Osteoarthritis of the fingers: features, symptoms, and treatment of diseases

How to treat arthrosis of the fingers with the help of traditional and folk medicine

Usually joint diseases arise in most cases in people of Mature age.

But today, due to the hormonal changes the body you can meet a lot of young girls suffering from arthritis of the fingers inflammatory process that is localized in the joints of the hands.

Such manifestations are bothersome, the fair sex is not only for cosmetic effect, but also loss of function. Treatment should begin immediately, even at the stage initially manifested signs.

The concept and characteristics of the disease

Disease arthritis – inflammation of a joint or joints is still not exactly understood.

To identify the exact cause of this disorder scientists can’t, though, and give some hypotheses. The main hypothesis is the cause of the disease in the form of hereditary factor.

That is, a person born with inherent gene that can lead to an inflammatory process immediately, as soon as there are grounds – reasons for the disease.

Arthrosis of the fingers is no exception. In this form all inflammations of joints occur in the phalanges of the fingers.

In rare cases, affects the joints of the hands, in this case diagnosed the disease polyarthrosis. Submitted the disease is dangerous to humans it is irreversible manifestations. So, in advanced cases diagnosed deformity of the joint and the bone to which it is adjacent.

Such features of the disease have been fatal, and to improve the standard of living, offer to perform the surgery.

A sick person, there is a characteristic seal to the joints between the phalanges.

In the development process of these seals are visible to the naked eye. In addition to the cosmetic defect, the patient suffering from pains in the hands and fingers, leading to partial loss of function of the hands.

Causes and risk factors of the disease

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The disease has the following reasons why:

  • the elderly patient – due to a characteristic depletion and thinning of the articular cartilage;
  • in the period of hormonal failure (menopause in women and other diseases) there is a violation of the metabolism of the cartilage tissue;
  • a weakened immune system influences the exacerbation of existing osteoarthritis, and provokes his initial appearance;
  • traumas and injuries of the fingers;
  • genetic factors that caused the deformation and other defects in the development of joints;
  • excessive physical work, where the basis was the work of hands;
  • excessive hypothermia;
  • the presence of any diseases as articular and distinctive character, for example, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, diabetes, etc;
  • violation of metabolism of the entire body;
  • infectious diseases – chlamydia, and others.
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If a person has at least one of the listed factors, it needs to take more seriously their health and to follow closely manifestations of osteoarthritis.

The stage of the disease and the characteristics

The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the fingers is significantly different depending on the stage of the disease.

So, here there are three stages, each of which is manifested in their:

  1. The first stage is characterized by initial symptoms: joint pain occurs every time under heavy load; there is a characteristic tingling in the fingers; appears swelling of joints; diagnose seal joints between phalanges; a constant voltage periarticular muscle tissue that is manifested by difficulties to self-care.
  2. In the second stage the person feels pain in the joints, since they are inflammation of the joints. It’s hard not only to serve themselves, but simply move your fingers. Joint inflammation is always accompanied by

    an increase in local temperature (by touching it is possible to notice the increase in temperature of the skin in the joints).

  3. The third stage is the beginning of an irreversible process. Man plagued by constant pain of the fingers, marked deformity of the phalanges. Deformation of the bones leads to lack of mobility of the fingers or of all brushes. Treatment of the third stage is extremely serious and does not return man to his former life.

The person should contact the experts at the first signs of the disease. In the first stage treatment of osteoarthritis of the fingers can fully restore cartilage and return to the patient’s former quality of life.

Resorters thumb

Arthrosis of the thumb has a second name – resorters. It is quite rare – about 5% of all cases diagnosed with articular disease.

In this case, the affected metacarpal joint at the connection to the wrist bone. In place of defeat there is a deformity of the joint with its protrusion to the outside.

Diagnosis in the hospital

Pathology diagnosed by visual inspection by a doctor and the subsequent conduct of x-ray studies.

In the picture you can see the characteristic damage to joints and to determine the stage of development of the disease.

Methods of treatment

The treatment of the disease involves the restoration of the former joint mobility by restoring the cartilage tissue by any suitable method.

It uses traditional medicine and effective folk methods.

Traditional medicine

Methods of treatment using traditional medicine is directly dependent on the stage of the disease.

Apply here:

  1. Drug therapy – primarily specialist prescribes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate inflammation and pain. After some relief, the patient begins to take the chondro – preparations for the restoration of cartilage.
  2. Physiotherapy – laser therapy, magnetic therapy, paraffin baths, ozocerite baths. Sessions perfectly relieve pain.
  3. Physical therapy – the patient needs to do simple exercises to regain former mobility. Tapping fingers on the table involves all the joints of the fingers.
  4. Massage – light stroking and rubbing – gentle massage carried out by an experienced technician.
  5. Diet during the whole treatment the patient should stick to salted diet that the liquid did not stay in the body and, therefore, did not provoke the swelling and inflammation.
  6. Surgical intervention – the patient carried out the removal of growths in the joint, and arthrosis of the thumb is immobilization of the joint by installation of the lock – arthrodesis.

Traditional medicine in most cases is applied comprehensively. The patient should observe all doctor’s instructions to quickly eliminate pain and to return to their previous level of life.

Traditional medicine

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the fingers folk remedies used only for the relief of pain, elimination of edema and inflammation since the beginning of the process of destruction of cartilage, they do not stop and do not contribute to restoring the balance of trace elements.

In particular, use these recipes:

  1. Mix the honey and salt in equal proportions. Thoroughly stir the mixture and apply it on the sore joints. Cover hands with plastic and put on a woolen mittens. Leave the poultice overnight.
  2. Wrap for the night, it is recommended to do from the crushed leaves of burdock. They are pre-washed and passed through a meat grinder.

In addition to poultices for the treatment of osteoarthritis you can use tinctures, and other formulations for oral administration. Press fresh celery juice and take 2 teaspoons three times a day.

Caution, possible complications!

Pathology in case of untimely intervention is fraught with its serious consequences.

Surgical intervention – this is the result of complications of the disease outbreak, because the operational method is used in case of deformation joint and the adjacent bone.

In addition, doctors claim that running the inflammatory process can lead to the development of synovitis, periarthritis, arthrosis erosive.

So at the first signs of aches in your fingers, you should turn to professionals for help.

Prevention methods

As preventive measures experts recommend to eat right, consume more vegetables and fruits, do not abuse the salt.

Distribute exercise correctly so that the fingers did not take the whole weight on yourself. If you have a family has relatives with similar problems, implement preventative actions carefully.

Hands health directly depends on the relationship of man to himself. In the world of hustle often do not find time to visit a doctor in the initial stages of development of a serious disease.

This kind of negligence can lead to significant problems, elimination of which will take a long time.