Osteoarthritis of the fingers: symptoms, causes, treatment

Артроз пальцев рук: симптомы, причины, лечение

The patient’s hand is deformed due to the depletion of cartilage connective tissue

Arthrosis of the fingers is called a purely female disease. This stereotype has developed in public opinion rightly so. Once a woman turns 40, the risk of the beginning of arthrosis of phalanges of the fingers for her increases.

There’s a saying about what hands give the age of the fair sex. It is really so. Not only the skin but also the joints of the fingers have a tendency to change over time. Osteoarthritis is chronic. Disease of the joints of the fingers, alas, is not fully cured. But there is an opportunity to slow down, stop, change fingers under the condition that the treatment of the disease is begun in time.

Symptoms and causes of illness

The cartilage of the joints of the fingers are very vulnerable. Once in the joints disturbed synthesis of cell substance, begin destructive changes in the tissues. The disease is not just a modification of the joints of the hands, but also their stiffness, which leads to disability. Any change in articulation does not go unnoticed. Arthritis joints of fingers affects muscle mass. In parallel, in humans vary and bones. They are compacted, gradually, the bone tissue begins to appear the growths, further impeding the movement of the fingers.

The disease is closely associated with inflammatory processes in the joint and muscle tissues. Pain joints of fingers is one of the recognizable signs of osteoarthritis. Causes of disease — not only in age-related changes of the body. A weakened immune system also affects the overall health and condition of each finger separately. If the person is often sick respiratory diseases, the risk of dysfunction of the joints of the hands he raises. The only effective way to avoid disease — prevention in early childhood. Arthrosis of phalanges refers to a category of diseases, the predisposition to which is inherited, and this should be remembered always.

Артроз пальцев рук: симптомы, причины, лечение

Cause of illness can be:

  • a weakened immune system;
  • old age;
  • injuries of hands, experienced in the past;
  • frequent respiratory infections;
  • in women, menopause;
  • a genetic disorder that caused defective development of joints;
  • physical labor associated with the load on the fingers and hands;
  • irradiation;
  • thyroid disease;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the negative impact of the external environment;
  • allergies;
  • heredity;
  • the disturbed metabolism in the body;
  • infectious diseases;
  • gout.
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One of the main reasons for the defeat of the articular tissues of the hands are the wrong nutrition and metabolic disorders. It is noteworthy that on the background of inflammatory diseases of the early symptoms of arthritis often go unnoticed. If your hands are constantly exposed to cold, a person can develop a variety of arthritis.

If you look at the photo of the hands of the elderly, carrying out the hard work, the signs of arthritis are clearly visible. Bruises or injuries of the hands years later can remind yourself of osteoarthritis of the fingers.

The spread of the disease to other joints

Hands diseases it is usually classified according to the localization of destructive changes in the joints. The disease usually affects multiple joints. Most often in women after 40 years found osteoarthritis of the thumb. If the joints of the hands there is aching pain is an alarming signal. The disease usually affects the metacarpophalangeal region. If the finger is broken motor, it is possible that this is one of the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Arthrosis of the thumb is yet another name — resorters. This disease often produces unexplained redness in the area of the affected joint. Swelling and unpleasant crunch of joints — it is also the symptoms. Patients who have resorters, sometimes complain of a burning sensation in the area where there is destruction of joint tissue.

Артроз пальцев рук: симптомы, причины, лечение

Formed nodules on fingers

Often resorters associated with nodules of Heberden. This specific growths like nodules or small grains. They really are symptoms of osteoarthritis of the fingers. First, the nodules are soft, but then harden.

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If you look at the photo, his finger is a disease, the nodules are visible. In some cases, they burst, and then some patients mistakenly believe that their joints are healthy again. When nodules Heberden eventually become solid, the motion of the finger on which they are located, the pain is felt.

The person who has resorters should know that joint disease is able to progress quickly, affecting more joints. If destructive changes began in single joint as it develops, it will capture new areas. Narrowing of the joint space accompanied by all kinds of diseases.

The sooner you start the treatment of arthritis, the easier it is to stop all negative processes. In this case, a lot depends on what stage is the illness and what effective measures can still be applied for its conservation.

How to prevent the third stage

It is believed that arthrosis of the fingers in its development goes through 3 stages. Each of them are peculiar to certain specific symptoms and to their treatment. In the first stage, few of the patients drawn to the medical establishment for help, despite the fact that many of the symptoms of osteoarthritis already pronounced.

Артроз пальцев рук: симптомы, причины, лечение

If your hands hurt at rest and at night, and during the execution of the physical work, the whining is even more alarming symptoms. But the mobility of the hands is not yet broken, man is able to do chores around the house, and therefore do not hurry to the doctor. And it is in this period, the treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs, therapeutic exercises and physiotherapy treatments can effectively slow down the progression of the disease.

The symptoms of the second stage of arthrosis of the fingers is not only increased pain and increased joint volume, but also dynamic muscle atrophy, which is no less dangerous than changes in articular and periarticular tissues. In the second stage treatment is based on the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Therapeutic exercises and diet are mandatory for a person if he seeks to save the mobility of his hands. Oxygen-therapy is recently gaining ground in the fight against various forms of arthritis. Its essence is that the damaged articular bags injected with oxygen, which promotes tissue regeneration.

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When the advanced form of osteoarthritis bone tissue over time, is compacted, then it appear growths, deforming the joints. They hinder the mobility of joints, causing inflammation. The number of movements is reduced because of the pain that leads to subsequent muscle atrophy.

Effective treatment of osteoarthritis stage 3, when the muscle is atrophied, the movement stiff and joints have lost their mobility, require surgical intervention. But the operation is allowed not in all cases. To take a human pain attacks, we have to use narcotic analgesics and opioids. The risk of fractures of the fingers at the third stage of development of disease increases significantly. At this time, the fingers become completely immobile.

To avoid negative consequences, it is necessary at the first sign of osteoarthritis without delay to consult a doctor. You need to be prepared for the fact that for the health of their hands will have to fight. The first step will be a full refusal of alcohol, which is one of the most common causes of the dynamic development of arthritis and other joint diseases.