many people do not even know about the existence of such disease. They ask the doctors: osteoporosis – what is it? Patients do not always understand how dangerous bears this disease. Patients often think that quickly cope with the disease, taking any medication, but to cure requires a comprehensive therapy for a long time.

    Koksartroz treated comprehensively, and it is quite curable at stage 1. It is caused by the current processes in the patient. In this case, not only removed the pain but also restores the cartilage tissue.

    With 2 stage osteoarthritis of the knee as the hip is completely impossible to cure. To eliminate the symptoms of the disease using special methods of restoring the cartilage surface, but they do not always give positive results. It is possible to improve the joint supply of blood and distributing it to all, but to return everything to its original state usually fails. Relieves pain, coxarthrosis temporarily recedes, and you can postpone surgery. The patient is assigned special exercises and diet. However, the disease requires that the patient every six months, was undergoing therapy for 14-30 days.

    When surgery is indicated

    Коксартроз: диагностика и методики лечения

    To replace a damaged hip joint using the implant

    To heal the hip in the advanced form, it is necessary to resort to surgery. It is not possible to eliminate all the causes of disease, but relieves the patient from symptoms and relieves pain. In coxarthrosis in the last stage, the cartilage remains only a very thin layer, and the head of the hip joint is deformed. Usually surgery is the joint replacement patient with an artificial prosthesis. It is 2 types.

  • Arthroplasty — complete replacement of the affected bone. In this case, in the cavity of the femur insert the pin from titanium or similar materials. At the end it has a plastic head in the shape of the joint. The prosthesis is fixed with special glue. At the same time you do surgery on other parts of the knee that hit the hip. Disease completely defeat fails because after some time we have to repeat the surgery due to loosening of the prosthesis. In this method surgery restore mobility of the knee joint, and the symptoms disappear. Coxarthrosis temporarily retreating, but later may again occur.
  • Arthrodesis is an operation which is used to stabilize the knee joint. There are 4 ways it the surgery inside the joint, combined method, using the methods of open or closed compression. The ends of the adjacent bones is cut and connected, so that in future they could grow together . This reduces the pain of a patient, the hip joint loses the ability to move normally.
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    When using the first method, the prosthesis must be replaced every 12 years, which could lead to penetration into the affected area of the bacteria and its infection. Sometimes the hip manifests itself again, therefore, the endoprosthesis has to be repeated. Such an operation is difficult to do the elderly (over 60 years), but it is possible, if the patient is 35-45.

    The second type of surgery is usually used if the patient is still young. But after such surgery, the person may lose efficiency. Develop changes in the lower back, the pain in his back. After arthrodesis difficult to sit in the right posture and walk up the stairs.

    Osteoarthritis is a serious disease and the sooner people will go to the doctor, the more chances for a successful outcome of treatment. Medicine is evolving at a rapid pace and in the nearest future can appear new methods and ways of dealing with this disease.