Osteoarthritis of the big toe: how to recognize and treat the disease

Артроз большого пальца ноги: как распознать и лечить болезнь

The bone is strongly curved due to a defect of the joint

Many are wondering: how to treat arthritis of the big toe? To answer this question it is necessary to study in detail the disease itself. Osteoarthritis of the big toe often affects women. Men like the disease occurs a little less often. Some compare this disease with gout because they have similar symptoms. But gout — more rare disease than osteoarthritis.

The main causes of deformation of the big toe, according to the people, that is the wrong diet and calcination (calcination). These assumptions have been discredited by medical research. Experts believe that osteoarthritis of the big toe can develop due to previously experienced trauma to the foot, for example, dislocation, injury, etc.

Also to the causes of disease can be attributed to various foot deformities such as flat feet and «wide feet». Long wearing narrow shoes also affects the development of osteoarthritis. Many women of middle age become victims of this fashion. But why narrow shoes so has a negative impact on the foot? The fact is that when wearing the thumb is under heavy pressure. It is offset inside, he strongly pressed the other fingers, rubbed. All this causes the injury bulging of the joint. In the result, the thumb cannot move freely.

  • Recipes of traditional medicine

  • How to recognize the symptoms of the disease

    Recognize the symptoms very simple. They are as follows:

    • bone of the foot has limited mobility;
    • often bothers the affected joint, that is, there is pain, there is discomfort;
    • the presence of a crunch when moving thumb;
    • inflammation of the joint;
    • changed the position of the big toe.
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    While the disease is at an early stage, these signs are almost invisible. Pain occur, if a large part of the day was spent on the feet, and even in tight shoes. Limitation of movement of joints is practically not observed. But over time the disease progresses, and in the big toe occurs, cracking and pain appear more often. In case of advanced arthrosis of the finger is deformed so that fix is almost impossible.

    In some cases, can become inflamed periarticular bag. This condition is called bursitis. Redness appear at the site of lesion (in the photo it can be easy to notice). There is a tumor, and the pain was present constantly, even just at the touch. The unpleasant sensation of pain in osteoarthritis to bother you while you walk, and are only a few hours. The nights are getting just a nightmare because of the pain interfere with sleep.

    Артроз большого пальца ноги: как распознать и лечить болезнь

    The bulging of the bones is an alarming symptom which requires detailed examination of the patient

    The development of the disease deforms the entire foot, as your thumb presses on the other. At this stage, treatment of osteoarthritis is challenging.

    Methods of treatment of this disease

    What treatment is best used for osteoarthritis of the thumb? Only tested and proven methods.

    Orthopedic methods

    If you detect the symptoms at an early stage, it is possible to handle it by yourself using simple methods. So, what to do? The first thing you have to do is to walk away from shoes with narrow toes. In this case, the perfect shoes or other loose shoes in which the toes will feel comfortable.

    The second thing to do is to stop the progression of the deformity of the big toe. This requires between this and the next finger to place the special gasket. In the end, your fingers will not touch and the deformation will stop. Strips can be purchased at any pharmacy.

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    Physiotherapeutic effect

    Артроз большого пальца ноги: как распознать и лечить болезньThis treatment involves a lot of money and gives good results. Possible application of laser and magnetic radiation. A great effect is the adoption of radon and mud baths. Some doctors prescribe compresses, using many different drugs, such as medical bile. There are many ointments and salves that are intended for daily treatment of your finger.

    Manual therapy

    If in the middle stages of the disease to see a chiropractor, he’ll be able to spend repetirovali diseased joint and straighten the finger in place. To the blood vessels began to circulate well and block, resulting from their displacement, has disappeared, the necessary massage of the toes.


    In the presence of severe pain, which is impossible to tolerate, the doctor prescribes a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They will help to relieve spasms and pain. Another good tool is the hyaluronic acid that is injected into the diseased joint.

    If you started treating the disease in its last stage of its development, all the above methods fail to work. In this case, you will need surgery. Deformity of the big toe can only be corrected with surgery.

    Recipes of traditional medicine

    Traditional medicine has in its Arsenal a huge number of various recipes. Many of them are really very good, but most will have no effect. You will waste time, whereas the disease will progress. In this case, much depends on the human body. Must pre-consult the specialist how to treat arthritis of the big toe.

    Артроз большого пальца ноги: как распознать и лечить болезнь

    Therapeutic splint for legs will help to restrain the deformation of the diseased joint

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    Fairly good results are obtained by the treatment using the leaves of burdock. To do this, take the leaves and dip them in pharmacy turpentine. It then needs to be applied to the affected area and carefully roll up the polyethylene and woolen cloth. Such treatment is preferably carried out before bedtime, in the morning the compress should be removed. The course of such procedures 3 months. In case of strong overheating of the legs due to compress turpentine can be eliminated.

    Here’s how to treat arthritis of the thumb using bone tar. Need beef or pork bones, which should be carefully washed, cut and place in pot. Next you need to dig a hole, put in the pot, and then to collect firewood and set fire. Dice should burn until until a bone tar. They should be treatment of arthritis of the thumb.